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"Asia in Motion: Heritage and Transformation"

Inaugural AAS-in-Asia Conference
National University of Singapore
17-19 July 2014

[from AAS-in-Asia, 7/16/14; panels/papers relating to material/visual culture listed below]

Heritage and Transformation in Asian Cities: The Role of the Public Park, 1887-2014
- Dana Arnold (Middlesex University), "Re-interpreting Heritage: Victoria Park, Tianjin 1887-2014"
- Tianjie Zhang (Tianjin University), "Commemorating the 1911 Revolution: The Transformations of Shouyi Park in Wuhan, China, 1923-2013"

East Asia’s Treaty Ports: Moving beyond the Bund
- Simon Bytheway (Nihon University), "Images of the 'Modern' West in Yokohama, 1859-1899"

Public, Community and Art in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
Chair: Hong Kal (York University)
Discussant: Hakhiy Shin (independent scholar)
- Wei Hsiu Tung (National University of Tainan), "Art for Cultural Awakening: A New Genre of Artist-in-Residence Schemes in the Taiwanese Public Sphere"
- Kwang Hyun Um (Sangmyung University), "Art Projects and the Civil Society Organization as a Subject of the New Publicity in Japan"
- Hong Kal (York University), "The Artist and the Community Art in Contemporary Korea"

Restoration, Recovery, and Reinvention: The Preservation and Transformation of China's Cultural Heritage
- Ningning Chen (National University of Singapore), "Culture, Capitalism, and Power: Ancestral Temples in Rural Wenzhou, Southeastern China"
- Clayton Brown (Utah State University), "Preserving China's Past: A Century of Sino-American Collaboration in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Preservation"

Heritage Activism for the Vernacular City
- Jeffrey Hou (University of Washington), "Redefining Heritage Activism in Taipei: From Historic Preservation to the Right to the City"
- Hilary Louise du Cros (National University of Singapore), "Heritage Activism and Hong Kong’s Disappearing Urban Heritage"
- Mee Kam Ng (Chinese University of Hong Kong), "Whose City? Whose Heritage? The Story of the Blue House in Hong Kong"

Excavated Texts and Early Chinese Empires
- Byung-Joon Kim (Seoul National University), "Foreign Trades and Tributes in the Han Empire"
- Yi Ma (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), "Writing Practices in the Era of Bamboo and Wooden Slips: A Study Based on Visual Evidence from the Excavated Manuscripts"

Fashion in Motion: Beyond "East Meets West"
Chair: Christine Tsui (University of Hong Kong)
Discussant: Hazel Clark (Parsons the New School for Design)
- Alessandro Esculapio (Parsons the New School for Design), "Wabi-sabi in Sustainable Fashion Practices"
- Lucy Norris (University College London), "Re-circulations: Refashioning Value in the Global Second-hand Clothing Trade"
- Xuefei Sun (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology), "The Oriental Beauty: A Case Study of the Chinese Models on the International Runway Shows"

Spaces for Creation, Power, and Indulgence: Gardens of East Asia and Their Representations
Chair & Discussant: Sunglim Kim (Dartmouth College)
- Mizuki Uematsu (Museum of Yamato Bunkakan), "Closed Space: Paintings of 'Small' Gardens from Suzhou, Ming Dynasty"
- Jiyeon Kim (University of Ulsan), "Pleasure Garden of a Scholar in Despair: Yun Seondo (1587-1671)'s Mountain Garden on Bogil Island"
- Youen-hee Kho (Sungkyunkwan University), "Tasteful Desire: Collecting and Representing Garden Rocks among the Late Joseon Elite"
- Kuo-Sheng Lai (National Palace Museum, Taipei), "Colonial Throne Constructed and Modern Paradise Realized: Gardens of the Taiwan Governor-General's Residence"

UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage: An Asian Touch?
- Noriko Aikawa-Faure (Agency for Cultural Affairs), "The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage: Roles Played by Japan, Korea and China for 'Asian Turn' in its Implementation"
- Alice Doublier (Paris West University, Nanterre La Défense), "Protecting and Transmitting the Invisible: 'Living National Treasure' (Ningen Kokuho) in Contemporary Japanese Ceramics"

