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Understanding the Middle East Region: Political Science in Tel Aviv

Students will gain a vivid and objective understanding of the Middle East region and the interrelationships among cultures, political movements, environments, and religious traditions.

Science in Tel Aviv

Students can stay on track for their major with Biology and Chemistry courses during the spring semester. Biology students can compliment their studies with the Biology Internship which allows students to intern in one of Tel Aviv University's life-science and medical-research labs. The organic chemistry lab also takes place at Tel Aviv University.


The NYU Tel Aviv program provides students with an incomparable vantage point from which to survey and explore the social, cultural and political forces that shape all regions of the world today. You will be able to take courses that address the most fundamental questions asked in societies throughout the world, and to study ways to approach local and world events from different perspectives. How does a society provide both rights and responsibilities for its citizens, and how does it convey those to the public? How do news media shape the course of political, cultural and historical events, and how can consumers assess the media's role in these events? NYU Tel Aviv will offer an objective view of a country that can serve as an illuminating case study of how modern statehood and identity is defined. The lessons learned here will have applications in many fields of endeavor and many areas of the world.

To guide these explorations, NYU Tel Aviv has recruited a dedicated faculty that includes scholars, statesmen, artists, and public intellectuals whose work cross-cuts traditional disciplinary boundaries in important, incisive ways. Committed to the high academic standards that characterize NYU and all of its Centers abroad, NYU Tel Aviv is dedicated to exploring regional issues in a global, multidisciplinary way. Students will be challenged to analyze, communicate and engage. By studying in the Middle East, you will acquire the skills to analyze complex social, cultural and political phenomena. You will use these skills in everyday interactions in Israel and the surrounding region. Social science, journalism, the arts, communication, and history -- students in all of these fields will find superb courses.

 Equally important is the learning that goes on outside the classroom, including a set of supervised internships at a range of organizations, volunteer placements, guest lectures, special seminars and other academic events featuring renowned professionals and public figures. Every opportunity will be explored to help NYU students immerse themselves in host country society and advance their understanding and appreciation of the various forces that make up this region.

Academic Facilities

NYU Tel Aviv is located in the Old North of Tel Aviv, a quiet, central neighborhood directly across from HaYarkon Park. Our present location houses our administrative offices, academic facilities, and student-living quarters. Classrooms, as well as a study lounge are conveniently located in the building. Each classroom is equipped with a full A/V projector system and wireless internet connection. The study lounge is equipped with a comfortable set of sofas, a big multipurpose table for working or eating, a huge flat screen TV, DVD player, two computers (one PC, one Mac), and a printer for student use. The downstairs lobby and outer atrium provide additional space for studying and gathering, and are also connected to a secure WiFi network.

In addition to the NYU Tel Aviv facilities, students have access to libraries located on Tel Aviv University's campus, a short 15-minute ride away by bus.  And, in our academic center’s neighborhood you can find numerous cafes, bookstores and parks for recreation and study.

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