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The Season

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Monday, June 17 - 9:00 PM Villa La Pietra
“Building Bridges” is a yearlong international intensive three-step program for students and teachers of theatre, film and media of five different Universities of Arts: NYU -New York, ZHdK - Zürich, STADA - Stockholm, SVA - New York, and DNST - Copenhagen. By working together and creating art in workshops in different countries the students become aware of their own cultural and artistic heritage and expression. At the same time they discover new approaches and fields and can redefine their own cultural and professional identity. The emphasis of the creation lies on the process in order to develop different methods of creative collaborations. The outcome and reflection of the yearlong processes will be shown in an Open Space Installation created mutually by the whole group. The installation consists of different kinds of media such as film, theatre, performances etc. and is linked through the theme found by the students: Transition.
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Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Wednesday, June 19 - 7:30 PM Villa La Pietra
Friday, June 21 - 9:00 PM Chiostro di Santo Spirito (in support of the Amici di S. Spirito - Onlus)
One of Shakespeare's greatest dramas, Hamlet spins a tale of revenge, indecision, loyalty, and fate. Three actors play all the parts backed up by Jon Batiste and The Stay Human Band. An epic story that still intrigues the modern world with Hamlet's haunting questions of what it means to be truly alive.  This Hamlet is a story told in Continuum's unique "Essential Shakespeare" style with a pared down look into the mystery of love, fate, and the Ghost that sets it all in motion.
June 19 (this date is fully booked), » sign up June 21, seat still available

Being Me, Being You: Acting Neuroscience and the Audience

Friday, June 21, at 11:30 AM - Villa La Pietra, Limonaia
Theatre is an event in a room. A unique event shared by actors and on-lookers inhabiting the envelope, breathing the same air. Of course it’s not a single event, but a multitude of events from the neuronal to the cataclysmic - from a plot turn, a scene shift, a sound cue, to a look, a thought. The conundrum for the creative team is to preserve the essence of surprise, the “eventness of the event” while crafting a disciplined piece.In this talk Mark Wing-Davey, Chair of Graduate Acting at NYU and the only non-scientist to ever become a member of the Emotional Brain Institute (EBI), explores questions about whether or not neuroscience, neurobiology, and neuropsychology can help us do our job and, perhaps just as interestingly, can great actors help transform neuroscience?
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Writers Reading

Internationally celebrated poets and novelists will be reading from their work on different dates and venues.
Saturday, 22 June – at 6:00 PM Villa La Pietra, Grottino - Poet Dorothea Lasky and novelist Elissa Schappell. » sign up
Thursday, 27 June – at 6:30 PM Palazzo Strozzi, Sala Ferri - Poet Eileen Myles and novelist Maaza Mengiste. With the collaboration of the Gabinetto Viesseux » sign up
Friday. 28 June at 6:00 PM – Villa La Pietra, Grottino - Novelist Darin Strauss » sign up
Friday, 5 July at 6:30 PM – Palazzo Strozzi, Sala Ferri- Poets Matthew Rohrer and Catherine Barnett, and non-fiction writer Ulrich Baer. With the collaboration of the Gabinetto Vessieux.
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Jonathan Batiste and the Stay Human Band - Jazz Concert

Saturday June 22, at 9:00 PM - Villa La Pietra, Limonaia
Jon Batiste and his band are returning to La Pietra after the incredible success of the past edition of The Season. With his unique voice, virtuosic piano chops and dapper sense of style, Jonathan Batiste transcends music genres and has ignited the NYC music scene. Raised among the sounds and rhythms of New Orleans, Batiste comes from a renowned lineage of performers. He studied jazz and classical piano at the world renowned Juilliard School, is a "Movado Future Legend" award recipient, and a "Steinway Performing Artist." He is the founder and leader of The Stay Human Band, a modern jazz ensemble noted for their world-class music, high energy and uplifting spirit which they take to concert halls as well as subways.
(this event is fully booked)

The Edge of Darkness - Concert

Tuesday June 25, at 9:00 PM – Villa La Pietra, Limonaia
A concert-show of lights, sounds and videos that explores some of the aspects of "blindness" in both a physical and metaphorical way, in relation to the perception of sound and vision. The project includes a new work by Andrea Cavallari based on the book FICCIONES by the blind writer J.L. Borges, which inspired this project. Music also by: Feldman, Troiani, Scelsi, Cage.The project will also include videos form various video-artists who will put their own images in relation with the music by working closely together with the composers and creating a new art-form which involves both senses, sight and sound. Performers: Luisa Valeria Carpignano (piano), Lucy Railton (Cello), Matilde Gagliardo (video), Andrea Cavallari (light design).
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Crossed Destinies

Wednesday June 26, at 8:00 PM – Palazzo Strozzi, Cortile
A "Pageant & Song" performance with the NYU Commedia dell'Arte students. Jacob Olesen will direct and Nolufefe Mtshabe will sing with the student actors.  The pageant performance will be based on an Italo Calvino fairytale "The Devil's Trousers" featuring songs in Zulu, Xhosa, & English with masks and puppets created by Joan Harmon and the NYU students. The story will be narrated in Italian, Spanish and English. In collaboration with the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.
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Baker vs. Baker

Friday, June 28, at 7:30 PM – Villa La Pietra, Teatrino
Following the footsteps of Chet Baker, the extraordinary American jazz trumpeter, who was an icon and a myth for his “genius and his recklessness”. The show describes some of the most salient moments of his life: from his imprisonment in Lucca to the great concerts at the end of his career, from his difficult relationship with women and his parents to the constant and final one with heroin: A representative example of the evolution of society between the ‘50s and the ‘80s. A theatrical performance accompanied by the beautiful music of those years, from “My funny Valentine” to “Just friends” and “Almost Blue”, performed by a trumpet and double base, just like in his last shows. Written and directed by Roberto Andrioli and Fabrizio Checcacci.
(this event is fully booked)

The Don Giovanni Spectacle

Tuesday July 2, at 9:00 PM – Villa La Pietra, Teatrino
To be performed in the Teatrino located in the magnificentgardens of La Pietra, the NYU Commedia dell'Arte students of 2013 will present work which will incorporate masks, music, and wild ribald scenes taken mostly from Don Giovanni, by Tirso de Molina, as well as other sources.
(this event is fully booked)

A Musical Journey

Wednesday July 3, at 8:30PM - Villa La Pietra, Limonaia
Born in Florence, Olivia visited Sir Harold Acton with her family as a child. She now returns to La Pietra with her unique and moving voice. She studied classical piano and opera at Chetham’s, the Royal Academy of Music and then taught herself guitar and harmonium. She has created her own sound as a song-writer and multi-faceted performer. Her program will include her own original songs, innovative re-inventions of the baroque and renaissance repertoire and traditional ballads from across the globe. Olivia released her eponymous EP co-produced by Leo Abrahams with Roughtrade earlier this year.
(this date is fully booked)