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"Italy in China: The Western Buildings in the Old Summer Palace Yuanmingyuan in Beijing"

Bibliotheca Hertziana
Max Planck Institute for Art History
25 March 2014

[from H-ARTHIST, 3/11/14]

The Beijing Tsinghua Institute for Digitization THID (Tsinghua University Beijing) and the Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max Planck Institute for Art History, Rome are conducting collaborative research devoted to the now ruinous Western Buildings that are part of the Old Summer Palace Yuanmingyuan in Beijing, and which were planned and erected around 1750 by Italian/French Jesuits and Chinese architects and craftsmen. The aim of the project is to comprehensively investigate and understand the Western Buildings and to analytically visualise them in virtual 3D-models. The project examines the Sino-Western experience in the planning and construction processes with the mutual exchange of techniques and methods, concepts and models, and explores the interaction between Chinese and Western conceptions of architecture, gardens, fountains, construction and hydraulic technologies. The workshop aims to present this collaboration project to a wider audience and to give a report on the current state of the work in progress.

- Sybille EBERT-SCHIFFERER (Rome), Welcome address
- YIN Lina (Beijing) and Elisabeth KIEVEN (Rome), Opening words
- Hermann SCHLIMME (Rome), Introduction

YIN Lina, "The Yuanmingyuan: Current state of research and analysis of textual and visual sources"

SHANG Jin (Beijing), "The Western Buildings: Research questions and the role of virtual 3D-models"

GAO Ming (Beijing) and PIAO Wenzi (Beijing), "New findings based on the building survey and re-examination of historic photographs"

Hermann SCHLIMME, "Sino-Western knowledge transfer concerning plays of water and hydraulic technology: Benoist – Bélidor – Morland"

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"Reviving China's Traditionalist Painting through New Readings of Old Poems: Tang Yun's Twelve-leaf Album after Lu You's Poems (1976)"

Yanfei Yin (Ohio State University)
at the KFLC: Language, Literature, and Culture Conference
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
10-13 April 2014

[from H-ASIA, 4/9/14]

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"Materiality in Japan"

Institute of Fine Arts
New York University
11 April 2014

[from H-ARTHIST, 3/15/14]

Organized by Anton Schweizer, 2012-2014 IFA/Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Japan is widely regarded as an exemplar in terms of the preservation of material integrity, the perpetuation of historical production techniques and the responsible preservation of works of architecture and artifacts in museum contexts. The Japanese certification system for Cultural Property – which also includes the category of Living National Treasures for specialist craftsmen who embody manufacturing techniques as Intangible Cultural Property–has earned far-reaching acclaim. It is frequently overlooked, however, that there is actually a wide range of divergent approaches towards originality and authenticity even in contemporary Japan. While some of these inconsistencies find their counterparts in the West, others are related to pre-modern cultural practices, e.g., concurrent concepts of artifacts in divergent contexts of reception and evaluation. This conference attempts to shed light on this issue with a series of case studies as a means to deconstruct overly simplistic explanatory models.


Anton Schweizer, Opening Remarks

Session I: Object Practices
- Murielle Hladik (architect and curator, Paris; Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'architecture de Clermont-Ferrand ENSACF), "Architecture and Temporality: Cyclical Rebuilding, Displacement and Transfer"
- Andrew Watsky (Princeton University), "Tea Utensil/Sacred Thing: Objects In and Out of Sixteenth-century Chanoyu"
- Jennifer Perry (Metropolitan Museum of Art), "Japanese Scroll Mountings: Tools of Presentation and Preservation"
Moderator: Dipti Khera (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)

Session II: Approaches to Curating and Conserving
- Christoph Henrichsen (architectural conservator and independent scholar, Cologne), "Traditional Repair and Contemporary Restoration in the Conservation of Historic Wooden Architecture in Japan"
- Monika Bincsik (Metropolitan Museum of Art), "Preserving Japanese Lacquer Techniques: Replicas, Copies, and Fakes"
- George Wheeler (Columbia University; Metropolitan Museum of Art), " Where is the Real Isamu? Culture and Context in the Conseration of Noguchi's Sculptures at Mure and Long Island City"
Moderator: Ivan Gaskell (Bard Graduate Center)

Session III: Ensemble Cultures
- Yukio Lippit (Harvard University), "The Ashikaga Object"
- Nicole Coolodge Rousmaniere (British Museum; Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures), "Broken Pots: Re-positioning the Early Modern Archaeological Heritage of Japan to Reveal Taste in Dining among the Elite"
- Rosina Buckland (National Museums Scotland), "Divergent Discourses of Aesthetic Appreciation in Bakumatsu Japan"
Moderator: Deborah L. Krohn (Bard Graduate Center)

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"Discussions on Asia"

The Midwest Graduate Student Conference
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
11-12 April 2014

[from MGSC, 4/10/14; panels/papers relating to visual/material culture of East Asia listed below]

War, Identity, and Representation
Discussant: Minku Kim (University of Minnesota)
- Chris Born (Washington University in St. Louis), "Searchlights, Steamships and Gun Smoke: Russo-Japanese War Naval Battle Prints and the Popular Imagination"
- Christopher Slaby (University of Wisconsin-Madison), "From Ido to Hagi: Contact, Appropriation, and Identity in Korean-Style Japanese Teabowls"
- Jade Powers (Indiana University-Bloomington), "Finding a National Identity through Religious Imagery: Depictions by Raja Ravi Varma"
- Rachel Turner (University of Florida), "Beyond Pictorial Imagery: Incised Bronze Vessels and Syncretism in the Transformation of Eastern Zhou Material Culture"

The City in Contact
- David Kendall (Indiana University-Bloomington), "Giraffes, Roller Coasters, and Royal Re-enactments: Hits and Misses in the Reinvention of a Joseon Palace"

- Wakako Suzuki (University of California, Los Angeles), "The Gendering of Children's Magazines: Visualizing Girls' Love, Romance, and Desire"

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"Shifting Terrains of Struggle in Japan and Japanese Studies"

Triangle Center for Japanese Studies Conference 2014
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
11-13 April 2014

[from TCJS, 4/10/14; papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

- Morgan Pitelka (UNC-Chapel Hill), "The Archaeology of Everyday Life: Evidence and Affect in Sixteenth Century Japan"
- Jordan Sand (Georgetown University), "An Alternative History of Housing in Tokyo"

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"Managing (Un)Certainties: Economic Sociology Perspectives on the Japanese Antique Art Trade"

Harald Conrad (University of Sheffield)
Institute of Social Science
University of Tokyo
17 April 2014

[from H-ASIA, 4/1/14]

Market actors are commonly faced with solving three distinct coordination problems as sources of uncertainty. How should they value the objects of their trade, how can they shield themselves from the competition, and with whom and how do they cooperate? This paper investigates how Japanese antique art dealers confront these issues. While offering a rich description and analysis of a rather secretive Japanese market, the paper advances also our theoretical understanding of market behaviour in general. First, contrary to neoclassical economic theory and approaches in cultural economics, where the idea of value has largely been abandoned, the findings highlight the importance of distinguishing between notions of value and price in understanding markets. Second, while prior research in economic sociology highlights mechanisms such as product differentiation, first-mover advantages, reciprocal agreements, corruption, cartels, or monopolies to alleviate uncertainties created by competition, this paper shows how complex price making mechanisms in dealers' auctions can have a similar function.

