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Monuments of Aphrodisias

The Bishop’s Palace

The building known as the Bishop’s Palace is a large, Late Antique private residence, located right in the city center, to the west of the Bouleuterion. During the Imperial period, the site of the Bishop’s Palace was occupied by public buildings, probably tied to the functions of the Bouleuterion and North Agora. During the 4th century, the elite of Aphrodisias started funding the construction of their own opulent homes, more than other public monuments. The Bishop’s Palace is one of the largest and best preserved of these private homes, and includes a unique triple-apsed hall.

The Bishop’s Palace was occupied up until the 6th century, when the city declined from an urban capital to a small village centered around the temple-church. Large additions were made to the building in the 10th and 11th centuries, which encroach on the older streets and now-collapsed portico of the North Agora. It is at this time that the building mostly likely housed the local bishop.

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