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Go part-time

You must be full-time enrolled every semester, or receive OGS approval to be part-time. Please note, F-1 regulations stipulate that only one online class may count towards full-time status in any fall or spring semester.

Who is eligible

You are eligible to be part-time if:

  • it is your last semester before you graduate and you have fewer than 12 credits left to finish your degree.
  • it is your first semester in the U.S., and your department recommends English-language courses in addition to your studies.
  • you have a medical condition preventing you from being full-time.

If you have any other reason, please speak to an OGS advisor during our walk-in hours.

How to apply

  1. Discuss your enrollment with your academic advisor.
  2. Complete the part-time request form. The Fall 2015 request form will be available in August. If you are a graduate student, first find out if your department considers fewer than 12 credits to be full-time enrollment (see below for more information).
    1. If you experience difficulty with the online request form, first try opening the form in a new browser while signed into NYUHome. If the form still doesn't work, please take a screenshot of the information in the form and email it to
  3. Print the confirmation page for your records. You may be asked to present this form when visiting the OGS walk-in hours or when applying for on-campus employment.
  4. If you are requesting to be part-time because of a medical condition, you must bring a letter from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or licensed clinical psychologist to the OGS during walk-in advising hours before or after submitting your part-time request. This letter must
    1. state your full name
    2. recommend that you enroll less than full-time, or not at all, for a specific time period due to a medical condition
  5. An OGS advisor will review your request form and notify you by email that your request has been approved or denied (or request more information if necessary) within 5 business days.


What happens if you don't get approved

You must register for a full-time course load. If you are enrolled on a part-time basis without OGS approval, you will lose the benefits of lawful student status and be unable to stay and study in the United States.

If your department considers fewer than 12 credits full-time enrollment

Graduate students registered for fewer than 12 credits are often considered to be doing the equivalent of full-time studies. This is called full-time equivalency and is something your academic department must evaluate and make a notation of in Albert. Once you get full-time equivalency from your department, you do NOT need to get approval to be part-time from the OGS.

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