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Giovanni Agostino da Lodi

Giovanni Agostino da Lodi's painting of 
Madonna and Child, circa 1520

Giovanni Agostino da Lodi (Pseudo-Boccaccino)
Madonna and Child, c. 1520
52.1 x 38.1 cm, oil on panel
Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN
Samuel H. Kress Collection

A small panel of a Madonna and Child by the Lombard artist Giovanni Agostino da Lodi in the collection of Vanderbilt University still retained its nineteenth-century restoration. The removal of tinted varnishes and old repaints transformed its appearance, revealing a brilliant palette of precious pigments.

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Treatment images

Painting before treatment

Before treatment

Painting during cleaning

During cleaning

The painting in it's cleaned state

Cleaned state

The painting after treatment

After treatment

Detail during cleaning

Detail during cleaning

Deatil during cleaning

Detail during cleaning