Perceiving Medieval China through its Architectural Heritage: Context and Subtext
Chair: Tracy Miller (Vanderbilt University)
Discussants: Tracy Miller & Aurelia Campbell (Smith College)
- Sijie Ren (University of Pennsylvania), " The Appropriation of Architectural Forms and Symbolisms in a Poly-religious Age"
- Xu Zhu (University of Hong Kong), "Ritual Accommodation: Buddhist Temples in 11th Century China"
- Jing Wen (University of Tokyo), "A Study of the Principles of Design in Liao, Song, and Jin Architecture through their Arrangement of Bracket Sets"
- Yu Zhang (Southwest Jiaotong University), "Musical Harmony that Shaped Building Standards: An Analysis of the Text and Context of the Song Dynasty Yingzao Fashi"

Megascale Architecture and Asian Urbanism: A Historical Review
- Seng Kuan (Washington University in St. Louis), "Avant-Garde Architecture and the Environment in Postwar Japan"
- Carmen C. M. Tsui (City University of Hong Kong), "Homes for 80,000 Tenants: The First Gigantic Planned Community in Hong Kong"
- Zheng Tan (University of California, Los Angeles), "Towards an Entry City: Luo Hu Checkpoint Complex, 1980 to the Present"

Heritage and Transformations: Theme Parks in Asia
- Cora Un In Wong (Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau), "Wondering at the Buddha-land of Hong Kong: An Investigation of the Relativism of Theme Park Culture in Asia"
- Jin Ge (Wageningen University), "Culture, Leisure and Experiences at China's Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden"

Textiles, Apparel, and Technical Knowledge in Taiwan and the PRC, 1950-1970s
Chair: Antonia Finnane (University of Melbourne)
- Chien Ming Yu (Academia Sinica), "Instilling Knowledge about Dressmaking in Taiwan, 1950-1970: Insights from Journals of the Era"
- Antonia Finnane, "Patterns of Modernity as Seen in Chinese Sewing Manuals, 1950-1970s"
- Peidong Sun (Fudan University), "The Production and Consumption of Dacron in Guangdong in the 1960s-1970s"

The Vernacular City as Living Heritage
- Motohiro Koizumi (Tottori University), "Significance and Issues of 'Site-Specific' Art Projects in Japan"

Religion Rising: The High-rise Building as a Site for Religious/Spiritual Encounter
- Bo Li (University of Alberta, "The Invitation from the Sacred: Fo Guang Shan's Construction of Modern Buddhist Space"
- Sin Wen Lau (SIM University), "Shifting the House of the Lord into Being: Structuring Mobility and Making Place in Shanghai"

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European Association for Chinese Studies

University of Minho, Braga
University of Coimbra
23-26 July 2014

[from EACS, 7/21/14; panels/papers relating to material/visual culture listed below]

Art and Archaeology, Session 1
Chair: Jekaterina Koort (Tallinn University, Estonia)
Liu Yan (University of Oxford), "Illuminating Early Han Society, New Archaeological"
- Hang Lin (University of Hamburg), "Funerals and Tombs of the 'Barbarians': Burial Customs of the Jurchen in the Jin (1115-1234)"
- Sabrina Rastelli (Ca' Foscari University), "Acknowledging ceramic manufacture of the Jin dynasty (1126-1234)"

Culture, Session 1
Chair: Chu Hsien (Tunghai University)
- Shi Ye (Shanghai Normal University), "Robert van Gulik's Works on Ancient Chinese Sexual Life: A Material Culture Perspective"
- Gu Liyuan, "The Story of the Han Family – Chinese Rockwork after the Imperial Era"

Philosophy and Religion, Session 1
- Chung Pi-fen, "Astral Knowledge and Glocalizaion: Esoteric Buddhist and Daoist Elements in Astral Paintings of Tangut"

