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Friends of Excavations and Research at Aphrodisias

New York University Excavations and Research at Aphrodisias, which began in 1961, are sponsored by the Institute of Fine Arts in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts & Science with invaluable support from private individuals and the groups of friends of the project. We are eager to publish and disseminate our results widely for the academic world, the interested public, and especially for our donors, in publications and reports and newsletters (2006-2013). Please find our newest report on the 2013 fieldwork online.

Our projects in Aphrodisias cannot be accomplished without the help of our supporters. We are very grateful to all the donors for their outstanding generosity.

The J.M. Kaplan Foundation and the World Monuments Fund® Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve Our Heritage are major sponsors of the building restoration and conservation work. Recent projects founded by the J.M. Kaplan Foundation include the restoration and partial anastylosis of the Sebasteion, completed in 2013, and since 2013 the partial anastylosis of the Propylon of the Sebasteion. The World Monuments Fund® is our major sponsor of the restoration project of the Hadrianic Baths, together with the Friends of Aphrodisias Trust in London.

The 1984 Foundation sponsors the student architects from NYU, the Universities of Philadelphia, Kansas and Istanbul. The Kress Foundation sponsors the archaeological conservators. The Leon Levy Foundation, Oxford University's Craven Fund, and Lincoln College's Zilkha Fund sponsor the student archaeologists.

Generous donors have sponsored special projects dedicated to the art, archaeology, and architecture of Aphrodisias; without their help the thriving work in Aphrodisias could not go further on.

The study of the South Agora, a large public park in the centre of Aphrodisias, is sponsored by Mica and Ahmet Ertegün. Excavation of the Tetrapylon Street, the major avenue of Aphrodisias, is supported by Baron Lorne von Thyssen, the Headley Trust, the Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation, and the Gilbert and Ildiko Butler Family Foundation.

Become A Supporter

The archaeological projects in Aphrodisias need your support. Ongoing research and excavation bring new archaeological artifacts to light, but also reveal art and architecture in Aphrodisias; all of those need our attention. It is our will and duty to preserve the heritage we find and make it available to the public. It is important to notice that Aphrodisias is on the UNESCO world heritage tentative list. Together, we try to learn more about Aphrodisias. To help support the NYU Excavations at Aphrodisias you may donate now online, or for more information about becoming a Friend of Aphrodisias, contact the Aphrodisias Office:

Aphrodisias Office
Institute of Fine Arts

1 East 78th Street

New York, NY 10075

tel: +1 (212) 992-5877

fax: +1 (212) 992-5807

email: aphrodisias.ifa@gmail.com

Donors of Aphrodisias

Norman C. Alt
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cavanaugh
Nathalie de Chaisemartin
Helen E. Dayton
Mica and Ahmet Ertegün
Elizabeth S. Ettinghausen
Ariel H. Herrmann
Anna S. Jeffrey
Peter Ian Kuniholm
Lys Laughlin-Pike
Paul Lott
Julie A. Van Voorhis and Andrei B. Molotiu
John Griffiths Pedley
Janko Rasic, Architects PLLC
Robert Rorke
Wolfgang Schoellkopf
Baron Lorne von Thyssen
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation, Inc.

Groups of Friends
American Friends of Aphrodisias, New York
Aphrodisias Sevenler Derneği in Izmir (President, Lise Sur)
Friends of Aphrodisias Trust, London (President, Lady Patrica Daunt)
Geyre Foundation, Istanbul (President, Ömer M. Koç)

Gilbert and Ildiko Butler Family Foundation
Claremont Colleges
Craven Fund, Oxford University
1984 Foundation
Headley Trust
Irvine Foundation, Duane E. Wilder
J. M. Kaplan Fund, Inc.
The Kontokosta Family Foundation; Anne C. Hrychuk and Constantine Kontokosta
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Leon Levy Foundation
James and Edith Spain Foundation
World Monuments Fund® Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve Our Heritage
Zilkha Fund, Lincoln College, Oxford University