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Registering for Courses

at NYU's Global Academic Centers

Students register for courses through NYU's Student Information System (Albert), and receive NYU credit for all courses taken. Course offerings organized by location can be found on the courses page for each Global Academic Center. You can use the Global Study Planner to explore course options based on a subject area. Before registering for classes all students should review important information about academic requirements and other policies for study away students on the academic policies and procedures page.

Prepare for Registration: Before your appointment time, use the "Shopping Cart" & "Validate" tools to start planning your schedule. You can review registration guides  for step-by-step instructions on how to validate, add, drop, swap, and more!

Viewing Study Away Courses with Days, Times, and Instructors on Albert

All students register for courses using Albert (NYU’s Student Information System). Albert can be accessed through NYU Home, or by going directly to When using the Albert course search – accessed via the student center on Albert or by going directly to – find a global center’s courses by selecting the appropriate term and site from the drop down to the right under Course Location/Study Away Site. (For courses at the academic centers select the appropriate city from the list at the top of the menu, eg. Madrid, Spain.) Note that Study Away courses cannot be found using the search fields. You must navigate to individual courses by clicking on the appropriate subject heading. NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai courses are found under the school headings in the general search. NOT using the study away drop down menu.

Please note that while many courses currently do not show a course description in Albert, descriptions and syllabi can be found on the courses pages of the Study Away website. The courses in the Albert course search for a designated site should match the courses page on the Study Away site. If you have questions about study away course offerings please contact

  • Fall courses are available in the  Albert Course Search in mid March. Spring courses are available in mid October.

Albert Course Search - Study Away dropdown menu is highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students register for study away courses during registration week at NYU. This is typically in mid-late November for the spring term and mid-late April for the fall. Registration for Fall 2016 courses will begin the week of April 11, 2016. Students will be able to view their exact appointment time in Albert. View the following guide for instruction: Viewing Appointment Times in Albert

  • NYU students that have been admitted to a Study Away site register at their regularly assigned registration time. Students should get advisor approval and clearance as usual.
  • Visiting students register in the morning on Wednesday of registration week. Admitted visiting students may register for Fall 2016 classes on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Students can view their appointment time and begin using the shopping cart feature to plan their schedule in advance of registration. An announcement is made on the Admitted Students Blog when these features are available to students.
  • Students currently studying away at an NYU site are assigned an adjusted registration time on the same day of their regularly appointed time based on their earned credits. Times are adjusted earlier to compensate for time differences, connectivity issues, and the inability to visit NY based advisors in person. Students should be able to view their appointment time in Albert as usual. If you have questions about your adjusted time or think an error has been made please email

All confirmed students register for classes using Albert, NYU's Student Information System.  For additional assistance using Albert please view the NYU Registrar's Student Registration Guide.

You can use the "Shopping Cart" in Albert to plan your schedule before the registration period. Please refer to the Registrar's guide on Planning and Validating your classes.

  • Language Class Prerequisites and classes that require advanced language skills are not "hard-coded" into Albert. Students will be able to register. Please ensure you are registering for a course at the appropriate level. Student placements will be reviewed after registration, and students may be asked to change their registration, should a different level be deemed appropriate.
  • Other Classes with Prerequisites - most commonly from the disciplines of business, economics, or the sciences - do have prerequisites hard-coded into the system. Visiting students will need a permission number to enroll in these courses. If you are interested in a non-language course with a posted prerequisite please email prior to registration week. The Global office will review your transcript to determine whether or not you have satisfied the prerequisite. NYU students having difficulty registering for a course with prerequisites may contact their departmental advisor or It is also a good idea to validate your classes prior to your registration appointment time to verify that Albert properly recognizes that you have satisfied the prerequisites. If you are unable to validate a course, but think you have satisfied the prerequisite email for assistance.
  • Requesting prerequisite exemption or special permission: If you would like to request permission to take a course without having satisfied a prerequisite or have a related question please email  Decisions for special permission are typically governed by the academic department which sponsors the course. Instructors do not have the ability to waive prerequisites.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a spot in any course for any student. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have some flexibility in your schedule and that no ONE course is absolutely necessary for your degree progress. Some courses abroad, can fill and do run waitlists. If you want to take a course that is closed, we recommend that you add yourself to the waitlist if possible. (When waitlisting, make sure to use the Swap function so that Albert knows which class to drop you from should a space open up in the course. If you already waitlisted but did not use the Swap function, use Edit Swap to set up a swap after the fact.) Many courses have a waitlist limit of five students. When this waitlist limit is reached, waitlisting for the course is no longer possible.