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Berkeley-Stanford Graduate Student Conference in Modern Chinese Humanities

University of California, Berkeley
18-19 April 2014

[from IEAS, 4/16/14; papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

Panel 1. Media History: Political Machinations and Aesthetic Aspirations
- Rebecca Scott (University of Nottingham), "Situating Lianhuanhua in Political Culture"
- Tianshuang Liang (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), "A True Record: the Interplay of Local, Regional and World Art in 1910s Shanghai"

Panel 2. Bodies on Display: Discipline and Emancipation
- Andrew Elmore (Stanford University), "Building Modern Bodies: (Trans)nationalizing Physical Culture and Physique Photography in Early Twentieth-Century China"
- Kelly Tang (University of Oxford), "Ivory 'Doctor's Ladies': The Medical and the Erotic Female Body"

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"Getting the Picture: The Visual Culture of the News"

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
4-5 May 2014

[from conference website, 5/4/14; papers relating to East Asia listed below]

- Chelsea Foxwell (University of Chicago), "Seeing through Media Change: Color Woodblock Newspaper Prints in 1870s Japan"
- Victoria Gao (University of Rochester), "Red-Color News Soldier: Public and Private Memory in Li Zhensheng's Photographs from the Chinese Cultural Revolution"

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"New Dimensions of Medium: Chinese Art History Workshop"

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
6 May 2014

[from Fairbank Center, 5/6/14]

Session One
- Eugene Wang (Harvard University), Welcome and Introductory Remarks
- Rudolph Wagner (Heidelberg University), "The Drum or Bell of Remonstrance: The Formation of a Shared Image of Enlightened Despotism in Eurasia"
- Xiaofeng Huang (Central Academy of Fine Arts), "Skulls in Song and Yuan Paintings"
- Stephen Whiteman (University of Sydney), "Landscape, Medium, and the Stakes of Style in the Early Qing Court"

Session Two
- Ma Ya-Chen (National Tsing Hua University), "The Manchu Cultural Hegemony: Commemorative Images of War and Martial Prowess of the Qing Empire"
- Hongxing Zhang (Victoria and Albert Museum), "The Art of Commemoration: The Paintings of the Taiping Rebellion (1851-64)? for the Ziguangge"
- Hui-wen Lu (National Taiwan University), "Ancient Monuments Re-envisioned: Antiquarian Aesthetics and Transmedia Narratives in 19th Century China"

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"A Sensorial Experience in Yunqin Zhai: From Qin Zither Music to Natural Melody in the Chinese Garden"

Yu Zhang (Southwest Jiaotong University)
in the conference "Sound and Scent in the Garden"
Dumbarton Oaks
Washington, DC
9-10 May 2014

[from Dumbarton Oaks, 5/9/14]

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"Networks and Interactions"

Graduate Student Conference
Leiden University
The Netherlands
9-11 May 2014

[from Leiden, 5/9/14; panels/papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

Networks in Heritage Makings: Perspectives from Asia
- Giulia Di Pietro (Leiden University), "Shaping Industrial Heritage in Asia: Issues of (Under)Representation"
- Abby Huang (Leiden University), "Local Heritage in Global Context: Preserving Lo-sheng Sanatorium in Taiwan"

Actors and Material Agencies: Re-contextualizing Cultural and Socio-Religious Significances (II)
- Wang Wenxin (Leiden University), "Authenticating, Forging, and Schematizing: Painting Inscriptions as Commercial Actors in the Ming Art Market"

Networks of People, Networks of Things: Relational Approaches in Archaeology
- Angus Mol (Leiden University), "Play-things and the origins of online networks: Virtual material culture in multiplayer games"

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"Chinese Silk in the Context of Eurasia, AD 1-600"

Kyoko Nomoto (Oxford/Berlin)
in the conference "Selvedge to Selvedge: Textile Arts and Textility from Antiquity to the Present"
Florence, Italy
9-10 May 2014

[from H-ARTHIST, 4/30/14]

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1st International Congress on Asia

Torun, Poland
15-16 May 2014

[from conference website, 5/14/14; papers relating to visual/material culture of East Asia listed below]

- Ewa Swietek (Green Up), "stetyka i kierunki zmian wspolczesnej kaligrafii chinskiej [Aesthetics and contemporary trends Chinese calligraphy]"
- Raphael Kur (Jagiellonian University) and Zarina Zharylkassynova (Kazakhstan), "Rynek sztuki w Azji Centralnej [The art market in Central Asia]"
- Andrew Fulbiszewski (Uniwersytet Szczecinski), "Nadludzka symbolika nieludzkiego rezimu: O architekturze polnocnokoreanskiej propagandy [Superhuman symbolism inhuman regime: The architecture of North Korean propaganda]"

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"JASA at the Forefront: Celebrating the Fortieth Anniversary of the Japanese Art Society of America"

Japan Society
New York, NY
17 May 2014

[from JASA, 10/24/13]

Morning Session- Susan L. Peters (JASA) and John T. Carpenter (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Welcoming remarks
- Melissa McCormick (Harvard University), "Phantom Genji"
- Eric C. Rath (University of Kansas), "Sex and Sea Bream: Food and Prostitution in Hishikawa Moronobu's A Visit to the Yoshiwara"
- Jennifer Perry (Metropolitan Museum of Art), "New Insights: Materials and Methods in Japanese Paintings Revealed through Scientific Analysis"

Afternoon Session
- Miwako Tezuka (Japan Society Gallery), Remarks
- Yukio Lippit ( Harvard University), "The Nachi Waterfall: A Reconsideration"
- Christine Guth (Royal College of Art), "Shagreen: The Japanese Aestheticization of a Global Commodity"
- Bert Winther-Tamaki (University of California, Irvine), "Transformations of the Aesthetics of Ink Painting by Other Media"

Conference is free to both JASA and Japan Society Members. Afterward there will be a reception for JASA members at a nearby restaurant. If you would like to attend, please contact Christy Laidlaw at or (917) 658-3955 to reserve a place.

