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Things to Do

Students visit a local souke.


The city of Tel Aviv is full of vibrant markets. Explore these markets and find terrific bargains, unique wares, and plenty of people watching opportunities. 

The Bezalel Market in Tel Aviv is near the corner of King George and Allenby streets and is worth a visit, especially for falafel lovers.

The Carmel Market, known in Israel as "Shuk Ha'Carmel," is the city's biggest marketplace. The market is long and narrow and lined with colorful stalls where you can find almost anything, including bread and pastry, delicious olives, dried fruits, and spices, clothing, footwear, and jewelry.

Retail Shopping Areas

Ben Yehuda is a pedestrian street lined with shops and restaurants, bakeries and florists. Street performers will entertain you as you stroll from window to window.

The Cardo, or the Jewish Quarter, is a restored section of Jerusalem that features high end shops and select restaurants.

Dizingof Center is a famous Israeli mall located on Dizingof Street.

The Arena Mall is located on the marina of Herzliya and is filled with restaurants and shops.


The entire west side of Tel Aviv is one long beach divided into smaller beaches. The beach is an important part of life in Tel Aviv.

Frishman Beach is a beautiful, clean beach near the US Embassy and across the street from cafes and restaurants. 

Tel Aviv Beach has volleyball courts and is near pubs and bars.



Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Israel. Tel Aviv has many football clubs.

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