MA Alumni
MA alumni

Core Program Faculty at NYU:

Susan C. Antón – Director, Human osteology and evolution
Shara Bailey – Dental morphology and morphometrics
Pamela Crabtree – Zooarchaeology
Todd Disotell – Molecular anthropology
Terry Harrison – Primate anatomy and evolution
James Higham – Primate behavior and evolution
Cliff Jolly – Primate Evolution
Randall White – Paleolithic Archaeology, cultural signatures, mortuary context
Scott Williams – Functional anatomy, primate and human evoluiton, osteology
Rita Wright – Archaeology, State Formation, Urbanism

Resource Faculty at Other Institutions:

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, New York City
Brad Adams - Forensic Anthropology
Benjamin Figura - Forensic Anthropology
Christopher Rainwater - Forensic Anthropology and Photography
Angela Soler - Forensic Anthropology
Sheila Dennis - Forensic Genetics
Gina Hart - Forensic Operations
Amy Johnson - Emergency Operations

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Connecticut
Kristen Hartnet - Forensic Anthropology

Office of the Regional Medical Examiner, Newark, NJ
Allison Sharplin - Forensic Anthropology

Evan Bird - Forensic Anthropology

New Jersey State Police
Donna Fontana - Forensic Anthropology

Anna Delaney - Forensic Anthropology

NYU School of Dentistry
Eric Baker - Anatomy and Evolution
Tim Bromage - Bone biology, Anatomy and Development

City University of New York
Will Harcourt-Smith - Lehman College - Human Evolution
Kate Pechenkina - Queens College - Bioarchaeology
Herman Pontzer - Hunter College - Biomechanics, energetics and human evolution
Vincent Stefan - Lehman College - Skeletal Biology and Forensic Anthropology
Felicia Madimenos - Queens College - Human Biology

State University of New York
Samuel Marquez - SUNY Downstate - Gross Anatomy

National Museum of Health and Medicine
Franklin Damann - Forensic Anthropology
Brian Spatola - Forensic Anthropology and Collections Management

Seton Hall University
Rhonda Quinn - Geoarcheology, stable isotopes

Wagner College
Celeste Gagnon - Bioarcheology

American Museum of Natural History
Giselle Garcia Park - Anthropology, collections management
Marisa Macias - Anthropology, paleoanthropology

Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, Houston, TX
Christian Crowder - Forensic Anthropology

To Contact the Program:

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Department of Anthropology
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