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Get out of the classroom and into the community! Academic internship programs help students immerse in Israeli culture, make life-long connections, and gain invaluable hands-on professional experience.

Academic Internships

NYU offers students the opportunity to earn credit for participating in an internship and attending a complimentary seminar.  The NYU in Tel-Aviv Academic Internship Program is an unparalleled opportunity to get out of the classroom and engage in Israeli society and not-for-profit sector.

Tel Aviv Internship Seminar & Fieldwork Course



 Course includes weekly seminar and minimum of 10 hours fieldwork/ week at approved internship field-site.

The seminar is designed to complement your internship fieldwork, exploring many different aspects of your organization and of Israel's Civil Society. Israel is a country where the government and the establishment at large have historically been very central in determining the country's political direction as well as its social fabric and political culture. It is therefore of special interest to study the emergence of new players in Israel, especially the role of the Third Sector, or Civil Society and within it the even newer phenomenon of Social Change Organizations and their effect on Israeli political and social life over the past three decades. Your goal is to finish the semester with an in-depth understanding of your agency, its approach, its policies, its programs, and the context in which it operates. You will also spend time reflecting on the internship experience itself as a way to better understand your academic, personal, and career goals.

Sample Syllabus

Students should indicate on the application if they intend to participate in the internship program on a for-credit or a non-credit basis. Students wishing to participate in the program for credit must enroll in the 4 credit Internship Seminar and Fieldwork course.

The application deadline for students seeking an internship on a for-credit basis in Fall 2016 is Friday, April 8.

The online application requires you to answer a series of questions designed to help you think systematically about what you would like to learn and accomplish from an internship experience in Tel Aviv, and to indicate which internship placements you would be most interested in. You will also be required to upload a resume in .pdf or .doc format.


Non-Credit Internships

Students alternatively may choose to participate in non-credit internships.  While internship opportunities are similar to those in the for-credit program, students in non-credit internships do not participate in the course.  

The Planning Form
If you are interested in a non-credit internship, please complete the Internship Planning Form.  This is the same form that students complete for the academic program, listed above.  Completion of this form will allow the internship coordinator to have a general idea of your area of interest so the most suitable internship can be found.  The application deadline for students seeking an internship on a non-credit basis in Fall 2016 is Friday, May 6.


Potential Internship Placements

Please note that internship options are subject to change and are available to students interested in an internship for credit or not for credit.

In the Hebrew-Arab Theater, "mulit-cultural" is not just a phrase but a fact and an ideology.  Our cultural involvement involves cooperation with the people of Jaffa, developing theater attendance among a population heretofore excluded from frequenting Israeli theaters, including both Arab and other school children.

Internship Opportunities:

1. Production Assistant - technical, sound and lighting assistance for all theater productions

2. Stage Hand - during rehearsals and season

3. Ushering during performances and administrative support for productions

ACRI is Israel’s oldest and leading human and civil rights organization and the only organization dealing with the entire spectrum of rights and liberties issues. Founded in 1972, ACRI's work to promote human rights reaches hundreds of thousands of people in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Independent and nonpartisan, ACRI's work encompasses litigation and legal advocacy, education, and public outreach as the most effective way in which to build toward our long-term vision of a just and democratic society that respects the equal rights of all its members.

ACRI's work centers around five major content areas where we have identified a critical need. These areas include: Arab Minority Rights, Civil Liberties and Political Rights, Social and Economic rights, Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Human Rights Education and Public Outreach and Advocacy. Each of these issues is advanced by a multi-disciplinary department, comprised of lawyers, spokespeople, educators, and campaigners work collaboratively to advance our identified priority issues.

Internship Opportunities:

ACRI interns will work within the framework of ACRI's International Relations Department which oversees ACRI's foreign media, fundraising and advocacy activities. Internships will include the following duties:

  1. Work with department staff to create high quality English language materials to be used in foreign communications and advocacy materials
  2. Track international media for coverage of ACRI's work and ACRI-relevant issues. 
  3. updating and creating materials  for ACRI's websites and social media outlets.
  4. assist with the drafting of grant proposals and reports to foreign funders participate in ACRI tours, public events and activities and assist with assorted administrative tasks

Etgarim, Hebrew for “Challenge,” was founded in 1995 by a group of disabled IDF veterans and rehabilitation professionals. Etgarim’s goals are to empower children, teens and adults with special needs - such as physical, sensory or mental disabilities - to allow them to meet their potential, to extend their abilities in all areas of life, and to be a greater part of their community. Etgarim accomplishes this by challenging their participants’ abilities through sports and outdoor activities.

