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Director's Office

Patricia Rubin, Judy and Michael Steinhardt Director
tel: 212 992-5806
email: patricia.rubin@nyu.edu

David O'Connor, Deputy Director
tel: 212 992-5844
email: d.oconnor@nyu.edu

Brenda Phifer Shrobe, Assistant to the Director for Administration and Human Resources
tel: 212 992-5806
email: brenda.shrobe@nyu.edu

Development and Public Affairs Office

Sarah Higby, Director of Development
tel: 212 992-5869
email: sarah.higby@nyu.edu

Kathryn Falato, Development Officer
tel: 212 992-5837
email: kathryn.falato@nyu.edu

Joseph Moffett, Part Time Development Assistant
te: 212 992-5804
email: joseph.moffett@nyu.edu

Academic Office

Academic Office Homepage

Alexander Nagel, Director of Graduate Studies
tel: 212 992-5831
email: alexander.nagel@nyu.edu

Marvin Trachtenberg, Director of Masters Studies
tel: 212 992-5839
email: mt2@nyu.edu

Lisa Hoang, Administrator of Academic Programs
tel: 212 992-5867
email: lisa.hoang@nyu.edu

Conley Lowrance, Academic Advisor
tel: 212 992-5815
email: conley.lowrance@nyu.edu

Hope Spence, Academic Assistant
tel: 212 992-5914
email: hope.spence@nyu.edu

Building Office

Wilfred Manzo, Facilities Supervisor
tel: 212 992-5811

tel: 212 992-5808

Off Hours Security
tel: 212 998-2222

Conservation Center

Conservation Center Homepage

Hannelore Roemich, Chairman and Professor of Conservation
tel: 212 992-5890
email: hannelore.roemich@nyu.edu

Jessica Cayer, Grants Administrator
tel: 212 992-5888
email: jlc26@nyu.edu

Amelia Catalano, Manager, Laboratories and Study Collection
tel: 212 992-5847
email: a.catalano@nyu.edu

Shan Kuang
Samuel H. Kress Fellow in Painting Conservation
tel: 212 992-5866
email: shan.kuang@nyu.edu

Kevin Martin, Academic Advisor
tel: 212 992-5848
email: kevin.martin@nyu.edu

Dianne Dwyer Modestini, Research Professor, Kress Program in Paintings Conservation
tel: 212 992-5866
email: dianne.modestini@nyu.edu

Digital Media | Computer Services

Digital Media/Computer Services Homepage

Jenni Rodda, Manager
tel: 212 992-5872
email: jenni.rodda@nyu.edu

Jason Varone, Web & Electronic Media Manager
tel: 212 992-5881
email: jason.varone@nyu.edu

Joe Rosario, Computer Services Manager
tel: 212 992-5884
email: joe.rosario@nyu.edu

George L. Cintron, Computer and Network Support Technician
tel: 212 992-5817
e-mail: george.cintron@nyu.edu

Nita Lee Roberts, Photographer
tel: 212 992-5822
email: nitalee.roberts@nyu.edu

Fatima Tanglao, Circulation and Reference Assistant
tel: 212 992-5810
email: fatima.tanglao@nyu.edu

Duke House Computer Lab: 212-992-5899

Finance Office

Jennifer Chung, Director of Budget and Planning
tel: 212 992-5818
email: jyc7@nyu.edu

Lisa McGhie, Financial Analyst
tel: 212 992-5895
email: lam1@nyu.edu


Stephen Chan Library of Fine Arts

Amy Lucker, Head Librarian
tel: 212 992-5908
email: amy.lucker@nyu.edu

Michael Hughes, Reference and Public Services Librarian 
tel: 212 992-5883
email: michael.hughes@nyu.edu

Shirin Khaki, Library Assistant
tel: 212 992-5827
email: shirin.khaki@nyu.edu

Kimberly Hannah, Library Assistant
tel: 212 992-5828
email: kimberly.hannah@nyu.edu

Gary Speziale, Special Projects Assistant
te: 212 992-5912
email: gary.speziale@nyu.edu

Conservation Center Library

Daniel Biddle, Supervisor
tel: 212 992-5854
e-mail: daniel.biddle@nyu.edu

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