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Maintain Your Status

These are the steps every O-1 scholar must follow in order to maintain legal status while in the U.S.

1. Make sure your immigration documents are valid and unexpired:

  • A passport valid at least six months into the future
  • I-94 arrival/departure record
  • A valid O-1 visa is needed for travel and re-entry into the U.S. However, an O-1 visa may be expired while remaining in the U.S.
  • A valid I-797 Approval Notice (from the petition filed with USCIS)

2. Update your local address within 10 days of a move.

It is the O-1 scholar’s responsibility to keep the Office of Global Services and USCIS apprised of your current residence in the U.S. Within ten days of a move, you should notify Scholar Services of your new address so the staff can update our records. Scholars can report the new address by visiting the office or sending an e-mail to the attention of International Scholar Services at with your name, visa type, new address, and telephone number.

Also it is a legal requirement that within ten days of a move, you must report the change of address to USCIS using form AR-11.

3. Notify Scholar Services of early departure.

If an O-1 scholar’s appointment at NYU will be completed prior to the original end date, the Office of Global Services should be notified by both the department liaison and the scholar. Please send an e-mail to the attention of International Scholar Services at including your name, visa type, original and new end date, and reason for early departure or visit the Scholar Services office.

If you not have O-1 status with another employer or if you do not have any other status, you must depart the U.S. immediately after the last day of NYU employment.

4. Notify Scholar Services of substantial changes in NYU employment.

An O-1 scholar’s permission to work at NYU is based on the terms and conditions presented in the petition filed with USCIS. Accordingly, you should not accept any changes in the terms of employment (other than a standard salary increase) without first consulting the Office of Global Services.

5. Do not accept unauthorized employment.

Before accepting employment with another employer, O-1 scholars are advised to verify whether or not that employer must also file an O-1 petition for them (concurrent O-1) with USCIS. O-1 scholars who have an attorney-filed O-1 for an agent or artist’s representative, should not assume that another employer was included in that petition.

6. Contact Scholar Services if the O-1 status needs to be extended

If your appointment at NYU will be extended and you still require O-1 status, your department liaison should request an extension per the requested lead times.

Maintain Your Status

Register with OGS Scholar Services!

All new O-1 scholars should register with Scholar Services upon arrival or approval of a change of status. A registration form is included with the visa documents we send you. If you are entering from outside the U.S., we request you attach a copy of your visa stamp and I-94 information. Once you register, we will subscribe you to our Foreign Scholars Email List. The list is our primary vehicle for communicating with you about important immigration updates and special events in which we think you might be interested. Upon registration, you also have the option of joining the International Scholars Network Email List which enables you to connect with other international scholars at NYU. Don't forget to register!

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