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"Exchange: Assimilation and Appropriation in the Arts"

Third Annual [University of California, Riverside] Art History Graduate Student Conference
California Museum of Photography
Riverside, CA
17 May 2014

[from UCR, 5/12/14; panels/papers relating to East Asia listed below]

Panel Two: Space, Place, Person: Issues of Hybridity and Authorship in the Modernizing World
- Jessica Alleven (University of St. Thomas), "Yin Xiuzhen's Portable Cities: Beijing: Negotiating Global, Local, and Cultural Identity"

Keynote Address
- Sofia Sanabrais (Getty Research Institute; University of Southern California), "'desired and sought by the rest of the world...': The Circulation of Japanese and Mexican Art in the Early Modern World"

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Through The Body: Lens-Based Works by Contemporary Chinese Women Artists events

University of Toronto Art Centre
29 April - 28 June 2014

[from Contact Photography Festival, 5/16/14]

17 May
"Playing Around: Representations of Sexuality and Gender in Contemporary Chinese Work"
Artists Chun Hua, Catherine Dong and Fan Xi in conversation with co-curator Matthew Brower

27 May
"This Woman's Work: Intersections of Gender and Culture in Contemporary Chinese Art"
Join artist Jin Hua and curators Matt Brower and Yan Zhou with faculty members from the University of Toronto and York University to discuss the exhibition and the Chinese concept of ti shi, learning through bodily experience.

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"Postwar: Art between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945-1965"

Haus der Kunst
Munich, Germany
22-24 May 2014

[from "Postwar", 5/20/14; panels/papers relating to East Asia listed below]

Ground Zero
- Sohl Lee (University of Rochester), "Nam June Paik, before the Pioneer of Video Art"
- Majella Munro (Tate Research Centre), "Nuclear Reactions: Toward a Critical Artistic Practice in Japan's Long Postwar"
- Reiko Tomii (independent scholar), "Matsuzawa Yutaka's Art of Immaterialization: An Empty Gallery as an Apparatus"

Refracted Tradition, Reconsituted Modernism
- Ming Tiampo (Carleton University), "Decentering Paris"
- Lingling Amy Yao (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "New Mural and Politics: A Case Study of the New Mural Campaign in Peixian in 1958"

- Alexandra Munroe (Guggenheim Museum), "Godzilla's Schizophrenia: Americanization and the Culture of Defeat in Postwar Japan"

Communism, Socialism, Aesthetics
- Vivian Li (University of Michigan), "Rent Collection Courtyard"

New Practices in/of the Social
- Midori Yamamura (Pratt Institute), ""Zero on Sea": Yayoi Kusama and the Art of Active Social Engagement, 1955-1965"

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"Portraiture, Pathos, Propaganda: Hero Worship in Eighteenth-Century China"

Annette Bügener (Chester Beatty Library)
School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London
23 May 2014

[from SOAS, 5/16/14]

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"Asia as an Idea / Asia as a Consolidating Unity"

The 12th Biennial Conference of Asian Studies in Israel
University of Haifa
25-26 May 2014

[from ASI, 5/20/14; panels/papers relating to East Asian visual/material culture listed below]

Panel 1: Memory Politics in Asia
- Shakhar Rahav (University of Haifa), "Visualizing an Icon: Changing Images of May Fourth"

Panel 9: Tantric Buddhism – Part II
- Meir Shahar (Tel Aviv University), "The Chinese Cult of the Horse King and its Indian Origins"
- Li Ling (National Museum of China), "The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Assisting Women in Labor: The Evidence of Dunhuang Printed and Hand-Written Manuscripts"

Panel 24: Culture Contact and Questions of Identity in China and Central Asia – Part I
- Gideon Shelach (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "Palaces, Elite Interaction, and the Development of State-Level Society in China"

Panel 27: Panel 27:The End of the Global Anime Boom and Future Prospects for the Anime Industry
Chair: Daliot-Bul (University of Haifa) and Nissim Otmazgin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
- Michal Daliot-Bul (University of Haifa)
- Ryotaro Makihara (Wit Studio, Japan)
- Naohiro Shichijo (National Institute for Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan(
- Nissim Otmazgin
- George Wada (Wit Studio, Japan)

Panel 29: Ideology and Popular Culture in Asia
- Erez Golani Solomon (Waseda University; Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design), "Asian Architecture Laboratory"

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Fourth Asian Conference on Asian Studies / Fourth Asian Conference on Cultural Studies

Osaka, Japan
29 May - 1 June 2014

[from ACAS, 5/20/14; panels/papers relating to East Asian visual/material culture listed below]

ACAS/ACCS: Cultural Studies: Visual Culture
Chair: Allan Walker (University of Salford)
- Minna Valjakka (University of Helsinki), "FreeArtFriday: Conveying the Joy of Arts on the Streets"
- ShiPu Wang (University of California), "Masquerading in an American Borderland: Frank S. Matsura's Photographic Miscegenation"
- Allan Walker, "Alternative Traditions: Drawing and its Role in Creating New Border Crossings"

ACAS: Spotlight Session
- Voon Pow Bartlett (Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific), "Grotesque Realism as an Artistic Strategy in Negotiating the Era of the 'Chinese Dream'"

ACCS: Cultural Studies: General Cultural Studies
- James X. White (University of Sheffield), "Otoko ha Damatte... Imasen: Silent Men, Talkative Men - Challenging Gendered Images in Beer Advertising - 1970"

ACCS: Cultural Studies: Interdisciplinary
- Jung-Ah Woo (Postech, Korea), "The Social Function of Community Art after the Catastrophe: WAWA Project and the 3.11 East Japan Earthquake"

ACCS: ACCS – Cultural Studies: Visual Culture
- Jia Peng (Chongqing University), "The Creation of Trans-cultural Belonging: Chinese Artists' Paintings from Tibet after 1982"

ACAS/ACCS: Asian Studies: Japanese Studies
- Pawel Pachciarek (Osaka University), "Yayoi Kusama - Manhattan Salvation Addict"
- Chiaki Ajioka, independent scholar), "Mingei Intercultural: Yanagi Sôetsu's Strategies for Transmitting Mingei Aesthetic to Western Audiences"

ACAS/ACCS: Chinese Studies
- Vincent Wai-kit Ho (University of Macau), "Co-existence of Casino and Heritage: Cultural Politics of Survival of Macau's Tourism"

