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We continue to accept Fall 2016 applications for programs in Accra, Buenos Aires, Florence, London (no lab science), Madrid, Paris, Prague (no business), Shanghai, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Washington DC. 


We are no longer accepting applications for programs in Abu Dhabi, Berlin, or New York (NYU students only).


Note: Barring exceptional circumstances, only applicants who apply to Abu Dhabi as their first choice program can be considered for study there. NYU Abu Dhabi is not an option for program change requests. 

Applicants to NYU academic year study away programs are generally registered as full-time students at an accredited US college or university. All applicants are required to include two different choices of locations for study and every attempt will be made to match students with one of their top two locations. Students who participate in study away programs have completed their freshman year of study (two full semesters) and have reached the age of 18 prior to the beginning of the term away. Students admitted to the program have earned a GPA of at least 3.0 or higher. Incomplete (I) grades on official transcripts must be resolved before an admissions decision can be made. Students who have completed at least one year of college but are not presently enrolled in a college or university or have already graduated are also eligible to apply; however, priority is given to students currently matriculated.

Students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations at NYU Global academic centers must contact the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities to discuss reasonable accommodations. Students are encouraged to contact the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities prior to choosing a location and should register with the Moses Center as soon as they receive notification of their admission to enroll. Information for students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations at an NYU academic center can be found on the Moses Center website.

Eligibility & Requirements

All students interested in applying to study at an NYU Global Academic Center must complete the online application which includes an agreement to the NYU Study Away Standard. All applicants are encouraged to include two different choices of locations for study and every attempt will be made to match students with one of their top two locations.

Eligible student types include: 

NYU students need to fill out the online application, which includes a personal statement. Students applying to NYU Paris may also be required to submit the Language Background Form available for download within the online application.

Academic Success & Review of University Records

Please be aware that admission to any of the NYU Global study away sites is contingent upon the applicant’s continued academic success and a review of his or her University records. Any courses with an incomplete (I) must be resolved before the start of the term away. Should a student’s admission be revoked as a result of this review, New York University is not responsible for refunding any expenses incurred in preparation for the intended semester of study.

Students who apply to study away during their first semester in a new NYU school (internal transfers and LS transitioning students) should acknowledge the University policy that requires students to spend their first semester on campus in New York. Exceptions to that policy are granted on a case by case basis.

Discipline Statement

Given their unique nature, membership in a global campus community requires mutual respect, consideration, and concern for the well-being of others as well as a significant degree of personal integrity and maturity. Students whose prior behavior has been determined through the University student conduct process to have been disruptive to the University community and/or antithetical to these qualities may be precluded from participation in the study away experience. Accordingly, please be advised that information concerning student conduct actions is made available to the New York University Global Academic Centers and may be taken into consideration in the process of reviewing a student’s application to participate. Students who have been placed on University disciplinary probation or on deferred suspension from University housing are ineligible to participate in study away during the period of their probation and/or deferred status. Students who have been suspended, withdrawn, or dismissed from the University and those who have been dismissed or suspended from University housing are permanently ineligible to enroll at the Global Academic Centers.

University Leave Policy

Students who have been on leave from the University must return to their home campus and successfully complete one academic semester (fall or spring) of full-time course work before enrolling at a Global Academic Center.

Non-NYU students should submit the online application and also submit official transcripts of all college-level work and other supplemental materials. A complete application consists of the following:

  • Application Form (online)
  • Personal Statement (included within the online application)
  • Academic Transcripts*
  • French Language Background Form**
  • Recommendation Form
  • Advisor Approval Form

*If your institution does not release official transcripts to students, then transcripts may be sent to the NYU Office of Global Programs at the address listed below.

**Required for applicants to NYU Paris who do not have adequate proof of language proficiency on their academic transcript(s) should also submit this form. The Language Background Form is available for download within the online application.

  • Students wishing to apply for admission to begin a NYU undergraduate degree program either as a first year or transfer student should not use this application and should instead visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Web-site at

Notification & Acceptance 

Applicants will be notified via e-mail on the notification date. Accepted students must confirm their intention to enroll by submitting a nonrefundable $500 reservation fee and are urged to do so immediately upon receiving admission notification; enrollment is not guaranteed until the reservation is received. Reservations will be accepted as long as space remains available. Please note that space in the program is limited. If the program reaches capacity before we receive your reservation, you will be placed on a waitlist.

A Note for All Students: Upon acceptance, you will be required to submit a confidential medical form. Visiting students must also submit a confidential immunization report signed by your physician.

Mail any required application materials to:

NYU Office of Global Programs
25 West 4th Street, First Floor
New York, NY 10012

Application materials can also be emailed to

Program Change Requests & Application Cancellations

Any student who has already applied, been admitted, or confirmed to study away for an upcoming term but who has decided to change his or her first choice program location should submit a program change request form. Please understand that change requests will be reviewed on a space available basis and that your application will be reassessed in light of the information you include here.

Students who have previously confirmed their intent to enroll in study away (meaning you've accepted your offer of admission through Albert) but who have decided to cancel their enrollment, should submit our cancellation request form.


Online Application

Note: If you encounter trouble when trying to submit your application, first save the application as it is and then clear your cache (read: go into your browser tools menu and select the clear history/clear browsing data/clear cache option). Then, close all of your browser windows, reopen the browser, and log back into your application. In almost all cases, this will allow you to submit your application. If you try this and continue to have trouble, please email us at and we will help you.

NYU Students - Please log into the Student Center through Albert to access the NYU Global Programs online application. Under the "Student Center" heading please click the link to the "Application Center." This will take you to a new page where you will select the "Create" option next to the "Global Programs Undergraduate Application" definition.

Visiting Students - Additional application materials must be submitted separately. A complete application includes the following:

2) Personal Statement (included within the online application)

3) Academic Transcripts *

4) French Language Background Form **

5) Recommendation Form (included within the online application)

6) Advisor Approval Form (included within the online application)

* If your institution does not release official transcripts to students, then transcripts may be sent to the NYU Office of Global Programs at the address listed below.

** Required for applicants to NYU Paris who do not have proof of language proficiency on their academic transcript(s) should submit this form. If you've taken courses in the local language that appear on your transcript or have current AP, IB, or SAT II scores (from within the past twelve months), you do not need to submit this document.



You should submit your electronic application on or before the admissions deadlines posted below. You are welcome to apply for admission as early as you would like and we will keep your application on file until we begin reviewing applications for the term you have indicated.

Special note for students who wish to enroll at NYU Prague: (dated February 7, 2014) If you are a US citizen traveling on a US passport, you are highly encouraged to apply by the earliest application deadline (see bleow). Visa requirements set by the Czech government take up to 4 months to secure and process - applying as early as possible allows enough time to follow the required steps to obtain the visa.

If you are considering NYU Prague as an E.U. passport holder, you can disregard this message.

All other country passport holders: In order to receive notification of admission within sufficient time to apply for and receive your student visa, all non-U.S. citizens (including Green card holders)/non-E.U. citizens should apply by the earliest deadline to enroll at NYU Prague. 

Fall Semester / All Year Applicants

Apply byNotification on
Confirm before
February 15  March 3
March 15
March 15* April 1
April 12
After March 15* 2-4 weeks from date of submission as space remains available

Spring Semester Applicants

Apply byNotification on
Confirm before
September 15 October 3
October 15
October 15* November 1
November 15
After October 15* 2-4 weeks from date of submission as space remains available

*Students who submit an application during these review phases will be admitted only as space remains available.

To allow for sufficient time to prepare, all new applications must be received at a minimum of two weeks prior to the site arrival date.  


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