IFA Excavations at Selinunte


Temple D stands as one of the two Doric peripteral temples within the Main Urban Sanctuary of Selinunte. It is on axis with the city's urban plan and stands northwest of the larger Temple C. Built nearly a generation after Temple C, Temple D dates to the last quarter of the 6th century BCE and represents the final stage of the monumentalization of the acropolis of the 6th century.

The plan of the temple's cella is similar to that of Temple C, with a deep pronaos, a cella proper and an adyton. The peristyle consisted of six by thirteen columns and the roof had a stone sima. Its altar lies on a skewed axis at the southeast corner of the temple. It is possible that the positioning of this altar, as well as the temple's recessed façade were necessitated by preexisting cult practices. It has been proposed that Temple D was dedicated to Athena, after an inscription dating to the second quarter of the 5th century BCE, discovered between Temple D and C, which contains a dedication to Apollo Paian and Athena.