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Human Origins In The News 2011

December 2011

Chimpanzees Consider Their Audience When Communicating
BBC Nature

Top 10 Hominid Discoveries of 2011

Genes Play Major Role in Primate Social Behavior, Study Finds
New York Times

The Origin of the Human Family
BBC Nature

Did a Good Sense of Smell Give Us an Evolutionary Advantage?
Natural History Museum (London)
US News & World Report

Endangered Orangutans Offer a New Evolutionary Model for Early Humans
EurekAlert/Dartmouth College press release

Why People Lost Their Fur
The Scientist

The Disappearance of the Elephant Caused the Rise of Modern Man 400,000 Years Ago

Oldest Bedding: KZN Shelter Shows How Man Lived 77000 Years Ago
The Witness (South Africa)

How Did Humans Start Taking Medicine? Chimp Behavior Gives Clues
My Health News Daily

Missing Lincs: Lesser-Known Genetic Material Helps Explain Why Humans Are Human
Science News

CT Imaging Allows Analysis of Hidden Human Fossil
Scientific American

November 2011

Poop-Throwing Chimps Provide Hints of Human Origins
Wired Science

Sex With Humans Made Neanderthals Extinct?
National Geographic

Long-Forgotten Canadian Find Shakes Up Understanding of Ancient Humans
Vancouver Sun

Did Parasites Drive Human Evolution?
Discover Magazine

Neanderthal Neuroscience
Discover Magazine

Baby Apes' Arm Waving Hints at Origins of Language
New Scientist

Did Humans Trade Guts for Brains?
Discover Magazine

Darwinís Tongues: Languages, Like Genes, Can Tell Evolutionary Tales
Science News

Modern Humans Wandered Out of Africa via Arabia
National Geographic

October 2011

Young Human-Specific Genes Correlated with Human Brain Evolution

A 100000-Year-Old Workshop in African Cave Depicts Evolution of Human Thinking
International Business Times

How Sugar Molecules Secretly Shaped Human Evolution

Studying Grecian Battles and Human Origins
LiveScience interview with Curtis Marean

Recent Human Evolution Detected in Quebec Town History
Wired Science

September 2011

Humans Reached Asia in Two Waves
Science News

Team Sheds Light on Ice Age Human Evolution in Asia
Newswise/University of Iowa

Untangling the Human Family Tree One Branch at a Time
Arizona State University

Upright and Hairless Make Better Long-Distance Hunters
Scientific American podcast

Skull Points to a More Complex Human Evolution in Africa
BBC News

'Lucy' Discoverer: Why I Study Human Evolution (by Don Johanson)

New Fossils May Redraw Human Ancestry
New York Times

Cavemen Cannibals Cooperated on Catering
USA Today

August 2011

Cooking May Have Driven Human Evolution Nearly 2 Million years Ago

Beneficial Liaisons: Modern Populations Acquired Important Immune System DNA from Ancient, Cross-Species Breeding
Science News

Born, and Evolved, to Run
New York Times

Caveman Zezvaís 1.8-Million-Year Grin Forces Rewrite of History

Thank Climate Change for the Rise of Humans
New Scientist

Savannas May Have Nurtured Human Ancestors
Salt Lake Tribune

July 2011

Human Brains Age Differently From Closest Living Relatives, Chimpanzees
Daily Tech

Waterís Edge Ancestors
Science News

Wisdom of Grandparents Helped Rise of Prehistoric Man

Fast-Evolving Brains Helped Humans out of the Stone Age
Scientific American

Malapa Fossils: Part Ape, Part Human
National Geographic

What One (or More) Genomes Can Tell Us
Discover Blogs

Study to Create the First Archive of Human Evolution at Mungo
ABC (Australia)

Thirst for Fairness May Have Helped Us Survive
New York Times

June 2011

Early and Modern Humans Didnít Mingle

First Direct Fossil Evidence of Diet Differences

Breeding with Neanderthals Helped Humans Go Global
New Scientist

Humans Are Evolving Slower Than Thought

Teeth of Human Ancestors Hold Clues to Their Family Life
New York Times
Science News

May 2011

Universities Running After the Naked Ape
Liverpool John Moores University

Tracking Lineage Through a Bramble
New York Times

Single Gene Linked to Evolution of Human Brain
US News and World Report

Anatomical Clues to Human Evolution from Fish
BBC News

April 2011

Evolution of Human 'Super-Brain' Tied to Development of Bipedalism, Tool-Making

Early Human Fossils from South Africa Could Upend Long-Held View of Human Evolution
Scientific American
Science News

Evolution May Explain Why Baby Comes Early
Discover Blogs
BBC News

Richard Leakey Reflects On Human PastóAnd Future

As Mammals Supplanted Dinosaurs, Lice Kept Pace
New York Times

Grazing Animals Shaped Human Evolution

March 2011

Modern Humans Came from Southern Africa, Study Suggests
Natural History Museum (London)

Why Human Penises Lost Their Spines
National Geographic

Stone Tools Influenced Hand Evolution in Human Ancestors, Anthropologists Say

Human Ancestors Lived on Shaky Ground

In a Marine Wormís Eyes, the Theory of Evolution
New York Times

February 2011

Visions of Africa Shaped Eye Evolution

Australian Researcher Talks End of Y Chromosome
Columbia Daily Tribune

1000 Genomes Pilot Data Suggests Recent Selective Sweeps Rare in Human Lineage
Science News

Was "Ardi" Not a Human Ancestor After All? New Review Raises Doubts
Scientific American
Science News
Wired Blogs
National Science Foundation

Fossil Foot Bone Shows Our Ancestor Had Two Feet Firmly on the Ground

January 2011

Humans Would Beat Neanderthals in Marathon
Discovery News

An Earlier Departure Out Of Africa?
New York Times

Scientists Determine What Makes an Orangutan an Orangutan NSF
BBC News
USA Today

Neanderthals Lacked Ice Age Adaptations
USA Today

Study Traces Lice/Human Evolution to Pinpoint When Humans Started Wearing Clothes
University of Florida News

Did Big Babies Help Bring Human Ancestors Down from the Trees?
Scientific American