Two of a kind – Taxonomies and Conceptual Categories in Early China (exploring pre-imperial and early imperial conceptual categories and systems of classification in China)
- Victoria Bogushevskaya (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), "On oxen and horses: semantic shifts in early Chinese colour lexicon"
- Maria Khayutina (Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich), "Bronze ritual vessels' classification as a sample of an early Chinese taxonomic system"

A New perspective on China studies in Italy and the need of an interdisciplinary approach
- Ying-kit Chan (Princeton University), "Pets in Late Qing China: Material Culture and Consumption in Shanghai"

Art and Archaeology, Session 2
Chair: Polina Lukicheva (University of Zurich)
- Jekaterina Koort, "Landscape Image as an Indicator of Cultural Change: Chinese Neo-Confucian Example"
- Marina Kuznetsova-Fetisova (Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow), "Ceramics in settlements and tombs of the Great City Shang near Anyang (second half of the II mill.BC)"
- Enio de Souza (Macao Scientific and Cultural Centre-Museum, Lisbon), "Chinese organology in Portugal"
- Ondrej Skrabal (Peking University), "The Guci Reconsidered: its Composite Nature and Some Remarks on Authorship in Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions"
- Polina Lukicheva, "Compositional methods in China's 17th century painting theory"

History, Session 2
- Nathan Woolley (Australian National University), "Temples and empire under the early Northern Song"

Philosophy and Religion, Session 2
- Ann Heirman and Mathieu Tork (Ghent University), "Washing and dyeing the robes, an identity marker in Buddhist monasteries of Ancient India and China"

The imagination of Space and identity construction in Chinese Literature: Modern and Pre-modern
- Wang Meihsiu (National Taiwan Normal University), "Watching Diaspora: On the Imagination of Space and Identity Construction in Wang Shizhen's poem of Wenji gui Han painting"

Art and Archaeology, Session 3
Chair: Sabrina Rastelli
- Sofia Bollo (University of Zurich), "Chinese Civilization on display: A comparative study on representations of ancient China in museums' narratives"
- Paula Monteiro, Madalena Serro, Ana Claro, Cristina Dias, António Candeias (Laboratório José de Figueiredo - Direcção Geral do Património Cultural, Lisbon), "Medieval Lampas from Central Asia Found in Archbishop Braga's Tomb"
- Wang Yizhou (Christie's Education; University of Glasgow), "The Transformation of the Erotic Novel Jin Ping Mei: From Text to Woodcut, From Woodcut to Colourful Paintings"
- Isabel Horta Lampreia (independent scholar), "'Collecting Macao': The Geographical Society of Lisbon and its collection of Chinese objects"
- Wang Gerui (University of Michigan), "Evoking public awareness for Song dynasty poverty relief through art and literature"

Literati Painting
- Cheng Wen-Hui (National ChengChi University), "Visual Politics: The Cultural Narrative of the Last Royal Family Member (Pu Xin-Yu)"

Art and Archaeology, Session 4
Chair: Jekaterina Koort
- Nixi Cura (Christie's Education; University of Glasgow), "Meanings of 'Ink' in Contemporary Chinese Art"
- Susana Sanz Giménez (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing), "Tradition Overdue: the Role of Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Art"
- Polina Komarovskaya, "Chinese Peasant Painting (nongminhua)"
- He Jinli (Trinity University), "The Aesthetics of Contemporary Chinese Art: A Case Study of Song Dong"
- Adriana Iezzi (Sapienza University of Rome), "What is "Chinese Modern Calligraphy”? An exploration of the critical debate on modern calligraphy in contemporary China"

Cinema, Media and Performing Arts, Session 4
- Wu I-Wei (University of Heidelberg), "Nation Embodied, Asymmetry Embodied: Chinese Caricatures at the turn of the 20th century"

Culture, Session 4
- Chu I-Hsien (Tunghai University), "The transformation of roles and aesthetics of the Chinese garden after the twentieth century: as appears in contemporary Chinese fiction and artwork"

Philosophy and Religion, Session 3
- James Garrison (University of Vienna), "The Aesthetic Life of Power"

