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Jolly Conference Overview

There are few scholars in the field of biological anthropology who have contributed as much, and in as many diverse research areas, as Clifford Jolly. It is now just over 40 years since he completed his Ph.D. under Nigel Barnicot at University College London. While Cliff shows no sign of slowing, we think it is important and timely to honor his contributions to the field and to celebrate both his career and his significant contributions to biological anthropology.

This is a unique time within the field of biological anthropology. Investigators working in previously separate disciplines such as genetics, embryology and development, primate anatomy, comparative genomics, and primate paleontology are now productively exploring interconnections between these disparate fields. Because Cliff Jolly has been at the forefront of these endeavors and his career stands as a testament to the power and impact of interdisciplinary study, we feel that it is both appropriate and timely to celebrate his remarkable career with a scientific meeting that explicitly focuses on the prospects for new discoveries through integration of diverse fields, all contributing to the broader goal of understanding human and primate evolution.