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"Gutai and AU Magazines"

John Held, Jr. (independent writer, archivist and curator, San Francisco)
in the conference "The Territories of Artists' Periodicals"
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
2-4 June 2014

[from H-ARTHIST, 5/6/14]

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"Les laques japonaises d'exportation [Japanese export lacquer]"

Geneviève Lacambre (curator, L'or du Japon)
Jorge Welsh Gallery
Lisbon, Portugal
4 June 2014

[courtesy of Jorge Welsh Gallery, 5/31/14]

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Asian Art in Brussels lectures

Institut Belge des Hautes Etudes Chinoises
Brussels, Belgium
5-6 June 2014

[from AAB, 6/4/14; lectures relating to East Asia listed below]

5 June
Joyce Seaman (Ashmolean Museum), "Supernatural Themes in Manjû Netsuke from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford"
Most people are familiar with Japanese netsuke, the carved toggles used to attach small personal items to the kimono sash. Often overlooked, however, is a type of netsuke known as manjû; named for its shape, the manjû netsuke was usually flattish and round, resembling a sweet bean-paste filled bun. It provided two surfaces for the artist to decorate with illustrations from printed books, woodblock prints or simply ideas from his own imagination. This lecture will look at subjects related to the supernatural, drawing on examples from the Ashmolean's collection to discuss demons malign, benign and humorous, and their appearance on nineteenth-century manjû netsuke. Joyce Seaman is a Research Associate in the Japanese Department at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford. She is the author of Manjû Netsuke from the Collection of the Ashmolean Museum (2013).

5 June
Amy Heller (independent scholar), "The Sculptures of Western Tibet in the 11th to 13th centuries and their Artistic Debt to Kashmir"
To honour the memory of his father, Rinchen bzangpo, royal chapelain to the king of, commissioned a sculpture of Avalokiteshvara by the Kashmiri sculptor Bhidhaka. This life-size standing sculpture shows exceptional prowess in casting and inlay techniques. At present, this Avalokiteshvara is enshrined in a chapel in the family hometown of Khatse near the capital at Toling. This sculpture acquired great renown, undoubtedly inspiring numerous artists working in hrang and Ladakh. Notably, in 996, at the consecration of Khojarnath, a great sculpture was cast leading to the sculpture triad of Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani which, known as the "Three Silver Brothers", became the palladium of the kingdom of Pu.hrang. Tibetan historical sources also inform us that Rinchen bzangpo imported sculptures of different aspects of Tara, Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri from Kashmir. In the light of Tibetan dedication inscriptions on sculptures and Tibetan historical documents, this presentation will study the historical, iconographical and aesthetic relationships of these Kashmiri metal sculptures and the sculptures they inspired both cast in metal and modeled in clay in the kingdoms of and Ladakh during the 11th to early 13th century. Amy Heller studied art history at Columbia University, the Tibetan language at Institut National de Langues Orientales in Paris, and her doctorate in Tibetan History and Philology at La Sorbonne. Since 1986 she has been affiliated with the Paris Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, [was] Visiting Professor in Rome at La Sapienza (2006 and 2008) and also Research Associate in Tibetan art (2011-2013) at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies University of London). Since 2007, she works regularly as visiting Professor of Art History and Cultural History at Center for Tibetan Studies, Sichuan University. Her most recent book is Hidden Treasures of the Himalayas: Tibetan Manuscripts, Paintings, and Sculptures of Dolpo (Serindia Publications, 2009).

6 June
Richard Pegg (MacLean Collection), "Maps of East Asia in the Early to Mid-Nineteenth Century"
Maps are rich cultural objects presenting and transmitting information about time and place of production. This lecture will provide some of the particular practices and relationships between text and image in East Asian map making that are unique in world cartography. In addition, reactions to new ideas introduced from the West including the concept of a larger world construct, will be examined. The lecture will present, through comparison, certain similarities and distinctive differences in the representations of space, both real and imagined, in the early modern cartographic traditions of China, Korea and Japan. Richard A. Pegg has a BA and MA in Chinese and Japanese Literature from George Washington University and a Ph.D in East Asian Art History from Columbia University. He has published and lectured widely on the arts of Asia. His recent books include Passion for Form: Selections of Southeast Asian Art from the MacLean Collection and The MacLean Collection: Chinese Ritual Bronzes. His most recent book is entitled Cartographic Traditions in East Asian Maps. Dr. Pegg is currently Director and Curator of Asian Art for the MacLean Collection in Chicago.

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"Things to Remember: Materializing Memories in Art and Popular Culture"

Radboud University
Nijmegen, Netherlands
5-6 June 2014

[from conference website, 6/4/14; panels/papers relating to visual culture listed below]

Objects of Memory
- Nanouschka Wamelink (University of Amsterdam), "Embodied Memory: the Entanglement of Past and Present in Gunther von Hagens Body Worlds"

Materializing the Past in Fashion
- Yuniya Kawamura (State University of New York), "Japan's Historical Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Fashion: Novelty and Nostalgia"

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"Intercultural Communication between China and the Rest of the World: Beyond (Reverse) Essentialism and Culturalism?"

University of Helsinki
5-6 June 2014

[from conference website, 6/4/14; panels/papers relating to visual culture listed below]

The ‘arts' and IC
- Christine Vial Kayser (Paris 1-Hicsa), "Huang Yong Ping and Chinese Otherness"
- Shiyan Li (Aix-Marseille University), "Duchamp's Fountain faced with Huang Yong Ping's washing machine"

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Conference on Middle-Period China

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
5-7 June 2014

[from conference website, 6/13/14; panels/papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

1. Ninth Century
Discussion facilitator: Christopher Nugent (Williams College)

2. Eleventh Century
Discussion facilitator: Heping Liu (Wellesley College)

3. Liao and Xia
Discussion facilitator: Nancy Steinhardt (University of Pennsylvania)

4. Southern Song Discussion facilitators: Linda Walton (Portland State University) and Michael Fuller (University of California, Irvine)

5. Early Ming
Discussion facilitator: Alfreda J. Murck (independent scholar)

6. Tenth Century
Discussion facilitator: Hugh Roberts Clark (Ursinus College)

7. Twelfth Century
Discussion facilitator: Morten Schlütter (University of Iowa)

8. Jin-Yuan
Discussion facilitator: Christopher Pratt Atwood (Indiana University)

9. Fourteenth Century
Discussion facilitator: Joseph Peter McDermott (University of Cambridge)

10. Northern Song
Discussion facilitators: Patricia Ebrey (University of Washington) and Cong Ellen Zhang (University of Virginia)

