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Anthropology Department
New York University
25 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10003

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Terry Harrison-More Images

Dr. Harrison collecting fossils at Laetoli

Two graduate students, Hannah Carter-Menn and Tom Rein, identifying fossils at the National Museum of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

Tom Rein and Primelephas, Manonga Valley 2006

Dr. Harrison in the Manonga Valley, 2006

Fossil identification, Manonga Valley, 2006

The famous footprint site at Laetoli now covered

The 2004 Laetoli field crew

Terry Harrison recording data with his graduate
student Steve Worthington

Terry Harrison working with Amandus Kweka
from the National Museums of Tanzania
and Chris Robinson, Bronx Community College

Terry Harrison standing in Laetoli

Laetoli campsite during the 2003 field season

Field crew from the Laetoli 2003 field season

Terry Harrison working with Godwin Mollel
and Carl Swisher from the Geological
Sciences Department at Ruters University

Fossils collected during the 2003 field
season at Laetoli

Simon Odunga, from the Dar es Salaam
Department of Antiquities, and Terry
Harrison recording fossil data

Terry Harrison and team collecting fossils

Terry and some of his former students at the NYCEP "Darwin's Legacy" conference, February 27, 2009. From left to right: Elizabeth Tran, National Science Foundation; Denise Su, Bryn Mawr College; Chris Robinson, Bronx Community College; Terry Harrison, New York University; Varsha Pilbrow, University of Melbourne; Leahanne Sarlo, New York University; John Krigbaum, University of Florida; Becky Ham, freelance science writer; and Wendy Dirks, Newcastle University.