Internship Opportunities:
Running and Walking Group: The only one of its kind in the world!
Volunteers accompany the disabled in running or walking in pairs.  This activity does not require any previous physical fitness experience. The activities are based on a personal training plan adapted personally.


Heschel Center is a non-governmental organization dedicated to building a sustainable future for Israeli society - environmentally, socially and economically - through education and reflective activism. Our strategies include leadership development, education, working with government and non-government organizations, and fostering activism and community-based projects across all sectors of Israeli society.
The Heschel Center is currently hosting a new project - 'Gateway to Community Engaged Research' - aimed at promoting more engagement of community and civil society organizations with academic research conducted in the fields of environment, environmental health and sustainability. The project focuses on networking organizations, researchers and students as well as actively promoting research partnerships via a 'question bank' with knowledge needs raised by organizations.
The Internship Opportunity would be for a research assistant to help with the intake of questions from organizations and prepare short executive summaries about the existing knowledge in the field and the potential for further examination. These summaries can then be used to provide preliminary answers to organizations and supplement the question bank with ideas for potential research. We need someone with good literature search and writing skills, who is keen on learning about environmental problems in Israel by helping organizations with their knowledge.;

One thousand youth and children at risk from highly distressed families are referred by the welfare authorities to one of the 19 Kadima Youth Centers across the country every year. Thanks to the time they spend at Kadima, these children have a higher chance of completing their education and integrating into positive social activities. Children attend the Center on a daily basis after school and in addition to lunch and dinner (sometimes the only meals they have), they receive homework supervision, extra-curricular activities and perhaps most importantly, personal attention, love and care from the highly dedicated staff and volunteers who act as positive role models.

Internship Opportunities:
NYU TA students can provide English tutoring activities based on existing and newly developed materials together with staff.  Students can also provide “playtime” with games and activities on the premises.

Mifalot is the largest and most diverse sport for development organization operating in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Founded in 1997 by the then owners of Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club, Mr. Moshe Theumim CEO of the advertising firm BBDO/GITAM and long time advisor to President Shimon Peres and Mr. Sami Sagol philanthropist and owner of the Keter Plastics Corporation, one of Israel's largest companies; our mission is to provide all children and youth opportunities to learn, grow, excel, and to be active members of their community and their world. Mifalot's core business is education and youth development, with over 20,000 children active in Mifalot programs throughout the region. We use sport to teach life skills to children with special needs, promote the integration and inclusion, create understanding and bonds of friendship between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians, and provide much needed assistance to children living in at-risk, disadvantaged or isolated environments.

Internship Opportunities:

  1. Assistant Coach: work with teams of Jewish-Arab children, youth-at-risk or children with special needs.
  2. Blogging: go out to the field, tour the teams and create a blog to ensure that Mifalot is reaching out beyond the soccer field.

NATAL: Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War, the recipient of the 2008 Israel Presidential Award for Volunteerism, is an apolitical non-profit organization which offers psychological support to victims of trauma due to terror and war as a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Established in 1998, NATAL has provided direct psychological assistance to hundreds of thousands of individuals in Israel including Jews, Arabs, immigrant populations (e.g. from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia), children, adults, the elderly, discharged soldiers, bereaved families, teachers and healthcare professionals. In addition, NATAL aims to strengthen the resiliency of mental health professionals and increase public awareness of National Psychotrauma, a type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from the Arab-Israeli conflict. We have over 120 mental health professionals (e.g. psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers) and over 150 volunteers who are based at our multidisciplinary treatment center in Tel Aviv and all across Israel.

Internship Opportunities:

  1. Meeting with our professionals at Tel Aviv Headquarters, writing blogs and online articles, using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help spread the message about NATAL's work.
  2. NATAL is looking for interns who can give their personal perspective, be creative and work independently. There may also be scope to create your own online media project.

