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The Season


To sign up for an event, e-mail or click on the 'Sign up' link next to the event you wish to attend and include your name and event in the body of the e-mail.

Sonny's Blues/High Expectations

Sunday, May 31, at 6:30 PM - Villa La Pietra, Prato Ovale
James Baldwin's short story provides a launching pad for this exciting exploration of family, friendship and loss. The piece was created and will be performed by André Holland. Spaces for this event are very limited. » sign up

Writers Reading

Internationally celebrated poets and novelists will be reading from their work on different dates and venues.
- Thursday 4 June from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM – Villa La Pietra, Garden - A Villa and Garden for Italian and American Writers and Readers.» sign up
- Friday, 5 June from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM – Villa La Pietra, Garden - A Villa and Garden for Italian and American Writers and Readers.» sign up
- Monday 8 June from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM – Caffè Letterario, Le Murate - Poetry and Fiction with Mark Bibbins and Colson Whitehead . » sign up
- Monday 15 June from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM – Caffè Letterario, Le Murate - Poetry and Fiction with with Meghan O'Rourke and Heidi Julavits » sign up

Badara Seck

Tuesday, June 9, at 8:30 PM - Villa La Pietra, Limonaia
A native of Senegal, Badara Seck is an artist with great charisma and incredible vocal talent, combining Griot traditions with African rhythm&rock. » sign up

The Tempest

Thursday, June 18 - 9:00 PM Villa La Pietra, the Pool
In Shakespeare’s tale of love, revenge and forgiveness, Prospero has been robbed of his kingdom and cast upon an island. Amidst a band of usurpers, fools, and creatures both airy and devilish he pulls the strings of magic to create a human storm. Directed by Tisch veteran Jim Calder and André Holland.. » sign up

Happy Hour

Monday, June 22 - 6:00 PM Villa La Pietra, Garden
Choreographer and performer Monica Bill Barnes founded MBB&CO in 1997 with the mission of celebrating individuality, humor, and the innate theatricality of everyday life. She is joined by Anna Bass and Robert Saenz de Viteri, Creative Producing Director and the host of Happy Hour, in the world’s first-ever cocktail party dance show. Framed by the casual aesthetics of cocktail parties and the inherent failure of karaoke nights, they are two female performers desperate to wrest new meaning from the most familiar male characters. Happy Hour invites audiences to have a drink, laugh at our collective failures, and celebrate our own shortcomings.. » sign up

Thais Diarra

Tuesday, June 23 - 9:00 PM Villa La Pietra, Limonaia
Thaïs Diarra is a Swiss born musician who went back to her roots, travelling from Mali to Senegal which became her second home. Her music combines African instruments such as kora and balafon, with American soul vibes. Her songs, performed in English, French, Wolof and Bambara speak about hope and self-confidence, a celebration of women, femininity and sisterhood. » sign up

Kathleen Turner performs "Red Hot Patriot, the Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins"

Thursday, June 25 - 8:30 PM Villa La Pietra, Limonaia
Two-time Tony and Oscar nominee Kathleen Turner sizzles as Molly Ivins, the brassy Texan reporter whose liberal journalism skyrocketed her to the national stage. From writing Elvis Presley’s New York Times obituary to becoming the most widely-read self-proclaimed “pain in the ass to whatever powers come to be,” Ivins, often described as a modern-day Mark Twain, made rabid fans and enemies alike with her sharp-tongued humor and unabashed political criticism. This acclaimed show captures the redheaded reporter’s indomitable character by weaving personal anecdotes with her colorful take on national politics. » sign up

The King Stag, by Carlo Gozzi

Tuesday, June 30, at 9:00 PM – Villa La Pietra, Teatrino
The NYU undergraduate acting students dive into the magical tale of Carlo Gozzi. A story of love and betrayal, intrigue and mirth, magic spells and pageantry. Welcome to the fantastic world of Commedia dell’Arte where transformations, gags, music and lazzies are the rules, Truffaldino, Tartaglia and Pantalone the masks.
Let’s begin from the beginning!...... » sign up

Hot Tunes/Cold War! (EVENT CANCELLED)

Thursday July 23, at 9:00 PM – Villa La Pietra, Garden