11. Material and Visual Culture
Discussion facilitators: Maggie Bickford (Brown University) and Julia K. Murray (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
- Jacqueline Chao (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), "Painting and Poetry: An Examination of Chen Rong's Inscription on the Nine Dragons Scroll"
- Xiaolin Duan (University of Washington), "'West Lake's Ten Scenes': Development of Excursions and Perception of Nature"
- Anne Gerritsen (University of Warwick), "From Cizhou's Pots to Jingdezhen's Porcelain: Some Preliminary Thoughts"
- Roslyn Lee Hammers (University of Hong Kong), "Identifying Mongol Art in the Yuan Dynasty: The Case of Khubilai Khan Hunting"
- Amy C. Hwang (Princeton University), "An Un-literati Painting: Mou Yi's 1240 Fulling Cloth"
- Oliver Moore (Leiden University), "The Sociology of Stone Inscriptions and Reprographics in Middle Period China"
- Fan Jeremy Zhang (Ringling Museum of Art), "Dream, Spirit, and Romantic Encounter: Theatrical Pictures in Jin and Yuan Art"

12. Interstate Contact
- Yiwen Li (Yale University), "Made in China: An Investigation of Chinese Objects Recovered from Sutra Mounds in Japan, 1000-1300"
- Hyunhee Park (City University of New York), "Middle-Period China Represented in Contemporaneous European Maps: Geographic Information Transfer through Medieval Eurasian Contacts"
- Eiren Shea (University of Pennsylvania), "Depictions of Mongols and the Medieval Italian Imaginary (c. 1250-1348)"

14. Buddhism and Daoism and Their Cultural Influence
- Yukata Yokote (University of Tokyo), "[Su Shi on inner alchemy]"

15. State-Society Relations
- Ao Wang (Wesleyan University), "Cartographies Actual and Imagined: Imperial Grand Maps in Mid-Tang"

16. Intellectual Thought
- Susan Bush (Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies), "Context and Meaning: Some Thoughts on Northern Song Art Criticism"

17. Local Society
- Yunjun Liu (Hebei University), "[The image of Mount Tai deities during the Tang and Song as seen in collected writings and novels]"

18. Tombs and Mortuary Art
Discussion facilitators: Alfreda J. Murck and Heping Liu
- Fei Deng (Fudan University), "Modular Design in Burials: A Study of Tomb Construction in the Song and Jin Periods"
- Ya-hwei Hsu (National Taiwan University), "'Things' in the Formation of Literati Identity: Evidence from the Underground"
- Jeehee Hong (Syracuse University), "Transformations of Mingqi in Middle-period China"
- Hui-Han Jin (University of Minnesota), "Rethinking the Meanings of Sacrificial Space in the Tombs of Central Plain China in the Sung and Jin Dynasties"
- Jie Liu (Wenwu), "[Analysis of Tang bird-and-flower painting seen in archaeological material]"
- Claire Yi Yang (University of California, Berkeley), "Burial Date Divination and Death Ritual Integration in Tang china (618-907)"

19. Other Forms of Knowledge
- Hui-Wen Lu (National Taiwan University), "Forgeries and the Pursuit of Authenticity during the Southern Song: The Case of Epitaph for My Nanny"
- Curie Virág (University of Toronto), "The Ethics of Visualization: Structure and Feeling in Song Landscape Aesthetics"

21. History of Information
- Kaijun Chen (Columbia University), "Precious Goods: A Study of the Transmission of Knowledge about Luxuries from Southern Song to Early Ming Period"
- Fan Lin (McGill University), "Rethinking Tujing: Cartographic Practice and Creation of Local Topography during the Song Dynasty"
- Takamichi Kobayashi (Waseda University), "Styles of Documents and Handwriting: Between 'Paper and 'Stone'"
- Jeffrey Moser (McGill University), "The Cauldron: Hypotyposis and Hexagrammatical Signification in Northern Song Thought"
- Huiping Pang (Stanford University), "The Multiple si-yin Half Seals: Reconsidering the Dianli jicha si (1373-1384) Argument"

22. The Political Center: Court and Central Government
- Ping Foong (University of Chicago), "A Commitment to Uniformity: Emperor Huizong's Calligraphy and Painting Colleges and Their Relationship to Earlier Norther Song Artist Institutions"

14. Art History
Discussion facilitators: Maggie Bickford and Eugene Wang (Harvard University)

31. Material Culture of Worship
Discussion facilitators: Eugene Wang and Heping Liu
- Phillip Emmanual Bloom (Indiana University, Bloomington), "Nebulous Epigraphs: Early Traces of the Water-Land Retreat in Sichuan?"
- Lennert Gesterkamp (independent scholar), "Water and Land Painting and the Song Synthesis"
- Shih-shan Susan Huang (Rice University), "Xi Xia Buddhist Printed Illustrations"
- Tracy G. Miller (Vanderbilt University), "A Pinnacle of Northern Song Budhism: Imperial Legitimacy and 'Modern' Architecture at Kaifeng"
- Yitao Xu (Peking University), "[The Buddhist world: Archaeological periodization of wall decoration on brick and stone pagodas, 5th to 13th centuries]"
- Josh Yiu (Chinese University of Hong Kong), "The Politics of Incense Offering and the Rise of Archaistic Censers"
- Siyin Zhao (Binghamton University, "Reconstruction and Transition: Ritual Space in Hangzhou in Southern Song China, 1130-1224"

39. Visual Analysis
Discussion facilitator: Julia K. Murray

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"Beyond Islands: Contemporary Taiwanese Art Forum"

University of Edinburgh
11-12 June 2014

[courtesy of K. McLoughlin, 10/24/13]

"Beyond Islands: Contemporary Taiwanese Art Forum" is consist of eight papers in three themed panels, 1) Writing History of Contemporary Taiwanese Art; and 2) Local Colour and Global Vision: Biennial and International Exhibition and 3) Art Policy and Development, followed by a roundtable discussion on challenges and prospects on policy development and art commissions of Asian art in Western institutions. Speakers include: Mr Chieh-jen Chen (Artist), Dr Simon Groom (National Gallery of Modern Art, Scotland), Prof Pao-Hsia Hsueh (Tainan National University of the Arts; Artist; Former Director of National Gallery, Taiwan), Dr Sook-Kyung Lee (Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific), Prof Su-Hsing Lin (Tainan National University of the Arts), Prof Shih-Ming Pai (National Taiwan Normal University), Prof An-Yi Pan (Cornell University), Dr Winny Teo (Courtauld Institute of Art), Prof Aida Yuen Wong (Brandeis University; CAA Reviews Editor-China), and Dr Chia-Ling Yang (University of Edinburgh).