The Image of the others in Imperial China (cross cultural contacts, historical and literary issues involving cultures and languages of China and the west), pt 1
- Han Qi (Chinese Academy of Sciences), "The Cartographic Survey during the Kangxi Reign and Its Social Context"
- Noël Golvers (Catholic University, Leuven), "Mapping the Western Culture in Imperial China: the pre-1776 Jesuit libraries and residences in Peking and their representative function"
- Paolo De Troia (Sapienza University of Rome), "The image of western science in China: Ludovico Buglio and the introduction of western zoology"

Sociology and Anthropology, Session 4
- Pedith Chan (City University of Hong Kong), "Visualising Scenic China: Transportation, Tourism and Picturesque Landscape"

Gender Studies, Session 1
- Monica Merlin (Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific), "The Bald Girls, Feminism & Art in Mainland China"
- Jeremy E. Taylor (University of Nottingham): "'New women' for a New Asia: The visual representation of Chinese women in collaborationist propaganda, 1937-1945"

Gender Studies, Session 2
- Kuang Vivian Sheng (University of York), "Yin Xiuzhen's 'Home-making' in the World: Constituting the ‘Fabric' of Life"

Trade and Mobility
- Maria João Ferreira (New University of Lisbon), "Repercussions of Sino-portuguese relationship: The exquisite taste for Chinese textiles in Portuguese interior houses (16th-18th centuries)"

An interdisciplinary approach: History, Diplomacy, Conflict and Cooperation
- Dolors Folch (universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona Spain), "Objects in context: a comparative approach of two failed embassies to the emperor of China in the 1580s"

New Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Republican Journals
- Tianshuang Liang (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), "Elegant Gathering: Art, Networks and Societies in 1910s China"

Cultural Resonances of luxury, lust and fashion in China
- Chair: Jorge Santos Alves (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)
Discussant: Isabel Capeloa Gil (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)
- Tânia Ganito (University of Lisbon), "Handmade Memories, Creative Spiritualities: Resonance and Wonder in Chinese Contemporary Fashion Design"
- Beatriz Hernandez (Universidade Católica Portuguesa), "From Calendar Posters to Grand Balls and Jazz Cabarets: Notes on Beauty, Luxury and Merchandises in 1930’s Shanghai
- Elisabetta Colla (University of Lisbon; Universidade Católica Portuguesa), "On tiptoes: tintillating shoes, fetishism and fashion in imperial China"

Jesuit Studies in Today's Macau
- César Guillen-Nuñez (Macao Ricci Institute), "Rising From the Ashes: The Architecture of the New Society of Jesus in China and Macao"

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"The Business of War Photography"

Durham University
Durham Light Infantry Museum
Durham Art Gallery
31 July - 1 August 2014

[from H-Arthist, 7/7/14; papers relating to East Asia listed below]

- Yining He (writer; curator of Go East Project), "Insights into Chinese War Photography: Studying Pictorial Magazines of the Chinese Communist Party"
- Patricia A. Nelson (European Institute of Japanese Studies; Stockholm School of Economics), "The Impact of War on Photographic Companies in Japan and Germany"

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"Modern China in Global Contexts, 1600-Present"

Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan
11-13 August 2014

[from Academia Sinica, 7/7/14; papers relating to material/visual culture listed below]

Session 12: [New media, new platforms and new cultural practices in the field of China-Japan exchanges]
- Zhan Xiao-mei (Tokyo Institute of Technology), "[The Sino-Japanese joint painting exhibitions and modernizing developments in painting in Beijing]"

Session 16: [Vulgar yet holy? Transformation of Shanghai urban sapce at the end of the Qing and beginning of the Republican period]
- Wu Cheng-che (National Taiwan Normal University), "Looking at the features and transformation of Shanghai religious space in Shanghai zongjiao tonglan [An overview of religion in Shanghai]"
- Paul R. Katz (Academia Sinica), "The Spatial Impact of Temple Destruction Campaigns in Modern Chinese Cities"

Session 23: [Knowledge, body and the state]
- Pedith Chan (City University of Hong Kong), "The Representation of China's Natural Heritage" Nationalism, Tourism and Picturesque Landscape"

