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List #3


Note: There are three lists of lantern slide providers:
#1 - The Top Ten Providers, according to this survey
#2 - All of the providers mentioned by the NALSS survey respondents
#3 - A more comprehensive list of lantern slide providers to educational and cultural heritage institutions in the United States and Canada, eg. broader than the NALSS survey.


, see Fratelli Alinari, Florence, Italy

Alpha Motion Picture Co.

Altena, Edward Van, 71-79 W. 45th St, New York, NY. Also, Pearl St with John D. Scott, active 1890s-1910s, later?

Alvina Lenke Studios, 173 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL

American Colony Photographers, Fr. Vester & Co, Jerusalem, Palestine

American Library Color Slide Co., 222 W. 23rd St, New York, NY

American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY

American Seating Co., New York, NY

Anderstrom, L. L.

Archives Photographiques, 1 bis, rue de Valois, Paris

Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University

Army Medical Museum, Washington, D.C.

Arnold, C. D., possibly photographer for Columbian World Exposition, Chicago, IL

Audubon Society, National


Babbitt, Frank Cole

Bertrand & Co.

Charles Beseler Lantern Slide Co., 131 E. 23rd St, New York, NY

Bildarchiv Photo Marburg, Marburg Photo Archive, http://www.fotomarburg.de

Blattner, Henry

Bond, George, 107 Dearborn St, also Washington St, Chicago, Il. See also Moore & Bond

Bonfils, Adrien, French, active 1861-1929

Bonfils, V.L., French, Beyrouth, Syrie

Braun, Clement & Cie., 18 rue Louis-Le-Grand, Paris

Briggs Co., American, active 1868-1930

Bulloz, J.E., Editions Photographiques, 91 rue Bonaparte, Paris

Bureau of University Travel, Boston, MA.

Burton, Edgar S. Lantern Slides, 234 Boyleston St., Boston, MA.


Carpenter & Westley, London, England

Chicago Slide Co., 6 E. Lake St., Chicago, IL

Chicago Transparency Co., 173 W. Madison St, Chicago, IL. active ca 1920s

Cole, Wilfred G. Garnet, Cambridge, MA

Color Slides Cooperative, McCormick Hall, Princeton NJ., also used Raymond Art Service, NY

Collyer, F. L.

Conrad, J. J. Marcy

Cooley, Arthur S., Auburndale, MA.


D.A.I., see Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut

Deats, see Holmes and Deats

Des Moines Slide Co., Slides de Luxe, 301-303-305 Clapp Block, Des Moines, IA

Depue, Morgan & Co., 1117 Pine St., Seattle, WA

Detroit Photographic & Publishing Co., American, active 1880-1920

Desboutin, J

Deutsche, Malerei im 20. Jahrhundert, Professor W. Hege

Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut, also known as D.A.I., http://www.dainst.org


The Edmonston Co., Cleveland, OH

Edward Wilson, see Wilson, Edward L.


Farrar, Charles S., Chicago, IL

Flamm, Roy, California photographer, active 1950s

Fratelli Alinari, I.D.E.A., 8 Via Nazionale, Firenze, Italie.

Frick Collection


Genre Transparency Co., 83-91 W. Randolph St, Chicago, IL

German Arch.Inst., see Deutsches Archaeologisches Institute

"German Museum"

Gillette Advertising Co., Kansas City, Missouri



Hall, T., Boston, MA.

Handy, A.D., Boston, MA., active ca. 1909+

Harbach, Theo J.

Harris, Chas. K.

Hartt (Gould W?)

Harvard Film Service, Cambridge, MA

Hawkes, Joseph, Joseph Hawkes Studio, New York, NY

Hawroth, John Col

Hill Photo

Hollington, either a colorist or a lantern slide mask maker, associated with McIntosh and Underwood & Underwood lantern slides

Holmes & Deats / E.R. Deats (?)


Imperial Dry Plate Co., bought Gem Dry Plate Co.


Jackson, W. H.

Jocobus, John

Johnson, James J.


Kandler, Richard O., Chicago, IL

Kanzee, George, Lantern Slide Publisher, 1 Geary St., San Francisco, CA

Keystone View, American, active 1890s-1940s

Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai, Tokyo


Lantern Slide Bureau, Methodist Episcopal Church, China

Lawrence, W. H. & B. S. Turpin

Lenke, see Alvina Lenke Studios

Levy et Ses Fils, Photographes, Editeurs, 25 rue Louis-le-Grand, also 44 rue Letellier, Paris, active 1850s-1880s

Lewis, M. E., San Diego, CA, a colorist?

