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Obtain Your Status

Procedures for beginning a new J-1 program

Requests for J-1 sponsorship must be initiated by an established administrative liaison from your academic department. If your department plans to request J-1 status for you, the department administrator will complete a Request for DS-2019 form. The department administrator will ask you to submit various documents required for the application, including a copy of your passport, curriculum vitae, and financial documentation if necessary. Once the Office of Global Services receives the request form and supporting documents from your department, the office will review the information and issue a DS-2019 form for you using the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) database. Your department administrator will mail the form to you so you can then apply for your J-1 visa stamp at a U.S. embassy or consulate.

The Office of Global Services requires a minimum of a three-month lead-time for all new scholars arriving from overseas. This is to allow sufficient time for the Office of Global Services to process your DS-2019 form and for you to receive it in the mail then apply for your J-1 visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country.

Transferring from Another Exchange Visitor Program

If you will be transferring your J-1 status to NYU from another institution, your NYU department administrator will need to include with the Request for DS-2019 copies of your current immigration documents. The Office of Global Services will then contact your current institution for your transfer of your record in SEVIS. Once your transfer date arrives, the Office of Global Services will have access to your SEVIS record and will be able to issue your DS-2019 form after you arrive at NYU. If you plan to travel before transferring to NYU, please contact the Office of Global Services immediately.

Changing status to J-1 from within the US

If you are currently in the United States in a different non-immigrant status and are not traveling outside the U.S. before the begin date of your J-1 appointment at NYU, it may be possible to apply for a Change of Status (COS) from within the U.S. Please contact Scholar Services for further information.

J-1 Program

J-2 Dependents

Immediate family members (defined as a spouse and/or unmarried children under 21) may apply for J-2 visas to accompany exchange visitors to the U.S. If you have dependents and would like them to join you at some point during your stay at NYU, notify your department of this when you are asked for information for your visa application.

If your dependent has no plans to work and no intention of staying longer than three months, the B-2 (tourist) visa or the Visa Waiver Program is a fine option for visiting you in the U.S.

More information for J-2 dependents can be found here.

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