Here are two projects that could use your help
The Moby

Graduate students are always in need of space for writing, reading, and research. Because space at NYU is so precious, the Graduate School is looking for creative ways to allow seldom-used space to be more flexibly available to students. The Moby is a wonderful option for mobile student offices.
An individual rolling locker that comes in a number of different sizes, the Moby can be configured in a variety of ways. It can include shelves, bins, baskets, file hanging systems and other storage tools. Mobys are easy to move around, very durable, capacious, and they can be locked for security. They are used most frequently in office settings where employees share space resources, but the NYU Libraries have been using them to give graduate students a way to move around the building, while acknowledging their materials-heavy reality. Each Moby costs just over $1,000, and with your donation of any amount to the Graduate School of Arts and Science, we can increase their presence to support our students' research.

6 Washington Square North:
Our Remarkable Home

The red brick row houses we all admire on Washington Square North are emblematic of New York City on the cusp of its emergence as a mature metropolis. As the city began to thrive, the merchants of the era flourished in an environment of new exchanges and bank markets. The sense of inevitable wealth and a grand future allowed businessmen to move above the ship-dominated tip of the island to a new domestic quarter a carriage ride away from their work. Over time, the hunting preserve and game park became Washington Square Parade Ground, a public park, and the trout fishing locale. Several neighbors and friends from Greenwich Street banded together to build a fine row of homes on the park's north side. Guaranteed salubrious air, the merchants built extra-wide houses set back from the curb and specially detailed with white marble steps, a column-bedecked porch, and a handsome cornice line. The old-fashioned protruding dormer windows were subsumed within the roof, giving the houses a flat appearing roof line. The handsome row became a symbol of the era of the merchants of the port, and The Row survives miraculously to this day.
Number 6 is in perfect original condition and is the finest row house of the first half of the 19th century in New York, and perhaps the nation. Support for the Graduate School of Arts and Science allows us to maintain and preserve 6 Washington Square North, a building that is at once an architectural treasure and the home of GSAS.

ways to demonstrate your support

GSAS Annual Fund — The GSAS Annual Fund is a critical source of support for the Graduate School of Arts and Science; it allows us to apply funds where they are needed most. Contributions to the annual fund support student fellowships, faculty and research, student activities, and the improvement and maintenance of our facilities.

MacCracken Associates — Inspired by the example of Henry Mitchell MacCracken, New York University recognizes those distinguished benefactors of the Graduate School of Arts and Science who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

Matching Gifts — Many companies match their employees' (and employees' spouses) charitable contributions, which can double or even triple the impact of your gift. Visit to find out if your company matches gifts, then simply request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift.

Planned Gifts — Your gift to NYU can be a wise investment for you and your family, as well as for future generations of NYU students and faculty. Donors can make bequests to the University through their wills or make a gift that will pay them income for life.

President's Council — Donors who contribute $5,000 or more are invited to join the President's Council, whose members receive VIP invitations to private gatherings and alumni events. Alumni graduating within the last five years can join with a gift of $1,000 or more; alumni graduating between six and ten years ago can join with a gift of $2,500.

Please contact the Graduate School of Arts and Science at (212) 992-7625 or to make a gift or learn more.

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