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Anthropology Department
New York University
25 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10003

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Susan Antón

Dr. Antón in South Africa


Professor of Anthropology


B.A. 1987, University of California, Berkeley
M.A. 1991 University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. 1994, University of California, Berkeley





Research Sites:

Java, Indonesia; Mangaia, Cook Islands

Research Focus:

My research considers the evolution of the genus Homo from 2.5 Ma to present. My main areas of interest in early Homo are the relationship between size, scaling, environment and morphology; biological responses to resource variability; and evolution of the human developmental pattern. I am also particularly interested in the relationship between morphological and ecological variables and the early dispersal of genus Homo, as well as the potential ecological impacts of genus Homo on hominin-naďve ecosystems in Asia. These projects include African and Asian hominins and fieldwork in Indonesia.

In recent human evolution, I’ve focused on human influences on island ecosystems and the concomitant influences of resource scarcity on human biocultural systems. I address this work primarily on Mangaia, Cook Islands.

Dr. Antón at MAN-84,
Mangaia, Cook Islands

In an effort to to develop integrative approaches to research questions concerning human evolution and to increase our ability to link behavioral, biological, and skeletal data sets, we started the Bones and Behavior Working Group. More details about our group and our integrative measurement protocol for morphological and behavioral research can be found at the group website, http://www.bonesandbehavior.org/.

Recent and Selected Publications:

  • 2012. Leakey, M.G., Spoor, F., Dean, M.C., Feibel, C.S., Antón, S.C., Kiarie, C., and Leakey, L.N. New fossils from Koobi Fora in northern Kenya confirm taxonomic diversity in early Homo. Nature 488:201-204.
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  • 2011. Indriati, E., Swisher, C.C. III, Lepre, C., Quinn, R.L., Suriyanto, R.A., Hascaryo, A.T., Grün, R., Feibel, C.S., Pobiner, B.L., Aubert, M., Lees, W., and Antón, S.C. The age of the 20 meter Solo River Terrace, Java, Indonesia and the survival of Homo erectus in Asia. PLoS ONE 6(6):e21562.
  • 2011. Vannucci, R.C., Barron, T.F., Lerro, D., Antón, S.C., Vannucci, S.J. Craniometric measures during development using MRI. NeuroImage 56:1855-1864.
  • 2011. Antón, S.C., DeLeon, V.B., and Carter-Menn, H.C. Modern human origins: Continuity, replacement, and masticatory robusticity in Australasia. Journal of Human Evolution 60:70-82.
  • 2010. Stanford, C.B., Allen, J.S., and Antón, S.C. Exploring Biological Anthropology. 2nd edition. Pearson-Prentice Hall.
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  • 2008. Antón, S.C. Framing the question: diet and evolution in early Homo. In: Vinyard, C.J., Wall, C.E., and Ravosa, M.J., eds. Primate Craniofacial Function and Biology: Papers in Honor of Bill Hylander. Chapter 20, pp. 443-482. Springer Science.
  • 2007. Spoor, F., Leakey, M.G., Gathogo, P.N., Brown, F.H., Antón, S.C., McDougall, I., Kiarie, C., Manthi, F.K., and Leakey, L.G. Implications of new early Homo fossils from Ileret, East Lake Turkana (Kenya). Nature 448:688-691.
  • 2007. Antón, S.C. Climatic influences on the evolution of early Homo? Folia Primatologica (Special Issue on Climate and Primate Evolution. Christophe Soligo, ed.) 78:365-388
  • 2007. Antón, S.C., Spoor F., Fellmann, C.D., and Swisher, C.C. III. Defining Homo erectus: size considered. In: Henke, Rothe and Tattersall (eds). Handbook of Paleoanthropology, Volume 3, Chapter 11; pp. 1655-1693. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.