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Study Away Costs & Financial Aid

Study Abroad Students
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NYU Students

Find out more about financing your study away experience as an NYU student!

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Visiting Students

Find out more about financing your study away experience as a visiting student!

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NYU Students (matriculated at NYU New York, NYU Abu Dhabi, or NYU Shanghai)

Tuition and registration fees for full-time NYU students remains the same during semesters spent at a global location as long as the student is enrolled in 12-18 points. For each point taken in excess of 18 points in a semester, there is an additional charge per point.

Chinese students from NYU Shanghai should speak with their advisors or NYU Shanghai Global Affairs about how additional credits will impact them financially.

Non-NYU (Visiting) Students

Unless your home school has a third-party payment arrangement or other partnership with NYU, visiting students pay NYU College of Arts and Science tuition and fees while studying at an NYU global location. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 points. For each point taken in excess of 18 points in a semester, there is an additional charge. To view current NYU tuition and registration fees, please visit the NYU Bursar website.

If your home school has a third-party payment arrangement with NYU, you will continue to pay tuition to your school, as usual. You will not be required to remit NYU tuition the NYU Bursar. Inquire with your study abroad office to learn if there is a third-party payment arrangement with NYU.

If your home school has a partnership with NYU Global Programs the cost of tuition may be less than the posted figures. Inquire with your study abroad office to learn if there is a partnership with NYU.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid, grants, and scholarships are available to both NYU and Non-NYU upperclassmen who study at the NYU global academic centers. 

Admitted Study Away undergraduate students applying for financial aid will be automatically evaluated for additional financial aid and study away specific scholarships.  For more information click here.

Non-NYU students can apply for a financial aid transfer, merit and need-based awards through Global Programs. For more information click here.


The University's Electronic Billing (E-Bill) system is the official means of generating tuition bills to enrolled study away students. Paper bills are not mailed. Students, and the additional users they authorize, are notified by e-mail each time a new billing statement becomes available. The Electronic bill is a monthly billing statement, and you will only receive an Electronic bill if you have a balance on your account. 

Enrolled students can view their Electronic Bill by logging onto the NYU Electronic bill site. At that time, students can also invite parents or other users to create their own E-bill profile.

For details about NYU's E-bill, tuition rates, and methods of payment, please visit the NYU Bursar website.

For refund policies and schedules for NYU global academic centers, click here.

Study Away Cost Estimates (2016-17)

Groceries/dining, airfare, student visa, and personal expenses vary greatly by student; tuition is consistent as when enrolled at the degree campus. Airfare charges often depend on the departure city, and immigration costs depend on the citizenship of the student. Required health insurance costs will be communicated separately by the home campus Health Center. The cost of living is affected by exchange rates and other factors which fluctuate daily. For general planning, please consider the chart below which is based on estimated expenses for one semester.

Round-Trip Airfare
Local Transit
Immigration Costs
Total Before Tuition
Abu Dhabi $8,521*   $1,500   0 $2,000
$5,673 - $6,119*
$450 $200 - $300*
$10,999 - $11,545
$4,716 - $5,355
$10,596 - $11,235
Buenos Aires
$4,063 - $4,292*
$100 $75 - $240
$7,138 - $7,532
$5,515 - $10,990*
$12,440 - $17,915
$7,096 - $10,376
$725 0 - $1200*
$13,821 - $18,301
$2,770 - $5,555*
$200 $65 - $160
$7,635 - $10,515
New York $8789*   $1,500 $450* $200 $1,500   $12,439
$7,416 - $9,156*
$240 - $600
$13,236 - $15,336
$3,878 - $6,495
$110 - $500*
$8,488 - $11,495
$1,862 - $4,004
$200 $60 - $200
$6,522 - $8,804
$7,702 - $8,072
$420 - $1000
$15,522 - $16,472
Tel Aviv $7,190 - $9,509
  $70 - $150
$11,560 - 13,959
Washington, DC
$5,944 - $7,728
0 - $200*
$10,655 - $12,639

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the exchange rate fluctuates and that prices vary accordingly.

Above are the fall 2016 and spring 2017 semester rates for the global study away sites, some of which are inclusive of board, as noted.  Room rates are site specific and are generally determined by room type, rental costs, and associated support services.  The figures cited in NYU's Cost of Attendance are based on annual room and board rates at NYU's location in New York.

Abu Dhabi *Includes meal plan

Accra *Includes meal plan. Immigration process requires a yellow fever vaccine and recommended antimalarial medication, the average cost is factored in but will vary based on the student's health insurance

Buenos Aires *Includes meal plan

Florence *Off-campus ranges $5,515 - $9,903. On-campus ranges (including meal plan) $7,990 - $10,990. Homestays (including meal plan) range $6,750 - $7,886.

London *Free for Short Term Student No-Visa (1 semester, not working or interning); Short Term Student (Visa): $130-320; Tier 4 (1 semester with work or full year): approximately $500-$1200 [fees depend on expediting needs, English language tests needed, and other immigration charges depending upon length of stay].

Madrid *Room and board (single or double) in a private home may include two meals a day, or simply kitchen privileges (prices vary accordingly). Rent is paid in cash in euros directly to the head of the household in Madrid. Food will amount to approximately $1,400 per semester for students who purchase their own food. Other types of housing may be available and vary by semester -- these cost estimates are not included.

New York *On-campus, double occupancy with 300 meals per semester. Local transit needs vary by student, a monthly unlimited ride subway card is $112 per month. 

Paris *Rates reflect NYU arranged apartments and the student residence, the most commonly assigned housing options in Paris. Immigration costs vary greatly by student citizenship.

Prague * Immigration costs vary greatly by student citizenship.

Washington DC * Fees associated with F-1 visa, applicable non-US students enrolled at Abu Dhabi and Shanghai campuses.

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