Monuments of Selinunte


Located in the southern sector of the Main Urban Sanctuary, the so-called Megaron, or Temple R, is situated south of Temple C and with the same eastern orientation. Constructed in the first quarter of the sixth century BCE, this nonperipteral building has a deep pronaos and cella, similar to the roughly contemporary Temple S, as well as a third room with a separate southern entrance. Two posts in the pronaos, and perhaps a third in the cella, aligned on the central axis, supported the roof of the building.

The first nonperipteral temples constructed entirely in stone mark the beginning of monumental architecture in Selinunte. The structure of the so-called Megaron underwent several changes during its use. The original building was divided into two rooms: the pronaos, which had a large entrance door, and a smaller cella. The third room must have been added in a later renovation, as is evident from its structure in relation to the cella and pronaos. The number of original interior supports and the building's original elevation are difficult to determine. As the temple lies today, the bottom course of stones of the wall is in situ as well as some collapsed upper courses.