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Special Programs

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Interconnected Washington, DC

Whether studying politics, economics, history or journalism, at NYU Washington, DC students find how life is connected to government while living in this capital city. The courses offered at NYU Washington, DC have been engineered to illustrate the vibrancy and culture of Washington life. Students learn from this city’s most revered thinkers, innovators and game-changers.

Students learn why Washington, DC is home to an array of organizations, corporations and cultural institutions.  They learn how a bill in Congress could impact a teacher in a classroom in California, or an engineer on an oil rig off the Gulf Coast.  What takes place in this city not only changes the lives of Americans, but can impact the global community.

Weissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square

Past Scholars and Events

Perspectives on the Shifting US Health Landscape: Leading Policymakers, Professionals and Providers Debate the New Geography Shaping Health in America

Despite spending more money on health care than any other nation, the US performs poorly on a number of population health indices, in part because it under-invests in public health efforts such as disease prevention programs.

Major transitions are underway however, with hospitals shifting from in-patient volume to an emphasis on the value of services they provide, insurers supporting trends away from acute care delivery to community-based care and prevention, and informed consumers playing a more central role.

Health reform in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) recognizes the importance of public health services that are often ‘hidden’ from the public, less visible than hospitals or the latest technology or medication. Examples include some key preventive services that have no out-of-pocket expenditures and the Prevention and Public Health Fund established by the ACA.

This event explored the drivers of these tectonic shifts, how they affect public health, and the best way to get what our dollars should buy: a healthier population, instead of one that ranks 17 among high income countries for life expectancy at birth. What is at stake as we implement reforms? How do we ensure we get it right and what are the consequences of getting it wrong? What role does compromise among those with disparate perspectives and rigorous evaluation of outcomes play in increasing our chance of success?



November 2013

Angela Maria Kelley, a well-known authority on the policy and the politics of immigration, joined American Progress in 2009 as Vice President for Immigration Policy and Advocacy. As Vice President, Kelley applies her many years of experience in the immigration field to the Center’s immigration policy work. In the years since Kelley’s arrival to American Progress, the organization has published numerous impactful reports and analyses on a range of immigration issues including the economic impact of state anti-immigrant laws, the economic value of immigration reform, the cost of mass deportation, and the integration trends of America’s newcomers. Kelley is widely quoted in the press, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico, and makes frequent radio and television appearances, including appearances on PBS, MSNBC, Fox News, and NPR.

Before joining American Progress in 2009, Kelley served as director of the Immigration Policy Center, a research and rapid-response organization providing policymakers, academics, the media, and the general public with access to accurate information about the effects of immigration on the U.S. economy and society. Prior to that Kelley was deputy director at the National Immigration Forum, where she headed its legislative, policy, and communications activities and oversaw its operations. During her service at the Forum, Kelley was a frontline negotiator as Congress debated proposed comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Kelley was also at the forefront of advocacy that secured key legislative victories including the Legal Immigration Family Equity Act, the Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act, and the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act.

Kelley, the daughter of South American immigrants, began her career as an attorney for a legal services agency in Washington, D.C., representing low-income immigrants on immigration and family matters. She is a graduate of The George Washington University Law School and a Georgetown University Law School Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellow.

May 2014

Gary Barker Ph.D, Founder and International Director of Promundo, is a leading voice on engaging men and boys in gender equality and ending violence against women. He is International Director and founder of Promundo, an international NGO with headquarters in Brazil and offices in Rwanda, Burundi, Portugal and the US that works nationally and globally in engaging men and boys for gender equality. He has led research and program development with men and boys in the Balkans, Brazil, South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and the US, including in post-conflict settings. He is co-chair and co-founder of MenEngage, a global alliance of more than 400 NGOs and UN agencies working to engage men and boys in gender equality, and a member of the UN Secretary General’s Men’s Leaders Network to end violence against women. He has been awarded an Ashoka Fellowship and a fellowship from the Open Society Institute for his work, and holds a visiting researcher appointment at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He is on steering committees or boards of the directors for the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI), the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinites/SUNY-Stonybrook, the Program for the Advancement of our Common Humanity (PACH/NYU), and the World Bank’s gender branch. Among his publications is the book, Dying to be Men: Youth, Masculinity and Social Exclusion (Routledge, 2005). He is coordinator of the multi-country survey on men, IMAGES (the International Men and Gender Equality Survey), one of the largest ever surveys on men’s attitudes and behaviors related to violence, fatherhood and gender equality. He is co-founder of MenCare, a global campaign, active in more than 25 countries, to promote men’s involvement as equitable, non-violent caregivers. He holds a doctorate in child development from Loyola University (Chicago) and a master’s in public policy from Duke University.  

NYU Washington, DC convenes some of the world’s foremost scholars, policy makers, practitioners, business leaders, public intellectuals and artists whose ideas and work have made a significant cultural or intellectual contribution to American public policy and global inititives, for which Washington is known. They gather at NYU Washington, DC, New York University's technologically advanced site, to confront some of the most intractable issues of contemporary society through the creative interplay of ideas and perspectives.

Public programming at the Center fosters the creation of partnerships across disciplines, cultures and institutions and contributes to the emerging global civic discourse that is at the heart of NYU’s mission as a global network university.

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Public Events

A small number of students will be selected to participate in the Leadership Scholars Program at NYU Washington, DC. Students will take full advantage of internships, NYU courses, meetings with leaders from a variety of professions and industries, and will enroll in a unique course in the practice of ethical and inclusive leadership.

Few other places in the world rival Washington, DC in terms of its sheer impact, breadth of Political institutions, and concentration of influential leadership. NYU Washington, DC's Politics program emphasizes both domestic and international power dynamics by capitalizing on relationships with embassies, foreign and domestic policy makers, and by hosting special events that focus globally and locally. Our star faculty are expert practitioners who contribute actively to policy development.  By participating in courses such as American Public Opinion and Pressure Groups and Topics in Health: Policy, Politics, Power, students are positioned to apply theory to direct analysis of current policy and decision making.

Washington, DC is arguably the most critically significant site for Public Economics in the United States. Facing incredible scrutiny in recent years, Economic institutions in Washington, DC focusing on both domestic and international economic policies such as the US Office of the Treasury, the World Bank, the IMF are conducting groundbreaking research. Economics students have the unique opportunity to apply all the most recent developments through course work in classes such as Money and Banking and Financial Crises.

Home of landmark Journalistic institutions, such as the National Press Club, the Washington Post, USAToday, and the Newseum, Washington, DC asserts itself as one of the most innovative and vigorous locales for news reporting and writing. Journalism students will have the opportunity to satisfy core requirements towards their major in courses such as The Beat and Advanced Reporting with faculty who are award winning reporters affiliated with the Associated Press and USAToday.

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