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Anthropology Department
New York University
25 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10003

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Current Students

  • Ashley Bales
    Interests - Catarrhine evolution and the fossil record, morphology and phylogenetic methods, ancestral morphotype recontsruction.
E-mail - adb353@nyu.edu
  • Christina Bergey
    Interests - Primate population genetics and genomics, hybridization, bioinformatics.
E-mail - cmb433@nyu.edu
  • Maryjka Blaszczyk
    Interests - Molecular evolution of primate behavior, evolution of disease.
E-mail - mbb348@nyu.edu
  • Allison Casaly
    Interests - Upper Palaeolithic Europe, Palaeolithic art, ivory manipulation, venus figurines, figural art.
E-mail - amc1002@nyu.edu
  • Paulo B. Chaves
    Interests - Phylogeography, conservation genetics, noninvasive genetic
    sampling, evolution of behavior, neotropical primates, Brachyteles.
E-mail - pbc227@nyu.edu
  • Blaire Claytor
    Interests - Hominin evolution, especially with regard to skeletal morphology, genetics, and the role of disease.
E-mail - bac415@nyu.edu
  • Eli Dollarhide
    Interests - Ancient Near East, complex societies, the rise of urbanism, cultural heritage, the politics of archaeology, and paleoethnobotany.
E-mail - end233@nyu.edu
  • Jennifer Eyre
E-mail - je988@nyu.edu
  • Zenobie Garrett
    Interests - Iron Age Europe and Ireland, Early Saxon England, landscape
    archaeology, theory.
E-mail - zsg202@nyu.edu
  • Adam Green
    Interests - State-level archaeology, style, social structure, Indus
    Civilization, theory.
E-mail - adam.green@nyu.edu
  • Patricia Hamrick
    MA thesis - Ornaments and Value: Bangles in the Indus.
    Interests - The Indus Civilization of South Asia, archaeological
    approaches to social identity, materials technology, urbanism, political
    economy, and ornaments.
E-mail - pmh255@nyu.edu
  • Claire Heckel
    Interests - Upper Paleolithic symbolic representation.
E-mail - claire.heckel@nyu.edu
  • Myra Laird
    Interests - Modern human origins, craniodental morphology, hominin environmental and functional variation, geometric morphometrics, early migrations of Homo sapiens.
E-mail - myra.laird@gmail.com
  • Duna Susie Lee
    Interests - Young primates (including human children), primate mother-infant behaviors, attachment theory within evolutionary framework, physiological mechanism of attachment.
E-mail - dsl363@nyu.edu
  • Elissa Ludeman
    Interests - Paleoanthropology, evolutionary morphology, morphometrics.
E-mail - eml410@nyu.edu
  • Laura Matthews
E-mail - lcm359@nyu.edu
  • Katherine McCullough French
    Interests - Anglo-Saxon zooarchaeology, bioarchaeology, mortuary archaeology, bone histology, human/animal social relationships, heritage management, NAGPRA.
E-mail - kcm317@nyu.edu
  • Emily Middleton
    Interests - Plio-Pleistocene hominin evolution, human osteology,
    functional morphology, human reproductive ecology.
E-mail - erm293@nyu.edu
  • Smiti Nathan
    Interests - Ancient Indian Ocean trade, GIS, remote sensing, archaeobotany, globalization, tradition and identity, the anthropology of food.
E-mail - ssn249@nyu.edu
  • Joelle Nivens
    Interests - Upper Paleolithic in Western Europe, body ornamentation technologies (bead-making), raw material processing, questions of social identity and organization through the lens of these technologies/objects.
E-mail - jrn246@nyu.edu
  • John O'Hara
    Interests - Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Europe, ornamentation and symbolic technologies, lithic analysis, archaeological theory.
E-mail - johara9@gmail.com
  • Alejandra Ortiz
    Interests - Human variation, dental anthropology, human osteology,
    dispersal and cultural adaptations of modern humans, peopling of the New
    World, Andean archaeology.
E-mail - ao706@nyu.edu
  • Sneh Patel
    Interests - Urbanism, complex societies, Indus, Harappa.
E-mail - sp1700@nyu.edu
  • Megan Petersdorf
    Interests - Primate behavior, sexual selection, sexual signals, reproductive strategies, conservation.
E-mail - mp3454@nyu.edu
  • Cody Prang
E-mail - tcp248@nyu.edu
  • Christopher Rainwater
    Interests - Human skeletal biology.
E-mail - cwr223@nyu.edu
  • Stephanie Reyes
    Interests - Modern human skeletal variation, the transition to anatomically modern humans, forensic anthropology, zooarchaeology.
E-mail - smr560@nyu.edu
  • Matthew Spigelman
    Interests - Settlement archaeology, urbanization, intra-regional trade,
    ceramic analysis, the archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean, specifically
    Cyprus, in the Late Bronze Age.
E-mail - mds422@nyu.edu
  • Catalina Villamil
    Interests - Human evolution, functional morphology, skeletal variation.
E-mail - civ207@nyu.edu
  • Sandra Winters
E-mail - sw1891@nyu.edu
  • Taylor Zaneri
E-mail - tlz208@nyu.edu