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Human Origins In The News 2010

December 2010

Human Remains Spark Spat

New Type of Ancient Human Found—Descendants Live Today?
National Geographic
BBC News

Anthropologists Chew Bones for Prehistoric Cannibalism Research

November 2010

Evolution Led to Different Natural Killer Cell Receptors in Humans and Chimps

New Statistical Model Moves Human Evolution Back 3 Million Years
Field Museum press release via EurekAlert

Human, Neanderthal Brains Found to be Similar in Newborns
CBS News

Language and Toolmaking Evolved Together, Say Researchers
The Guardian

Archaeologist Recreates Stone Age Technology

Claim on Early Use of Tools by Prehumans Disputed

Giant Eruption Cut Down to Size (debate on Indonesian volcano Toba's potential influence on human evolution)

October 2010

Past Climate Change Influenced Human Evolution
New Scientist

Neanderthal Children Were Large, Sturdy
Discovery News

September 2010

Does City Life Affect Human Evolution?

Clever Crows, Complex Cognition?

Scientists Uncover 'Totally Crazy Mechanism' Behind Much Genetic Diversity

Evolving Culture: Where Do We Go From Here?
NPR's "The Human Edge"

Human Meat Just Another Meal for Early Europeans?
National Geographic
Discover Blog

Rare, Unpublished Photos of Prehistoric Cave Paintings at Lascaux

August 2010

Cavemen Accused of Wiping Out Cave Bears

Are Hobbits Hiding in Human Family Tree?
USA Today

Stanford Study Suggests Disease-Causing Genes Were Once Beneficial
San Jose Mercury News

Find Suggests Tool Use Began Before Humans
Wall Street Journal
ASU News
NPR (interview with Zeresenay Alemseged and David DeGusta)

Archaeologists Unearth 67,000-Year-Old Human Bone in Philippines

Armed And Deadly: Shoulder, Weapons Key To Hunt
NPR's "The Human Edge"

July 2010

A Handy Bunch: Tools, Thumbs Helped Us Thrive
NPR's "The Human Edge"

New Hypothesis for Human Evolution and Human Nature: "The Animal Connection"

Adventures in Very Recent Evolution (Tibetan Adaptation to Low Oxygen Levels)
New York Times

New Museum of Evolution Opens Near Atapuerca, Spain
Times of Malta

A Discovery Could Help Date Monkey-Ape Split
New York Times
Wired Science

Human Evolution Recapped in Kids’ Brain Growth
Wired Science

A Fishy Take On Human Skin Tones

June 2010

Africa's Next Top Hominid ("Big Man")
Nature News
NPR's Science Friday

Full Genome Sequence Shows Body Lice Have Lousy Sense of Smell
Scientific American

Why Humans Have No Fur -- Explained
Discovery News

Eating Crocodile Helped Boost Early Human Brains?
National Geographic

May 2010

Scientists Challenge ‘Breakthrough’ on Fossil Skeleton (Ardipithecus)
New York Times
Associated Press

Homo gautengensis Raises Questions Over Humanity's Origins
Wired Science (UK)

Geographical Models Bring New Perspective to Archaeology
ASU News

Neanderthal Genome Yields Insights into Human Evolution and Evidence of Interbreeding
Science News
New York Times Opinionator
Nature News

April 2010

Duke Team Explores Role of Coding, Non-Coding Changes in Human Evolution

Climate Changes Appear to Coincide with Human Evolution Milestones
Voice of America

2-Million-Year-Old Fossils Offer Look at Human Evolution (Australopithecus sediba)
LA Times
Science News
National Geographic

March 2010

Fossil DNA Analysis May Have Revealed New Human Species
USA Today

Evidence Indicates Humans' Early Tree-Dwelling Ancestors Were also Bipedal

Did Climate Change Drive Human Evolution?

Smithsonian's Natural History Museum Opens its Hall of Human Origins
Washington Post

Tools Push Back Dates for Humans on Flores
ABC Science
CBC News

Ancient Primate Fossil ["Ida"] Roils Scientific Community
AOL News
The Statesman

Etched Ostrich Eggs Illustrate Human Sophistication
BBC News

February 2010

Study Shows How Viruses Changed Human Evolution
ABC News

Archaeological 'Time Machine' Greatly Improves Accuracy of Early Radiocarbon Dating
Science Daily

Analysis of Hair DNA Reveals Ancient Human's Face
BBC News

Should We Clone Neanderthals?

Bonobos "Peter Pan" of Apes, Share for Life

January 2010

Fire Holds No Fears for Chimps, Says Scientist
The Independent

Scientists Find Big Differences in Y Chromosomes of Men, Chimps
USA Today

Ongoing Human Evolution Could Explain Recent Rise in Certain Disorders
Science Daily

New Evidence That Neandertals Wore Shell Jewelry And Painted
BBC News

30,000-Year-Old Child's Teeth Shed New Light on Human Evolution
Science Daily

Cambridge Paleoanthropologist and Archaeologist Paul Mellars Knighted
Varsity Online