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Health Insurance

Federal regulations require that all J-1 exchange visitors and J-2 dependents have health insurance that meets specified minimum requirements. Coverage must run for the duration of the exchange visitor's program in the U.S.

It is important to understand that failure to maintain insurance coverage is a violation of U.S. government regulations that results in immediate termination of exchange visitor status. Click here for more information about this regulation.

Selecting a Doctor & Using your Health Insurance

When looking for a doctor, it's always helpful to ask people you know for recommendations. Possibly, someone in your department at NYU will be able to recommend someone, or a friend who has visited or lived in the city may know of one. Also, the NYU Medical Center of NYU's School of Medicine is affiliated with a number of doctors and hospitals in the city.

NOTE: NYU's University Health Center on Broadway at the Washington Square campus is primarily a resource for students. Full-time employees can use the center at times for immunization shots or vision care.

You will need to make sure that you are covered by insurance that meets the U.S. minimum federal requirements. If you will be a full-time salaried employee at NYU, you will most likely receive health insurance through NYU and will be required to pay a monthly premium for that insurance out of your paycheck. If you are not sure whether you will receive health insurance through NYU, consult with your department.

If you will not be covered by NYU, then you will need to have health insurance either from your home country or from a company in the U.S. If you are using an insurance plan from your home country, make sure you contact the company before you leave home to understand the coverage you will receive and the procedure to follow while you are in the U.S. Before making an appointment with any US doctor, you should ask the doctor's office if it will accept your type of insurance. You may have to pay the doctor the full cost of the visit, and then submit a claim to your home insurance company later for possible reimbursement. Be aware that paying the full cost of the visit and any additional fees for such things as x-rays or laboratory tests may mean hundreds of dollars.

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