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The Season

Mission Statement

The Season is a summer celebration of creative collaboration and exploration conducted throughout the grounds of Villa la Pietra and its extraordinary and scenographic gardens. Artists, writers, musicians, poets, actors and public intellectuals are given time and space to nurture and hone their craft, experiment, collaborate across disciplines, and to create and present new works or the reinterpretation of classics. Well-known figures and emerging talents work together, in classes and workshops or experimental laboratories, and present their work before an audience of Italians and Americans invited to the gardens of Villa la Pietra for a surprising and elegant evening.

The intimacy and immediacy of the interaction between audience and artist contributes to the creative process and provides a unique experience for both. Performances often end with an open dialogue and the conversation between performers and the public continues at a reception in the gardens under the stars. The Season explores the creative process in all its forms, inviting selected artists to reflect on their craft in special dialogues with students and the public.

High production quality, innovation and the intimacy of the Season's Community have played a vital role in the incubation of new talent and the celebration of culture, which has been part of the City of Florence's identity for centuries. It has also been the source of new innovative and cutting-edge work that has traveled from La Pietra to New York and around the world.

Extracts - The Season 2015

The Iliad

Standing in a Safety Zone

The Season 2012 Video of Flora

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2014 Events

Fiction Talk - Heroic Dogs & Histerical Sopranos: A Portrait of Italy as a Would-Be country, by Nicola Gardini
Date: 28 May 7:00 PM
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Commedia Tonight!
Date: 29 May 5:30 PM
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Writers Reading - Dorothea Lasky and Eileen Myles
Date: 4 June 7:00 PM
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The Writers' Season - Italian and American Writers and Readers
Date: 5-6 June 5:00 - 11:30 PM
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Being Me, Being You: Acting, Neuroscience and the Audience
Date: 10 June 11:30 AM (EVENT CANCELLED)

Of Pocket Instruments, Pierrot and the Moon- Andy Teirstein
Date: 11 June 5:00 PM
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Writers Reading - Jonathan Lethem and Chris Kraus
Date: 11 June 7:00 PM
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Writers Reading - Marco Simonelli and Mark Wunderlich
Date: 18 June 7:00 PM
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Date: 19 June 9:00 PM
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The science of comedy. Dissecting the Big Bang Theory
Date: 23 June 2:00 PM
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The Tyrant and The Maiden
Date: 25 June 6:00 PM
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Action Painting and Irascible Composers
Date: 26 June 8:00 PM
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Standing in a Safety Zone
Date: 1 July 8:00 PM
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Captain Gloriosus
Date: 3 July 9:00 PM
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Date: 6 July 9:00 PM (event fully booked)
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Piano Recital
Date: 7 July 9:00 PM (event fully booked)
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The Tempest
Date: 7 August 9:00 PM
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