To keep up to date, feel free to "Like" our Facebook page, "Spotlight Taiwan in Edinburgh," and visit

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"Blood, Sweat and Tears: Der gemarterte Körper in der chinesischen Performancekunst [The tortured body in Chinese performance art]"

Tania Becker (Freie Universität Berlin)
in the conference "Anstößige Bilder. Religion und Kunst in globalen Kulturen [Offensive Pictures. Religion and Art in Global Cultures]"
Muthesius Kunsthochschule
Kiel, Germany
12-14 June 2014

[from H-ARTHIST, 5/17/14]

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"Of Gaps, Seismographs and Islands. Contemporary Chinese Art between Directives and Strategies"

Martina Koeppel Yang (Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific)
School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London
13 June 2014

[from SOAS, 6/9/14]

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"How to Draw New Cultural Cartography?: 11th Sharjah Biennale and the Emerging Artists from the Global South"

Yuko Hasegawa (Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific)
Tate Britain
London, UK
19 June 2014

[courtesy of V. Bartlett, 5/19/14]

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European Architectural History Network

Third International Meeting
Turin, Italy
19-21 June 2014

[from EAHN, 6/1/14; panels /papers relating to East Asia listed below]

European Architecture and the Tropics
- Christopher Cowell (Columbia University), "Tectonics of Paranoia: The Tropical Matshed System Within the First Fabrication of Hong Kong"

Missing Histories: Artistic Dislocations of Architecture in Socialist Regimes
- Yan Geng (University of Connecticut), "Commemoration, Appropriation, and Resistance: A Shifting Discourse on Political Architecture in Socialist China"

Layers of Meanings: Narratives and Imageries of Architecture
- Ying Wang (KU Leuven) and Kai Wang (Tongji University), "Content, Form and Class Nature of Architecture in 1950s-China"

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3. Forum Ostasiatische Kunstgeschichte [Third forum on East Asian art history]

University of Heidelberg
20-21 June 2014

[from H-ARTHIST, 5/30/14]

Sarah Fraser (University of Heidelberg), Melanie Trede (University of Heidelberg), Begrüßung [Welcome]

PANEL I: Raum-Konzepte [Concepts of space]
- Martha Geiger, "Building a Bridge between Buddhist Caves Temples in Korea and India"
- Stefanie Schmidt, "The Representation of the Sea in Chinese Art: The Wave-Screen"
- Polina Lukicheva, "Die theoretischen Grundlagen der Bildraumgestaltung in der chinesischen Gelehrtenmalerei des 17. Jahrhunderts [The theoretical foundations of spatial design in 17th-c. Chinese literati painting]"
- Katharina I-Bon Su, "Traditionelle koreanische Gartenkultur am Beispiel des Gartens um Seyeonjeong von Gosan Yun Seondo auf der Insel Bogildo in Südkorea [Traditional Korean garden culture using the example of the Seyeonjeong pavilion of Gosan Yun Seondo on Bogildo Island, South Korea]"
Moderation: Julia Orell (Univerisity of Zürich)

PANEL II: Artefakte im transkulturellen Kontext [Artefacts in transcultural contexts]
- Ruoming Wu, "An Interweavement of Models: The Origins of Kraak Porcelain Types"
- Liangming Wang: Pozzo's Legacy in China, "Giuseppe Castiglione and His Contributions to Sacred Spaces in Beijing"
- Ping-Heng Chen, "From Miraculous Painting to Photograph: Contextualizing Yasu Kohei's Studio Photography in La Antigua Guatemala, 1895–1915"
Moderation: Mio Wakita (University of Heidelberg)

Andrea Hacker (University of Heidelberg), "English Abstract Writing"

Panel III: Visuelle Kultur in China, 1400–1800 [Visual culture in China, 1400–1800]
- Hang Lin, "Carved as Written: Reinventing Calligraphy's Importance in Woodblock Printing in Late Ming China"
- Yao Ning, "Determining Fate in Chinese Art during the Ming and Early Qing Period (1400–1700)"
- Ching-Ling Wang, "European Landscape in Chinese Print: A Newly Discovered Type of Suzhou Prints"
Moderation: Annette Bügener (Chester Beatty Library)

Monica Juneja (University of Heidelberg), Begrüßung [Welcome]

PANEL IV: Übersetzungen von Konzepten und Kategorien [Translations of concepts and categories]
- Berenice Möller, "Nara ehon und utai'ehon [Nara illustrated books and utai'ehon]"
- Yanwu Wu, "East Encounters West in the Context of Astrology: The Origin of the Images of Chinese Horoscope Gods"
- Hans-Werner Klohe, "Transmission Lineages of the Masters of the Lamdre Meditational System and Their Visual Representation in Buddhist Art from Tibet and the Himalayan Regions"
- Lisa Bauer, "'Moderne Kunst' gleich 'xiandai yishu'? Zum Verständnis moderner und zeitgenössischer Kunst in Taiwan ausgehend von der Diskussion um das Taiwan-Bewusstsein der 90er Jahre [Is 'modern art' equal to 'xiandai yishu? Modern and contemporary art in Taiwan starting from Taiwan-consciousness in the 1990s]"
Moderation: Juliane Noth (Freie Universität Berlin)

Gastpanel [Guest panel]: Maoist Art in Europe
- Noemi de Haro García, "Art, Maoism, and Dissidence in Spain: the Case of La Familia Lavapiés"
- Jacopo Galimberti, "What is 'Mao-Dadaism'? A/traverso in 1970s Italy
- Victoria H. F. Scott, "Maoism and the Origins of Neoliberal Aesthetics"
Moderation: Sebastian Gehrig (University of Oxford)

Diskussion: Zukunft des Forums [The future of the Forum]
Moderation: Anna Grasskamp (University of Heidelberg), Sabine Schenk (University of Heidelberg)

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"Exchanging Photographs, Making Knowledge (1860-1970)"

De Montfort University
Leicester, UK
20-21 June 2014

[from PHRC, 6/18/14; panels/papers relating to East Asia listed below]

Session 3. Disseminating Innovation through the Photographic Club
- Jelena Stojkovic (independent researcher), "Amateur Artists: 'Prewar' Avant-Garde Photo Clubs in Japan "

Session 4. Transnational Exchanges
Chair: Ben Tree
- Tiffany Lee (Stanford University), " Friends and Foes: Chinese and Japanese Art Photography Societies in Shanghai, 1920s-1930s"
- Nicolette Bromberg (University of Washington), "Shadows of a Fleeting World: Seattle's Japanese Camera Club"