Session 25: [Communist Party education and culture]
- Vivian Li (University of Michigan), "Maoist Art Production and Third-World Visual Culture"

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"Art, Nature, & Poetry: An Artistic Journey with Wei Jia"

Museum of Chinese in America
New York, NY
14 August 2014

[from MOCA, 8/13/14]

For painter Wei Jia, the label "contemporary Chinese painter" is an oversimplification of his identity as a transnational, multimedia artist. Expressionistic abstraction and traditional Chinese calligraphy burst in spontaneous flourishes throughout his paintings, creating a multi-layered sense of lineage that liberates his work from the limits of tradition. In conjunction with MOCA's latest exhibition, Oil & Water: Reinterpreting Ink [24 April - 14 September 2014], this MOCATALKS features a gallery tour and talk led by artist Wei Jia, who will reflect on his artistic vision, the elements of his work–from paper to calligraphy–and his techniques–repeated cycles of tearing, mounting and painting using handmade paper, gouache, and ink on canvas.

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"Zheng He's Maritime Voyages (1405-1433) and China's Relations with the Indian Ocean"

World from Antiquity conference
University of Victoria
22-24 August 2014

[from Zheng He conference, 8/24/14; panels/papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

Panel 1A
- Sally Church (Cambridge University) and CHANG Na (Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies), "Zheng He's Treasure Ships: Replica and Reality"

Panel 2B
- SHI Ping (Shanghai Marine University), [Textual Research on the Beginning of the Ming Factory in Melaka)"

Panel 5A
- Hannah-Louise Parsons (University of London), "The Use of Chinese Ceramics as an Architectural Feature on the Swahili Coast and Wider Indian Ocean Region"
- Marilee Wood (University of the Witwatersand) and Laure Dussubieux (Field Museum), "Glittering Gifts: Glass Beads as Evidence of the Zheng He Fleet's Visits to East Africa"

Panel 6A
- Charlotte Harris Rees (independent scholar, Virginia, USA), "Zheng He’s Inheritance: Ancient Chinese Maps and Maritime Travel"

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"Un-thinking Asian Migrations: Spaces of Flows and Intersections"

University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand
25-26 August 2014

[from Otago, 8/24/14; panels/papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

Session 3: The Colonial Question for Travelling Asians: Colonialism, Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism
- Yiyan Wang (Victoria University of Wellington), "Art and Chinese Modernity in Connection with Lyon, France, 1920-1936"

Session 7: Local Encounters, Global Connections: Trade, Labour and Translation between Australia, China and the Pacific in the 19th Century
- Nadia Rhook (La Trobe University), "Urban Translations: Chinese Carpenters and the Chief Chinese Interpreter in Late Colonial Victoria"

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European Association of Japanese Studies

University of Ljubljana
27-30 August 2014

[from EAJS, 8/24/14; panels/papers relating to visual/material culture listed below]

Negotiating Disaster: "Fukushima" and the Arts (part 1)
-IWAKI Kyoko (University of London), "The Aesthetic Force of Here-and-There in Cyberspace after 3.11"
- Pablo FIGUEROA (Waseda University), "Everything's Changed, Nothing's Different: Subversion and Nostalgia in Artistic Photography of the Fukushima Disaster"

- IMAIZUMI Yoshiko (Meiji Shrine Research Institute), "The Space of the Meiji Shrine and Practice of Dwelling: To the 1923 Earthquake and Beyond"

Relocated Architecture and Shifting Urban Landscapes
Chair: YOKOTE Yoshihiro (Tokyo Denki University)
- Silvana DE MAIO ("L’Orientale" University of Naples), "The Ichiku of Tea Rooms"
- YOKOTE Yoshihiro, "The Ichiku of the Nippon Kangyô Bank Building"
- UGO Mizuko (Gakushuin Women’s College), "Ichiku as a Tool to Improve Quality of Life"

Nanban Art
Chair: Ewa MACHOTKA (Leiden University)
- Keynote: Timon SCREECH (SOAS, University of London), "The Hidden History of Exchanges in People and Things: Japan and Europe, c. 1600"
- KAWAMURA Yayoi (University of Oviedo), "Namban Lacquer Preserved in Spain: Revealing the Spanish Route and its Influence on the Mexican Art in the 17th and 18th century"
- Ines MATOS (University of Coimbra), "Why do You Expect a Namban-jin in the Wrapping Paper of Your Kasutera?"

