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Visa, Academic, & Status Changes

As an international student, US law requires you to notify the Office of Global Services if anything changes with your academic program or immigration status. Read on to find out about the most common changes and what you need to do in these circumstances.



Visa Changes

Change legal status

Change to F-1 / J-1 status

Are you studying in the US in another status and now need to change to F-1 / J-1 status?
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Renew your US Visa

Renew Your US Visa

Is your visa about to expire? Find out how to get a new one.
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Regain your status

Regain Your Status

Have you lost your legal status as an F-1 / J-1 student? Learn how to regain your legal status.
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Redesigned I-20

Redesigned I-20

On June 29, 2015, the US government changed the I-20 design. Learn more about the change.
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Replace Lost Immigration Documents

Lose your passport, I-20, or DS-2019? Find out how to replace them.
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Academic Changes


Register Part-Time

Find out if you can study part-time as an international student.
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Transfer out

Transfer out of NYU

Learn how to transfer to another school as an international student.
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Extend your study

Extend Your Study

Need more time to finish your degree? Find out if you're eligible to extend your student status in the US.
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Leave of Absence

Take Leave of Absence

Need to leave school for a while? Learn how to take a leave of absence and return to NYU when you're ready to come back.
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Change major or degree

Change Major or Degree

Learn how to change your major or degree as an international student.
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Research Abroad

Research Abroad

Temporarily leaving NY to research abroad? Learn how to keep your status active in the US.
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