Reamillo & Juliet (Philippines)
B. Lipunan 2000, 1993-95
Installation with painting, monitor,
casts of M-16 rifles, balut eggs,
light box, postcards and text
approx. 450 x 300 x 600 cm.
Collection of the artists
Reamillo and Juliet work collaboratively. Alvin Reamillo (born 1964)
is a member of a new generation of Filipino artists who burst onto the
art scene in the 1980s with a commitment to using indigenous materials,
forms and techniques that go beyond the traditional Westernized forms
of oil painting and sculpture. His work has been exhibited in the
Philippines and Japan, and at the 1995 Venice Biennale. Juliet Lea,
his wife, is English-born (1966) and -trained; they presently live
in Australia.

Alwin Reamillo and Juliet Lea show B. Lipunem 2000 (1993-95) and
with wit and sarcasm reflect on the lamentable situation of the Philippines'
efforts to join the new world economic order. "Bagong lipunan" refers to
the late Ferdinand Marcos' economic programs, while `2000" refers to
the current millennium-related government propaganda. These slogans are
incorporated with dummy M-16 rifles, a portrait of Marcos and a jar of
"balut" (unborn duck eggs, representative of the prolife movement) to
create a small chapel of criticism.