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Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast 2014 Conference

Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA
20-22 June 2014

[from ASPAC, 6/18/14; panels/papers relating to visual/material listed below]

Materializing Identity
- Yuxian Song (University of Alberta), "In Fashion, Out of Tradition: The Superfluous Life in Suzhou in the Late Ming Dynasty (1522-1644)"

Religion, Power, and Stillness
- Tae-seung Lim (Sungkyunkwan University), " Moving Meditation: An Aesthetic Interpretation of Nam June Paik's TV Buddha in East Asian Context"

Historical Mysteries
- Kailee Cross (Randolph-Macon College), "An Art Historical Analysis of the Tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi and His Terracotta Army"

Representing Women and Power throughout Chinese History
- Rebecca Doran (Reed College), "Cultural Power, Gender and the Artifacts of Tradition: A Case Study in Ownership and Legitimacy in the Tang"

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"Japan's Post Murakami Generation"

Art Basel | Salon
Basel, Switzerland
21 June 2014

[from Art Basel, 6/18/14]

Kohei Nawa (artist, Kyoto), and Fumito Urabe (artist, Nagoya), in conversation with Yuko Hasegawa (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo)

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Asian Studies Conference Japan 2014

Sophia University
Tokyo, Japan
21-22 June 2014

[from ASCJ, 5/20/14; papers/panels relating to visual/material culture listed below]

Reflections on the United Red Army Affair in Contemporary Japanese Culture
- Marc Yamada (Brigham Young University), "Representations of the United Red Army in Post-Aum Manga"

Individual Papers on Empire
- Kuo-An Ma (Chinese University of Hong Kong), "Photographing Colonial Taiwan: Photography and Visual Culture in the 1930s"

Individual Papers on Japanese History
- Tomoko Onabe (Osaka University), "Tracing Western Optics' Influence on Mid- to Late Edo Science and Culture"

Temporal Tensions: Painting and the Past in Medieval Japan
Organizer/Chair: Rachel Saunders (Harvard University)
- Aaron M. Rio (Columbia University), "Vestiges of the Golden Age of Kamakura: Rethinking Kantô suibokuga"
- Rachel Saunders, "Shifting in the Sands: The Image of Xuanzang in Medieval Japanese Painting"
- Sara L. Sumpter (University of Pittsburgh), "Life, Death, and Posthumous Reputations: The Shifting Perception of Sugawara no Michizane in Heian Period Japan"
Discussant: Phillip Bloom (Indiana University)

Individual Papers on Asian History
- Jiren Feng (University of Hawai'i, Hilo), "Indoctrinating Confucian Ideals in Architecture: The Government Construction Regulations from the Tang to the Ming"

Individual Papers on Modern Japanese Literature
- Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer (Heidelberg University), "The Buddhist Dimension of the Japanese Postwar Avant-Garde Calligraphy as a Factor of its Internationalization"

Manga Representations of the 3.11 Disasters: Internal and External Perspectives
Organizer: Tom Gill (Meiji Gakuin University)
Chair: Jaqueline Berndt (Kyoto Seika University)
- Olga Antononoka )Kyoto Seika University), "Communicating Emotions: The Possibilities and Limitations of Shôjo Manga in Representing 3.11"
- Karl Ian Cheng Chua (Ateneo de Manila University), "Dealing with the Past, Remembering for the Future: Localized Visual Narratives of 3.11"
- Ronald Stewart (Prefectural University of Hiroshima), "A Fukushima Newspaper Cartoonist Looks at 3.11"
- Tom Gill, "Anti-nuclear Agitprop Art after 3.11 as Seen from Fukushima"
Discussant: Jaqueline Berndt

Cross-Cultural Contact and Colonialism: Taiwan and Manchuria Under Japanese Control
- Hsiu-hui Sun & I-fen Chen (National Chengchi University), "Colonial Modernity, Beauty and Hygiene: A Comparative Analysis of Cosmetic and Sanitary Products Advertising in Taiwan Jih Jih Shin Pao and Sheng Jin Shih Pao"

Landscape as Object and Frame in Japanese Literary and Visual Culture
Organizer/Chair: Thomas O'Leary (Saddleback College)
- Molly Vallor (Kobe University), "Zen Dialogues in the Pure Land: Landscaping the Line of Musô Soseki at Saihôji"
- David Gundry (University of California, Davis), "Lake Biwa as a Site of Transition in the Fiction of Ihara Saikaku"
- Christina Spiker (University of California at Irvine), "An Itinerary of Hokkaido: Photo Postcards, Tourism, and Erasing the Indigenous Body"
- Thomas O'Leary, "Reclaiming Post-War Landscape in Japan: Tradition, Memory, and Nostalgia"
Discussant: Daniel C. O'Neill (University of California, Berkeley)

Individual Papers on Political and Cultural Issues in East Asia
- Sang-ho Ro (Ewha Women's University), "Encyclopedias in Inner Chamber: A Microcosm of Korean Women and Their Knowledge in Print in the 1910s and 20s"

Envisioning the Urban and Suburban in Modernizing Japan
- Jeffrey Newmark (University of Winnipeg), "Fushigi na meisho: The Role of the Mysterious in Late Tokugawa Maps and Gazetteers"

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"Collecting Chinese Art the 21st Century Way"

Sylvain Levy (DSL Collection) in conversation with Pamela Kember (Asia House) Asia House
London, UK
24 June 2014

[from Asia House, 6/22/14]

While increasing global attention on art from China is focused mainly on the extraordinary prices pieces command at auction, French collectors, Sylvain and Dominique Levy, founders of the DSL Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art, have instead enjoyed a personal discovery engaging in the study and promotion of their collection, ranging from sculpture, to paintings, to photography and video art.

Their approach to collecting is on the philosophy of acquisition and the utilisation of new technologies. Sylvain believes that the information revolution spearheaded by the real-time of the Internet and the iPad can be an interesting alternative space for art.

Sylvain Levy will discuss some of the challenges in building their collection, and will be sharing the details of a number of the works in their latest digital version, which presents 350 artworks from 200 contemporary artists from China.

Both Dominique and Sylvain are members of the International Committee of Tate Modern.

Sylvain Levy is a contemporary Chinese art collector and visiting professor at the Shanghai University in charge of the Art and Management Master. The DSL Collection, founded by Sylvain and Dominique Levy, is an art collection that embraces the discovery, study and promotion of the Chinese contemporary artistic and cultural production, be it paintings, sculpture, video art, installations or new media art. The key factors that differentiate the DSL Collection are its unique acquisition policy and its use of the latest technology. Through technology, the collection is able to achieve greater visibility, upon which to build a strong personality of its own. The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable identity for the collection within the international art world, which is truly distinctive and not tied to its founding members.

