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Tax and Travel

This page is intended to provide a "self-service" source of information where individuals can obtain basic information on the tax system of the country they are traveling to and what triggers a tax filing and payment in that location.

The below KPMG publications are provided for your convenience and is not considered specific tax advice from either NYU or KPMG. You should review the terms and conditions, privacy policies and disclaimers that govern the access and use of these publications which can be found on the KPMG website.

It is your responsibility to confirm with your tax advisor all information found within these publications and how they apply to your specific situation. It is also your responsibility to meet all personal tax filing requirements, including your country of residence and any foreign jurisdictions.

Any tax advice in these publications/communications are not intended or written by KPMG to be used, and cannot be used, by a client or any other person or entity for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties that may be imposed on any taxpayer or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any matters addressed herein.

The information contained in these publications is of a general nature and based on authorities that are subject to change. Applicability of the information to specific situations should be determined through consultation with your tax adviser.

U.S. Taxation of Americans Abroad

This publication is a general guide to help U.S. citizen and resident aliens who live or work abroad to understand their U.S. income tax obligations.

U.S. Taxation of Foreign Citizens

This publication is a general guide to help citizen or national of a foreign country who lives or works in the United States understand how U.S. tax law applies to you.  U.S. tax law is complex, with rules and many exceptions, but being familiar with the rules will help you understand your responsibilities as a U.S. taxpayer. 

Thinking Beyond Borders: Management of Extended Business Travelers

This publication includes summaries from more than 60 countries to assist with identifying compliance matters affecting business travelers.

Taxation of International Executives

An overview of the relevant issues that can affect employees on international assignment including filing requirements, due dates, income tax and social security rates, expatriate tax concessions and sample tax calculations in over 70 foreign jurisdictions.


NYU Faculty, Administrators, or Staff going on an NYU sponsored foreign secondments or assignments should contact the Office of Global Services for additional information as soon as possible.  You can email us at:

NYU International Students and Scholars in the United States:

International students and scholars are often surprised to learn they have tax filing obligations while they are present in the United States — even if they did not work in the prior year. Tax filing does not necessarily mean that taxes must be paid. Tax filing is a legal requirement. Before filing your tax forms, be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions page. Please note: The OGS staff cannot advise on tax issues. Keep copies of all tax forms you file each year. Please click here to learn more.


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