Waitlists do NOT guarantee you a spot in a class, but students do occasionally get in off of the waitlist when enrolled students drop the course. After initial registration, this movement is most likely to happen during the drop/add period once you arrive at your site, so occasionally students are able to get the courses they want on site even if they weren’t able to do so at registration. Since the likelihood of getting into a course off of a waitlist can be difficult to predict, you should always be enrolled in a back up course. Additionally, for some courses, we monitor waitlists, occasionally adding seats or opening additional sections if demand is high enough and enough classroom space and instructors can be found.

Who should I contact if I'm stuck on a waitlist? Can the instructor give me permission?

If you would like to inquire about your position on the waitlist, please email As there are many factors to consider in overriding a course cap, including classroom space and departmental guidelines we ask that you not contact instructors directly to request permission to enroll in a class. Our staff will be in contact with professors and put you in touch with them directly as necessary.

Waitlists remain active until the end of the "drop/add" period during the first two weeks of the semester. This means that you may roll into a course off of a waitlist even after classes have begun. Be sure to check your final schedule at the conclusion of the second week to make sure your registration matches your final course schedule.  Remember, waitlists are not a guarantee.  While seats do occasionally open up during the first two weeks of the term, many students do not get into their desired courses off of the waitlist. Be sure to attend the classes for which you are registered.  

Please keep in mind that instructors cannot grant enrollment into a closed course and in many cases do not determine whether or not students satisfy prerequisites.  At the Global centers these cases are handled by our academics team with consultation of the instructors as necessary.

For most inquiries please contact for assistance. We will be happy to put you in touch with either local site staff or an instructor if needed based on your specific inquiry.

Class numbers are found under in Albert under the "Click here to learn more:" class details for each class. Class numbers change each semester so make sure you are looking at courses under the correct term. Class numbers are not available on the Study Away website course listings. For an example of where to find the class number in the Albert course search click here.

All students must register for full time status 12 - 18 points per semester while studying at a Global Academic Center. At most sites this means registering for three to four courses. Visiting students should also check with their home school for minimum requirements as some schools require students to take a minimum amount of courses.

If you are interested in taking over 18 points please visit the Policies and Procedures page here.

Students studying at: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv must take either a language course for a letter grade or (if they have already achieved advanced proficiency) a content course taught in the language of the host country.

More information on Academic Requirements for Study Away students can be found on the Policies and Procedures page


While we make every effort to post days, times, and instructors as far in advance as possible, days and times are sometimes left TBA when faculty or class room availability has not yet been determined.  We recommend that if you are interested in a course that is currently listed as TBA you add the course to your shopping cart, or if registration is open that you register for the course.  The academics team will announce the day and time to all enrolled students as soon as a day & time have been confirmed. Please also be sure to read course notes to see if there is any additional information regarding the class schedule. At smaller sites or with courses in which we expect to have low enrollment days and times will be scheduled after registration to take into account student interest and availability.  Still have questions about a course's day and time?  Email

Some study away sites enable students to wait-list for courses that have reached capacity. Please be aware that being on the wait list for a class does not guarantee you a spot in the class. Students can’t attend wait listed classes. It’s your responsibility to check your status via Albert.

Albert allows you to wait list for several classes at a time, including those that meet at the same time as a course you are currently enrolled in. However, in order to be enrolled off a wait list you MUST use the SWAP function. For more information on using the SWAP function, please view the NYU Registrar’s Albert Registration Help Guide.

Please note that Albert WILL NOT enroll you in more than 18 units without prior approval. This means that unless you told the system to swap your wait listed course for an enrolled course (by using the SWAP function), you will not be enrolled in the wait listed class despite it being your turn to roll in off of the wait list.

Even if you have space in your schedule (e.g. you are enrolled in 14 units and on the wait list for a 4 units course), the system will not enroll you in a course if you have a time conflict. The system will move further down the wait list until it finds a wait listed student that it can enroll in the open spot in the class.

If you already waitlisted but did not use the Swap function, use Edit Swap to set up a swap after the fact. 

Yes - All NYU students that would normally require clearance from their academic advisor must get advisor clearance as usual before registering for study away classes. (If your program does not require advisor clearance for registration then you will not need clearance.)

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a spot in any course for any student. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have some flexibility in your schedule and that no ONE course is absolutely necessary for your degree progress. For further information please see A class I really want to take is full. What should I do? above.

For Pass/Fail Declaration: Forms and Procedures please visit the Academic Policies and Procedures page here.

You must request your transcript from the NYU Registrar. Instructions can be found on our Policies and Procedures page here.

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