Norbert S. Baer

Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Conservation, Conservation Center

PhD 1969, New York; M.S. 1962, Wisconsin; B.S. 1959, Brooklyn College.

Research Interests

Application of physiochemical methods to the study and preservation of cultural property; environmental policy and damage to materials; application of risk assessment and risk management to the preservation of cultural property.

Selected publications

Baer, Norbert S. and F.Snickars, eds. Rational Decision-making in the Preservation of Cultural Property. Berlin: Dahlem University Press, 2001.
"Risk Management, Value and Decision-making," The Paper Conservator 25 (2001): 53-58.
Baer, Norbert S., S. Fitz and R.A. Livingston, eds. Conservation of Historic Brick Structure. Dorset: Donhead, 1998.
Baer, Norbert S.and R. Snethlage, eds. Saving our Architectural Heritage: The Conservation of Historic Stone Structures. London: John Wiley & Sons, 1997.
National Research Council Committee on Currency Features Usable by the Visually Impaired. Currency Features for Visually Impaired People.Washington, D. C.: National Academy Press, 1995. Chairman of Committee.
Baer, Norbert S, ed. Training in Conservation: A Symposium on the Occasion of the Dedication of the Stephen Chan House. New York: Institute of Fine Arts, 1989.

Selected Honors

Fellow, American Research Center in Egypt, 1994; Fellow, Guggenheim Foundation, 1983-1984.