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The Acton Collection

The Acton Collection which fills the rooms in the interior of Villa La Pietra consists of more than 5000 objects from a wide range of styles and media including early Italian panel paintings, Flemish tapestries, Renaissance polychrome sculptures, French dresses, Art Nouveau silver, Chinese ceramics, and important Baroque furniture. The collection also contains a library of some 12,000 volumes, of which many are first editions as well as the family papers, including more than 16,000 photographs. The collection is arranged as it was in the Acton's time, not as a formal museum display, but as a decorative ensemble in which works of art play off each other and the styles of the historic villa building itself. Visitors can appreciate that this is the single best example of an Anglo-American private collection formed in Florence in the early years of the 20th century still intact in the home for which it was all intended, and, as such, it is of great interest as an example of the taste of the time.

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