Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association of the Institute of Fine Arts assists in the education of students and promotes the quality of student life by acting as liaison between students and members of the faculty and administration. It holds open meetings for discussion of issues of concern to students, and officers meet regularly with the director of the Institute. The GSA conducts an orientation meeting and reception for new students at the beginning of the fall semester; organizes many of the Institute's Lecture Series and social events during the academic year; and facilitates the rental of lockers at the Institute for a nominal charge to students.

GSA Executive Committee Members 2013 - 2014

President: Juanita Solano
Vice President: Alexandra Sterman
Secretary: Jessica Hong
Treasurer: Andrea Myers Achi
Social Chair: Angelina Cavalli
Library Liaison: Fatima Quraishi
Media Services & Academic Office Liaison: Daniella Berman & Blythe Sobol

Egyptology: Briana Jackson
Greek & Roman: Vikki Thomason
East Asian/Near East: Alexandra Sterman
Early Christian/Byzantine: Andrea Achi
Islamic: Fatima Quraishi
Renaissance: Angelina Cavalli
17th/18th c.: Daniella Berman (Fall); Blythe Sobol (Spring)
Latin American: Juanita Solano
Modern: Jessica Hong
Conservation: Kate Brugioni

Lecture series coordinators

IFA-Frick Symposium: Johanna Levy and Sara Garzon
Silberberg: Marina Kliger, Julia Bozer, and Katerina Harris
Artists at the Institute: AnnMarie Perl and Rebecca Lowery