Edo Arts
- Radu LECA (SOAS, University of London), "Looking Back at Beauty"
- Ewa MACHOTKA, "The Bazaar of Cultures vs. Galapagos Syndrome? Eighteenth Century bijin-ga in Transcultural Perspective"
- Donatella FAILLA (Chiossone Museum): "A Virtual Escape from the 'Closed Country' Through Painting: Shiba Kôkan's Seiyô Mitate Mimeguri Fûkei Zu"

Modern Arts
- Wibke SCHRAPE (Free University of Berlin), "From Copybooks to Catalogues: Images as Mediators of Identity in the Formation of the Rinpa Genealogy"
- Yu YANG (Columbia University), "Transcending Boundaries: Kamisaka Sekka's Later Works"

Japanese Buddhist Art in European Collections (Part I)
Chair: Josef KYBURZ (Centre de recherches sur les civilisations de l'Asie orientale)
- Josef KYBURZ, "Presentation of the Research Project 'Japanese Buddhist Art in European Collections'"
- Johannes WIENINGER (Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst), "Buddhist Objects in the MAK's Heinrich von Siebold Collection"
- Jérôme DUCOR (Musée d'ethnographie de Genève), "Buddhist Japonisme"

Japanese Buddhist Art in European Collections (Part II)
Chair: Josef KYBURZ
- ÔTSUKA Norihiro (Hôsei University), "Analysis of Japanese Buddhist paintings in Europe Based on Textual Data"
- TAKAHASHI Yusuke (Kanazawa Bunko Museum), "Formation and Development of the Image of Aizen-myôô and Examples in European Museums"
- Irene M. TOMOE STEINECK (Ostasiatisches Seminar, Switzerland), "Database Projects and Their Impacts on Art Collections"

Construction of Art History Chair: Ewa MACHOTKA
- Julia SAPIN (Western Washington University), "Reasserting the Local: The Art Journal Kokka and Self-Representation in Japan in the Late Nineteenth Century"
- TACHIKI Satoko (Tamagawa University), "Legacy of Kakuzo Okakura After the Great Japan Earthquake"

Japan's Art in Global Perspective
- Rosina BUCKLAND (National Museum of Scotland), "Who Owns Japanese Art?"
- Louise BOYD (University of Glasgow), "The Universality of Sex and Art: A Discussion of Recent Shunga Exhibitions"
- Laili DOR (INALCO), "Going Global: Can Japanese Calligraphy Make It on the International Scene?"

Transcultural Manga: Representation, Imagination, and Mediation
Chair: Jaqueline BERNDT (Kyoto Seika University)
- Rebecca SUTER (University of Sydney), "From Exotic Demon to Queer Savior: The Manga Transformations of Amakusa Shirô"
- MIYAKE Toshio (Venice University), "Towards Mangaesque Convergence: Nation Anthropomorphism, Cross-gendered Parody, and Sexualized History in Axis Powers Hetalia"
- Jaqueline BERNDT, "Manga Style: How 'Form' Travels"

- HASHIMOTO Miyuki (University of Vienna), "Moe and the Development of the Visual Expression of the Otaku Culture"
- Matteo FABBRETTI (Cardiff University), "Manga Scanlation and the Comics Polysystem"

- Aurore MONTOYA (University of the West of England): Photographic Traditions from Japan and Abroad: A Case Study of Five Japanese School Albums from 1942 to 2010"
- Jasmina GAVRANKAPETANOVIC-REDZIC (Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo), "Peace Education and Visual Arts: Futur Antérieur of Okinawan Memories"
- Blai GUARNÉ (Autonomous University of Barcelona) & María Teresa RODRÍGUEZ-NAVARRO (Autonomous University of Barcelona), "From Art to Politics: 'Tradition', 'Authenticity' and 'Heritage' in a Sister Road Agreement"