The DSL Collection recently won the The Art Newspaper China's Asia Prize in the "organisation of the year" category. Founded by the Art Newspaper China, and marking its first birthday, there were ten prizes awarded in three categories: projects, organisations and private patrons of the year. The winners were announced at a ceremony at the Asia Society in Hong Kong in May 2014.

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"Notions esthétiques: La perception sensible organisée [Aesthetic notions: Framing emotional perception]"

Colloque LangArts 2014
Paris, France
25-27 June 2014

[from LangArts, 6/25/14; papers relating to East Asian visual/material culture listed below]

Perception de l'art et cognition [Art perception and cognition]
- JIANG Dandan (Jiaotong University, Shanghai), "La capacité du 'sentir' et l’expérience du vide: dialogue transculturel autour de l’esthétique 'shanshui' [Sensitive capacity and the experience of the void: A transcultural dialogue regarding the aesthetic of shanshui]"

L'image comme vecteur d'emotion [The picture as vector of emotion]
Chair: Menene GRAS BALAGUER (Casa Asia)
- MAO Juan (Sichuan Normal University), "Yijing, the artistic conception of Chinese calligraphy"
- KWOK Yin Ning (University of Hong Kong), "Art Reception of Painting and Five Dimensions of Emotional Perception"

Renouvellements [Renewal]
Chair: Danielle ELISSEEFF (Chercheure émérite, EHESS-CECMC) - Polina LUKICHEVA (Université of Zürich), "Some issues on visual perception in the aesthetic discourse of the late Ming Dynasty (1570-1644)"
- Marie LAUREILLARD (Uuniversité Lumière Lyon 2; LangArts), "La perception sensible organisée selon le peintre et théoricien chinois Feng Zikai à l’époque républicaine [The organized sensitive perception according to Feng Zikai, Chinese painter and theoretician of the Republican Era of China"
- LI Shiyan (Aix Marseille université), "Une analyse des œuvres de Cai Guo-Qiang à travers quelques notions en usage chez les lettrés [An analysis of some Cai Guo-Qiang works through Chinese scholars’ notions"

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"Art out of Time: Challenging Periodization"

University of Oxford
26-27 June 2014

[from OIV, 6/26/14; papers relating to East Asia listed below]

Art Out Of Time
- Whitney Davis (University of California, Berkeley; University of York), "The First 'Date Painting': On Kawara at Altamira"

Workshop 3: Alternative Temporalities
Chair: Ros Holmes (University of Oxford)
How do non-western conceptions of time complicate and problematise classical periodisation and the modernist narratives which underpin them? This workshop invites researchers from a variety of disciplines to consider a range of art historical objects from diverse geographical perspectives. From non-linear understandings of time in Aboriginal culture to Zen (Chan) Buddhism's integration of time and space, it asks how much our understanding of time is culturally appropriated and how a wider consideration of these "alternative temporalities" can in turn reframe geographical and historical boundaries.
- Monia Abdallah (Université du Québec à Montréal), "'Le dur désir de dure': Temporalities of Contemporary Islamic Art"
- Jeff Hammond (Courtauld Institute of Art), "The Ise Shrine and Cyclical Time"
- Sarah Wall (University of Melbourne), "Remembering Forward, Binaries of Temporality: Contemporary Asian Art in Pre-Modern Contexts, Dina Bangdel (Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar)

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"Modern and Postmodern Arts: China and the World"

A Symposium of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai, China
27-29 June 2014

[from ASAP6, 6/26/14; panels/papers relating to art history listed below]

Regions of Avant-Garde Practice: Asia
- Barrett Watten, "Negative Globality in the Chinese Avant-Garde"

Neon Cities
- James Steintrager), "Inside and Underwater: Overcoming Photographic Modernism in Hong Kong"

Artworlds and Academies
- Yu-Chieh Li, "Huang Yongping’s Attack on Robert Rauschenberg: Appropriation, Language Games, and the Birth of 'Chinese Dada' in 1986"

- Venus Lau, "Between the Empire and Jianghu: Another Cultural Geography of Chinese Contemporary Art"

Circulation: Shaping the History of Contemporary Chinese Art
- Melissa Lee, "Migration and Citizenship in Art from the Pacific Rim"
- Francesca Tarocco, "Berlin Buddha: Transnational Circulation and Spectacular Images"

The Documentary Present
- Sara Blair, "Circuits of the Image: Chinese Photography in the World"

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"After Fukushima: The Question of Co-Existence in Contemporary Architectural Tendencies in Japan"

Tomoko Tamari
Cultural Typhoon 2014

International Christian University
Tokyo, Japan
28-29 June 2014

[from Cultural Typhoon, 6/28/14]

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"Mobility and Transformations: Economic and Cultural Exchange in Mongol Eurasia"

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
29 June -1 July 2014

[from HUJI, 6/29/14; papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

Poster Session: Mobility and Transformations
-Tom Sinclair (Cyprus University), "Movement on the Ayas-Tabriz Road from the mid-1250s to 1337 A.D.: Products, Coin and Metal, and the Growth of Cities"

Panel 6: Artistic Medias on the Move
Chair: Morris Rossabi (Columbia University)
Discussant: Sheila Blair (Boston College; Virginia Commonwealth University)
- Yuka Kadoi (University of Edinburgh), "Draping a Body, Magnifying a Space: Textiles as Political Legitimacy and Cultural Identity in Mongol West Asia"
- Eiran Shea (University of Pennsylvania), "Khitan and Uighur Sources of Yuan Court Dress"
- Jonathan Bloom (Boston College; Virginia Commonwealth University), "The Role of Paper in the Arts of the Mongols"
- Roxann Prazniak (University of Oregon), "Princess Sengge-Ragi’s Historic Gathering: Thoughts on Art and the Mongol Khanates"

Panel 7: The Mongol State in Central Asia in Comparative Perspective
- Sheila Blair, "The Mongol Muslim Mausoleum--in Iran, Central Asia and China"

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"The Mobile Spectator"

University of Nottingham
4-5 July 2014

[from H-ARTHIST, 5/26/14; papers relating to East Asia listed below]

- Jeffrey Moser (McGill University), "Compositional and Experiential Motion in the Qingming Handscroll"
- Rachel Saunders (Harvard University), "Temporal Kinetics: Movement and Stasis in the Viewing of Japanese Narrative Scrolls"

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