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Inbound to NYC

General Information on Visa Assistance at NYU

International Scholar Services provides visa assistance for NYU faculty, researchers, and visiting scholars upon request by sponsoring departments. NYU reserves visa assistance for foreign nationals on academic (i.e. teaching and research) appointments only, both short and long-term. Visa assistance is not provided for support or technical staff, nor administration positions. Upon department request and in consultation with the prospective scholar, International Scholar Services makes a determination about an appropriate visa. A minimum of 3-month lead time for all new scholars arriving from overseas is required for all visa types though 6 months is recommended for H-1B and O-1 visas. Required lead time takes into account time needed for International Scholar Services to process documents and file petitions, and for scholars to obtain visas overseas.

All visa petitions must be filed through International Scholar Services. Privately retained attorneys do not have authority to represent the University in these matters unless authorized by International Scholar Services in consultation with the University's Office of Legal Counsel.

Affiliating as a Visiting Scholar

Foreign nationals interested in affiliating as a Visiting Scholar with an NYU department for the purposes of conducting independent research should contact the department or an individual faculty member directly. For individual department information, visit NYU's Academics page. Visiting Scholars are usually given J-1 exchange visitor status and must have adequate financial resources as well as health insurance to qualify for visa assistance. Visiting Scholars coming from overseas to NYU for short stays may come on a B-1 visa or on the Visa Waiver Program. For more information, visit our section on the B-1/B-2 Visas and Visa Waiver Program.

Permanent Residence Filing

NYU files permanent resident petitions for individuals holding full-time permanent academic appointments only. All such petitions are filed by or with the approval of International Scholar Services. Privately-retained attorneys will not have authority to represent the university in these matters unless authorized by International Scholar Services and in consultation with the university's Office of Legal Counsel.

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