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Hannelore Roemich

Chairman of the Conservation Center, Professor of Conservation Science

PhD 1987 Universitaet Heidelberg (Germany), Chemie Diplom 1984 University of Dortmund (Germany)

Research Interests:

Non-destructive testing of art objects, including CT (computed tomography) and other imaging techniques
Indoor environment, evaluation of pollutants and lighting conditions in museums
Glass and enamels, active and preventive conservation issues

Sample Courses:

Materials of Art and Archaeology I and II: Organic and Inorganic Materials
Preventive Conservation
Advanced Science, such as Light and Color and Advanced Cellulose Science

Selected Works:

Hannelore Roemich, Eman H. Zidan: “Long-term Preservation of the Collection at the Egyptian Museum – Pilot Project on Environmental Monitoring,” ARCE Bulletin 206 (2015), pp. 28-34

Hannelore Roemich and Kate van Lookeren Campagne: Recent Advances in Glass, Stained Glass, and Ceramics Conservation 2013, Spa Uitgevers, Zwolle, NL (2013) (361 pages)

Hannelore Roemich: Glass & Ceramics Conservation 2010. ICOM Committee for Conservation, in association with The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY (2010) (240 pages)

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Selected Honors:

1987/1988 CNRS post-doctoral research grant, University of Montpellier, France
2003 Pan-European Grand Prix of Innovation
2004 ICCROM Fellowship, Rome

Elected positions in professional organizations:

International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC): Coordinator of the WG Glass and Ceramics (2011-2017), websiteOpen link in new window