Individual Papers
- Klara HRVATIN (University of Ljubljana), "Sôgetsu Art Movement and the Japanese Avant-garde: A 'Lonely Island' in Takemitsu's Oeuvre"

Rubbish! The Underworlds of Everyday Life
- Katarzyna J. CWIERTKA (Leiden University), "Wrapping Japan in the Post-Bubble Era"

Picture Postcards as Important Media for the Study of Japan I: Imagi(ni)ng History
Chair: Sepp LINHART (University of Vienna)
- Sybil A. THORNTON (Arizona State University), "The Visualization of Japanese History: The Life of the Meiji Emperor in Postcards"
- Mijeoung PARK (International Research Centre for Japanese Studies), "Representations of Colonial Korea: Producing Colonial Knowledge with Audiovisual Materials as 'Texts'"
- Susanne FORMANEK (University of Vienna), "Itô Chûta's Picture Postcards Series on WWI: A Caricature Diary of a Modern War in Traditional Iconography"
- Chikako SHIGEMORI BUCAR (University of Ljubljana), "Collections of Picture Postcards in Slovenia"

Picture Postcards as Important Media for the Study of Japan II: Imagi(ni)ng Modernity
Chair: Susanne FORMANEK
- Shigeru OIKAWA (Japan's Women University), "The Postcards by Georges Bigot"
- Yulia MIKHAILOVA (Hiroshima City University), "Representation of 'Modern Women' in Japanese Postcards of the Interwar Period"
- Sepp LINHART, "Saikun Tenka Postcards: Modern Women's Emancipation or Traditional Women's Rule in Japan's 1920s."
- Beate LÖFFLER (University of Duisburg-Essen), "Imag(in)ed Modernity: Tokyo (1880-1970)"

Individual Papers
- Rei HASEGAWA (Gakushuin University), "Picture Postcards as a Media in Modern Japan: Focus on the Earthquake Disaster News and the Postcard of Imperial House"

Ancient Japan
- Petra BLAJ HRIBAR (University of Tsukuba), "Female Chieftains of the Kofun Period: Case Study on Skeletal Remains and Grave Goods from Ibaraki Prefecture Stone Coffins"

Japanese Diplomacy with China during the 15-16th Century: Some Aspects of Research on Japanese Travel Diaries to China
- OLAH Csaba (International Christian University), "Japanese Trade with Chinese in Ningbo: Letters from the Japanese Embassy to Xiao Yiguan in 1539"

Gentle Politics: The Ideology of Rewards, Gifts and Relief in Early Modern Japan
- Luke S. ROBERTS (University of California at Santa Barbara), " The Theater of Processions in the Daimyo Domain of Tosa"
- Niels VAN STEENPAAL (Kyoto University), "Parades, Presents and Paperwork: The Ambiguous Rewards of Filial Virtue"

Grouped Panel
- Ju-Ling LEE (Université de Lyon, France): The Use of Images in Constructing Taiwanese Aborigines' Identity Through the Representation of Body Under Japanese Colonial Rule (1895-1945): From Illustration to Photography"

Photography in Twentieth Century Japan: Imaging Self and Other Convenor: Andrea GERMER (Kyûshû University)
- Paul D. BARCLAY (Lafayette College), "Playing the Race Card in Japanese Governed Taiwan: Anthropometric Photographs as 'Shape-Shifting Jokers'"
- Andrea GERMER, "Russian Constructivism in the Service of the 'Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere': Photography in the Propaganda Magazine FRONT"
- Austin C. PARKS (Northwestern University):, "Everyone's a Hero: The Politics and Aesthetics of Japanese Photographs from North Vietnam"

Altered States: Disasters and Environmental Change in Japan
- M. William STEELE (International Christian University), "Postcards From Hell: Glimpses of the Great Kantô Earthquake"

Grouped Panel
- Peter SIEGENTHALER (Texas State University), "Is There a Japanese Way of Preserving Cultural Heritage?"

