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On-Campus Employment

This information applies to J-1 students issued a DS-2019 by NYU, who are enrolled in a degree program, exchange program, or in "visiting student" status. The OGS is able to help NYU students sponsored by other organizations identify who is the appropriate person at that organization to provide immigration guidance.

As an NYU-sponsored J-1 student, you are eligible to apply to work on-campus as long as you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are a full-time student
  • You have a valid, unexpired DS-2019 from NYU
  • You have a valid, unexpired passport
  • I-94 record
  • You have a letter from your on-campus employer that states the following four items:
    1. employer name and address
    2. number of hours you will work weekly
    3. begin and end dates of employment
    4. type of employment (for example, adjunct instructor or hourly student worker)

Bring these items to the OGS during walk-in advising hours for review by an advisor. Once your on-campus employment has been authorized in the SEVIS (government) database and you have been issued a J-1 on-campus employment letter, you may begin to work. If you change on-campus jobs, you need to submit an updated employment offer letter to the OGS.

You must have a Social Security number before you can be paid. Find out how to apply for a Social Security number if you don't already have one.


On-campus employment restrictions

You may work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year, full-time (over 20 hours per week) during vacation periods.

Your employment may take place at any NYU office or department, or a commercial firm located at NYU that provides direct services to students (e.g., the NYU bookstore). On-campus employment also includes graduate assistantships and teaching as an adjunct at NYU.

After your J-1 on-campus employment has been authorized, you will need to obtain a Social Security Number in order to get paid by NYU. See the instructions on how to apply for a Social Security Number once you have secured employment.

On-Campus Resources

To find on-campus employment and internship opportunities visit the Wasserman Center for Career Development. Career Services provides assistance with resume writing, interview skills and other services that will help you put your career on track.

Social Security Number

Need to apply for a Social Security Number?

Learn how to get one as an international student.
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