Liebich's Photographic Gallery, Cleveland, OH

Lyceum Theater Building, Pittsburgh, PA


Maison de la Bonne Presse, 5 rue Bayard, Paris, active 1900

Marburg, see Bildarchiv Photo Marburg

Marshaw Slide Co., Kansas City, MO.

Maryland Photo Stock / Photo Stock Co., see also J. Sussman Photo Stock Co., Baltimore, MD.

Massiot (Gaston) et Compagnie, 15 Boul. des Filles, Paris. Also known as Radiguet & Massiot and as Projections Milteni

McAllister, T.H., Manufacturing Opticians, 49 Nassau St., NY, active 1890s +. Also known as T. H. McCallister-Keller Co. Inc., 176 Fulton St., NY active 1917-1942

McIntosh Stereopticon Co., Chicago, IL


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Mission Photo Bureau, Shanghai

Moore, Bond & Co., see also Bond, George, Chicago, IL

Moore, Hubbell & Co., 32-40 N. Franklin St., Chicago, IL

Moulin, Gabriel Studios, San Francisco, CA

Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY



National Picture Service Inc.

National Studios, Inc.

Newton & Co., Fleet St, and Museum St, London, active 1880s-1920s

Nichols, Grace L. Studio, Chicago, IL. a colorist?

Novelty Slides Inc., 209 W. _____, active 1910s


Oberlin, William, Ventura, CA

Omnium Photo, Paris

Osule Photographic Co., Boston, MA.


Pacific Stereopticon Co.

Panama Pacific Expo, San Francisco, CA

Pancoast, Charles R.

Perfection Slide, 79-83 Fifth Ave., New York, NY. active 1900s-1920s

Photo Mas

Pierce & Co., Boston, MA

Piggott, J. K., San Francisco, CA

Portland Cement Association

Projections Milteni, see Massiot, Gaston

Projections Maison de la Braun & Co., see Braun

Publisher's Photo Service, Stamford, CT and New York, NY

Putnam Studios, Los Angeles, CA


Raad, C., Photographer

Radiguet et Massiot Lantern Slide Publishers, see Massiot

Radio Mat, lantern slide mask? For sale by National Theater Supply Co., New York, NY

Rau Art Studios, William H. Rau

Raymond Art Service, Andes, NY. See also Color Cooperative Slides. Also known as Raymond and Raymond

Riley, Herbert J., 68 Nassau St, New York, NY. Same as Riley Optical?

Riley Optical Instrument Co., 23 E. 14th St, New York, NY

Roberts & Fellows, Mfrs., 1125 Chestnut St., Philadelpha, PA, active 1880s-1890s

Roy & Keith, Lantern Slide Makers, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Schaefer & Sons

September Moon, Goodrich Pool, handwritten on slides

Singleton, B.L., Photographer, founder of Keystone View Co.

Sommer and Sons, Naples, Italy

Soule, John P. Art Publishing Co., also Photograph Co., 338 Washinton St., Boston, MA

Southern Pacific Railroad Co., San Francisco, CA. Passenger Department

Spence, Allison, Northampton, MA. Slides say "Made by Allison Spence"

Standard Slide Corp., 209 W. 48th St., New York, NY. active 1920s

Stereopticon & Film Exchange, Chicago, IL

Stettner, Germany. Could be a perversion of Stoedtner, or could be a donor

Stewart, M. S., Oakland, CA. Possibly a producer, not a photographer

Stiller Co., Green Bay, WI

Stoedtner, Franz, Dr., Berlin, active 20th century

Sussman, J. Photo Stock Co., also Maryland Photo Stock Co, Baltimore, MD.

Swain, G. R. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.


TAM, Inc., San Francisco, CA.

Taurgo Slides, A Photographic Archive of Art History. Various locations: 154 E. 82nd St, 152 W. 65th St., 58 Park Ave., New York, NY


Thurston, John H., Boyleston St., Boston, MA

Tibbetts, H. C., San Francisco, CA

Troy, J. P. Lantern Slide Maker, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Tsurubuchi, H., Tokyo


Underwood & Underwood, American, active 1880s-1940s

University Prints, made by Max Keller, Cambridge, MA

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

U.P. & I.N., printed on mask


Vester & Co., see American Colony Photographers, Jerusalem


William, Brown & Earle, Inc., American, active ca 1890s+

Wilson, Edward L. Advertising Slide Co.

World Services Agencies, 740 Rush St., Chicago, IL


Yale University, Francis Mayer

NALSS data. Vendor List #3. Aiming to be comprehensive
Prepared Summer 2006 by Miriam Nelson.
Revised October 2006 by Maryly Snow.