Language Courses at the Institute

The Institute of Fine Arts offers courses in French, German and Italian reading comprehension. Courses are offered at the beginner and intermediate levels. Advanced courses may be organized on a select basis.

These non-credit courses typically meet for ninety-minute sessions twice a week. Partially underwritten by the Institute, the charge to the student is $475 per course. 

Students in the Master’s program at the Institute of Fine Arts must pass a reading comprehension examination in French, German, or Italian prior to graduation (other languages will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Academic Office if you have questions or concerns). Doctoral students are required to pass examinations in two modern languages relevant to their area of specialization, and are expected to learn other languages that will equip them for advanced research in their chosen fields.

Language courses at the Institute are not open to outside students. For further information about foreign language study or requirements, please contact the Academic Office (tel: 212-992-5868; email