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A masters degree from the Institute is an investment in your future in the arts. It is an advanced degree that prepares students to go on to a PhD or to careers in art museums, galleries, auction houses, archaeological sites and in the wider art world.

The program is two years of full-time study or three years of part-time study for those with professional obligations.

To speak to someone about the M.A. program or to learn more about the admissions process, contact: ifa.program@nyu.edu

Requirements for Admission

• Candidates for a degree from the Institute of Fine Arts should have an excellent background in the liberal arts, normally including at least four courses of undergraduate art history. A major in art history is not required.

• The GRE is required of all Institute applicants.

• Applicants will submit a focused, 2-4 page, double-spaced Statement of Academic Purpose. Applicants must also submit a CV.

• The Institute requires at least three letters of recommendation that speak to the applicant's research and writing skills.

• One art history writing sample is required.

• The Graduate School requires applicants who are not native English speakers to submit official TOEFL or IELTS score results. The TOEFL/IELTS requirement is waived if your baccalaureate or master’s degree was (or will be) completed at an institution where the language of instruction is English.

Candidates wishing to be considered for admission to the Institute for Fall 2018 should submit their applications by December 12, 2017.

Applications are processed electronically by NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) Office of Admissions, gsas.admissions@nyu.edu, 212-998-8050.

Applications to the IFA are submitted electronically through GSAS online.

Masters student

The faculty and the innumerable resources and objects filling the libraries and museums of the city were all facets that assured me that the Institute would be the right program to commence an MA in Art History.

Retrospectively it was the only choice that could have so well prepared me to continue in the small field of ancient Eurasian art. An experience from my time at the Institute, for which I am most thankful, is my 2012 summer travel to Russia, Mongolia and China. This trip, on top of all of my seminars, museum visits and research papers, confirmed that I wanted to study the ancient art of this region for the rest of my life. I am currently in the art history PhD program at Cornell University and my dissertation is on dress along the Silk Roads.”

-Betty Hensellek, MA '11