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Anthropology Department
New York University
25 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10003

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Faculty Research Locations

Our faculty members conduct research at sites all over the world.

  1. Java, Indonesia (Susan Antón)
  2. Mangai, Cook Islands (Susan Antón)
  3. Dún Ailinne, Ireland (Pam Crabtree)
  4. West Stow, Suffolk County, England (Pam Crabtree)
  5. Shengavit, Yerevan, Armenia (Pam Crabtree)
  6. Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico (James Higham)
  7. Laetoli, Tanzania (Terry Harrison)
  8. Awash, Ethiopia (Clifford Jolly)
  9. Gabon (Clifford Jolly)
  10. Zambia (Clifford Jolly)
  11. Abri Castanet, France (Randall White)
  12. Yunnan Province, China (Terry Harrison)
  13. Faizabad, Afghanistan (Rita Wright)
  14. Shiraz, Iran (Rita Wright)
  15. Sahiwal, Pakistan (Rita Wright)
  16. Kostienki, Avdeevo and Gagarino in the Don Valley of Russia (Randall White)
  17. El Castillo, Cantabrian region of Northern Spain (Randall White)
  18. Manonga Valley, Tanzania (Terry Harrison)
  19. Rusinga Island, western Kenya (Christian Tryon)
  20. Central Anatolian Volcanic Province, Turkey (Christian Tryon)
  21. Tangkoko, Sulawesi, Indonesia (James Higham)
  22. Gashaka, Nigeria (James Higham)
  23. Amheida, Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt (Pam Crabtree)
  24. Kyzyltepa, Uzbekistan (Pam Crabtree)