The mission of the Peres Center for Peace is to build an infrastructure of peace and reconciliation by and for the people of the Middle East that promotes socio-economic development, while advancing coopeartion and mutual understanding.

Internship Opportunities:

Projects will be designed based on student interest and Center needs and can include research, organization and participation in various projects and activities.

The Open Clinic of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, located in Jaffa, was founded in 1998 to give care to migrant workers – mostly those working without a permit, and thus without medical insurance. A clear change was seen in 2007 in terms of the demographic profile, challenges, and community patterns of the clients visiting the Open Clinic. While in the past the majority of the Clinic’s patients were undocumented migrant workers, starting from 2006 through 2007 there has been a dramatic increase not only in the total number of patients but also in the proportion of refugees and asylum seekers, mainly from Africa, who have fled the horrors of the wars that rage in their countries of birth.

Internship Opportunities: All of the internships opportunities will include interaction with migrant workers and/or refugees/asylum seekers who are treated at the clinic, and with physicians in the form of interviews and conversations.

Intern Qualifications:
In order to work at the Open Clinic, interns must have basic skills in Hebrew, at least reading. In addition to the hours at the Clinic, interns will be required to support organization's blog and website.

The SPNI's Tel Aviv Center for Environmental Action has been leading community environmental activities that connect social and environmental justice for the past 12 years. SPNI's strategy aims to create cooperation with activists and local community leaders able to grow and influence a broad agenda, in order to forge a healthy and pleasant city to live in.

Internship Opportunities:  Community Gardening
SPNI is involved in a number of community gardens in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Bat-Yam, working with various cultural and ethnic groups, such as mixed Arab-Jew groups in Jaffa, and Ethiopian immigrants in Bat-Yam. Interns (preferably with some gardening / agricultural background) will take part in all stages of the creation of new gardens, and in the work of existing gardens.

is the largest and most active entrepreneurship promotion & support entity in Israel, offering a variety of services to Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs. StarTau is currently the largest entrepreneurship center operating in Israel. StarTau’s goal is to build a solid platform that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with the business world, and gives them the tools needed to succeed. StarTau wishes to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in Israel and help creative minds form and build on original ideas, thereby enriching our lives with vividness, originality, and innovation. 

Interns will be placed in StarTau’s International Affairs Department, in one of two positions:

Marketing Manager: will be part of the marketing team, which has the responsibility of maintaining StarTau’s online presence and monitoring developments in the industry. Research Manager: will be part of the research team and will be responsible for mapping the industry both in Israel and abroad. In addition, they will be in charge of managing databases as well as extracting insights and recommendations

Youth Renewal Fund provides supplemental education for disadvantaged Israeli children.
Since inception in 1989, YRF has built a reputation for quality and effectiveness in Israel.  YRF has implemented over $22 million dollars in programming, improving the lives of more than 70,000 children.
Israeli parents with financial means supplement their children’s education with private after school programs.
As a result, children from disadvantaged homes receive an education that is markedly inferior to that received by their more fortunate counterparts.  Without a comprehensive knowledge base, these children are rarely able to pass the necessary exams that qualify them for acceptance to a university, making their economic situation seem irreversible.

Internship Opportunities:
Interns will have an opportunity to work with Israeli students and help them with their English studies in our two models of projects:

  1. The Ethan Freed English Center in Ramla - a large English center, where the students come during the day from their schools to study English in a different environment, surrounded by English books, games and activities different from their English lessons in class at school.
    Please Note: This internship entails travel time and travel costs for public transportation.
  2. Amiel Rambam- a religious elementary school located in the southern part of Tel-Aviv, in a low social economic neighborhood.  In the school there are 180 students in K-6 grades. English is one of their great challenges which they face every day.

Innovid provides visionary marketers with the tools to create, deliver, and measure video campaigns.
Interns at Innovid would assist our international team of account managers with their tasks, mainly technical ones.
That would mean learning about our platform, our services and systems.
Learning the Innovid process and assisting our team in doing things faster and better.
This position would be very interesting for any one who wants to learn about the online advertising world.

To learn more please visit the website:

This internship is mostly targeted to students who major or minor in economics, business, and accounting.

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