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I-765 Explained

Below are detailed instructions on how to fill out the I-765 if you are applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT). The only items highlighted on this form are those that students commonly have questions on or are confused about. Please review each item carefully to ensure your I-765 is filled out correctly. Each item discussed is highlighted in the image as to where it appears on the actual form I-765. We recommend you fill out the pdf online and then print the form to sign it once completed. Be sure to sign the form in blue ink.

I am applying for:

Check the box “Permission to accept employment.” If you lost your EAD and are applying for a new card, select the second box. If you are applying to continue your current OPT, select the third box.

Applying for

Item 1:

Enter your family name first and be sure to spell it in all capital letters. Enter your first name second. Your first name should not be entered in all capital letters. Include your middle name if you have one.

Enter family name in capital letters

Item 3:

Enter your street address. This must be a U.S. address and it should be valid three months into the future. If you believe you will change addresses within the next three months you are advised to instead list the address of a trusted friend or family member. If you choose to enter your friend’s or family member’s address, you must also include a “care of” name. This is indicated by writing “c/o” and then the name of your friend/family member before the street address.

Enter street address

Item 10:

Enter your I-94 number. This number is 11 digits long and can be found on your I-94 card, which should be stapled into your passport.

Enter I-94 number
I-94 Card

Item 11:

Select “Yes” if you have previously applied for OPT, or ever submitted the I-765 for work authorization to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Select “No” if you have only ever worked on campus or been authorized for CPT, or if you have not previously worked.

If you selected “yes”, enter the USCIS office that handled your previous employment authorization application. For most of you this will be the Vermont Service Center (receipt number would start with EAC).

Enter the date(s) you were approved/denied for employment authorization.

If you have previously aplite for OPT enter dates

Item 12:

Enter the last date you entered the U.S. For most of you this should be the date stamped on your I-94 card.

Enter date of last entry to US

Item 13:

Enter the place you entered the U.S. This should be indicated by the three digit code found on your I-94 card prior to May 2013 or in your passport for most entries after that date. For example, if you entered JFK, the stamp on your I-94 card or your passport should indicate “NYC”. If you entered through Newark, the stamp on your I-94 card or your passport should indicate “NEW”.

Enter 3 digit code stamped on I-94

Item 15:

Your current status should be F-1 Student.

Current status should be F-1 Student

Item 16:

  • If you are applying for pre completion OPT enter the codes (c ) (3 ) (A)
  • For post completion OPT enter the codes (c ) (3) (B)
  • For the 17 month extension, STEM OPT enter the codes (c ) (3) (c)
Enter OPT codes

Item 17:

This item only needs to be completed by those students applying for the 17 month extension, STEM OPT. For all others, this item can be left blank.

Fill out only if applying for STEM OPT

Your Signature:

Be sure to sign the form in blue ink between the two lines.

Sign in blue ink between the two lines
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