IFA Student Opportunities


IFA students are offered paid research opportunities in relation to various initiatives such as the Annual Decorative Arts Prize, the centenary of the Duke House and the Mellon Research Initiative. For more information on upcoming opportunities, please contact Betty Tsang in the Academic Office.

Great Hall Exhibitions Series

The Great Hall Exhibitions present two exhibitions per year showcasing prominent contemporary artists. These exhibitions are organized by IFA students under the supervision of Professor Robert Slifkin. More information.

Student Run Lecture Series

The Graduate Student Association manages a few of the IFA's annual lecture series, including the Artists at the Institute Series, the Daniel H. Silberberg Lectures and the IFA-Frick Symposium. More information.

IFA Contemporary

IFA Contemporary is a student-run contemporary art journal with contributions from IFA students and alumni of reviews, articles, and essays. Get involved!

On Campus Employment

PhD students are encouraged to apply for teaching assistant positions and adjunct instructors at the Department of Art History at NYU. Employment positions are available at the IFA in the Digital Media Services department, the Library, and the Development office. Positions will be advertised on the IFAGSA list servOpen link in new window. Further employment opportunities are available at the NYU Wasserman CenterOpen link in new window.


As part of their graduate-level research, IFA students travel to study works of art and monuments first-hand, and to research in archives and libraries internationally.  Occasionally, IFA courses are conducted abroad, in whole or in part.  A recent example is Professor Marvin Trachtenberg’s summer course, “Reading Florence and Tuscan Architecture and Urbanism." Please click here for more about global opportunities, including IFA study trips and the Summer Dissertation Writing Program.