IFA Excavations at Selinunte


The South Building is located at the southern edge of the main urban sanctuary. The structure's south façade is integrated as part of the sanctuary's peribolos wall, which delimits the boundary of the east-west axis Avenue SB. The South Building owes its designation to the uncertainty of its function. A large structure with a north-south orientation, it has generally been identified as an altar in the literature. Both the orientation of the South Building and its structure, however, bring into doubt this traditional interpretation. Likewise, its massive foundations speak against the more recent identification of the South Building as a rectilinear theater. Most likely, the South Building should be identified as a large hall. Our excavations in the area of the foundations of the South Building provide a safe archaeological dating for this structure to the Late Archaic period. In the Classical period, the South Building was partially transformed, and by the Hellenistic period, it was probably dismantled.