Grouped Panel
- Brigitte PICKL-KOLACZIA (University of Vienna), "Symbolic Rearmament Against the Outside Threat: The Restoration of Imperial Mausolea during the Bakumatsu Era"

The Sensorial Construction of the Body in Medieval Religion: Voice, Taste, Form, Performance
- Lucia DOLCE (SOAS, University of London), "Seeing the Body: Colour and Form in Tantric Visualization Practices"

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Pull Left events

Urban Arts Space
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
26 July - 6 September 2014

[from UAS, 8/24/14]

29 August
Tang Xin (Head of Art Collection, Taikang Life Insurance Company, Ltd.), "The New Chinese Art Market: Art Funds, Auction Houses, and the Promotion of New Art"

30 August
Artist talk and family workshop with Liu Xinyi

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"Adjusting Temporality in Art History: Contemporaneity, Globalism, and Identity in Contemporary Taiwanese Art"

Chu-Chiun Wei (City University of New York)
in the conference
"What Is the Contemporary?"
University of St Andrews
1-3 September 2014

[from "What Is the Contemporary?", 8/26/14]

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"Consuming Mao’s China: British Visitors and Their Objects"

Emily Williams (Birkbeck College, University of London; China Poster Collection, University of Westminster)
in the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) Annual Conference
Newcastle University
3-5 September, 2014

[from BACS, 8/26/14]

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"New Directions: Examining the Past, Creating the Future"

Textile Society of America 14th Biennial Symposium
Los Angeles, CA
10-14 September 2014

[from TSA, 8/26/14; papers/panels relating to East Asia listed below]

Pre-symposium Workshop: Early Chinese Textile Analysis Featuring Selections from the Lloyd Cotsen Textiles Traces Collection, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Workshop Leader: Feng Zhao (China National Silk Museum) assisted by Elena Phipps (Textile Society of America)

2D. Alternative Plant Fibers: Preservation, Development, Sustainability
- Yuko Fukatsu (Tama Art University) & Ryoko Murai (Ohoigawa Kuzufu Studio), "Traditional Textile Design for Social Innovation Toward Sustainability in Japan"
- Tatsuhiko Murai (Ohoigawa Kuzufu Studio), "Changing of Kudzu Textiles in Japanese Culture"

5E. Histories of Textile Arts—and How to Teach Them
- Feng Zhao, "Teaching Silk History in China"

6B. Textiles in China: Identity, Literacy and Communication
Chair: Lee Talbot (Textile Museum)
- Mei Rado (Bard Graduate Center), "Imitation and Invention: Weaving 'European-Style' Silks under Qing Imperial Patronage"
- Rachel Silberstein (University of Oxford), "Words and Symbols: A Preliminary Study of Literate Communication in Chinese Embroidery"
- Gloria Gonick (independent scholar, Los Angeles), "Innovation and Preservation of Manichaean Textiles in Southern Coastal China in the Seventeenth to Twentieth Centuries"
- I-Fen Huang (Brown University), "Embroidering for the Nation: Embroidered Portraits and the Invention of an Artistic Tradition in Modern China"

7B. New Studies: South and Southeast Asia
- Serena Lee (Textile Odyssey), "Redefining Borders and Identity: Ethnic Dress of the Lolo/Yi Groups Across the Vietnam-China Border"

7D. Facing Challenges: Global Development
- Toshiyuki Sano and Yuka Matsumoto (University of the Ryukyus), "Changes in the Way of Traditional Cloth Makings and the Weaver’s Contribution in the Ryukyus"

8B. Changing Perspectives on the Ancient Old World
- Mariachiara Gasparini (University of Heidelberg), "A Fragmented Treasure on Display. The Turfan Textile Collection and the Humboldt Forum"
- Zvezdana Dode (Stavropol State University), "New Finds of Clothing: Mongolian Nomads in the South of Russia"

8D. Panel Discussion: Contemporary Textile & Fiber Art Exhibitions: TSA Juried Exhibition and Hangzhou Triennial
- Shi Hui and Li Xi, "Fiber Vision": Hangzhou International Triennial of Fiber Art"

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