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Beyond the Classroom

Being involved in an opportunity beyond the classroom is a unique way to engage with local Australians, become familiar with and contribute to the operation of a company or organisation, and further enhance your degree and study away experience in Sydney.  

NYU Sydney offers two distinct internship programs: for-credit and non-credit. To compare these two programs, review the following chart.  If you are interested in learning more about for-credit internships, click here.

Non-Credit Internships

Students who apply to the non-credit (BTC) program will work with local NYU Sydney staff to identify an internship placement or volunteer experience. There is no guarantee that the specific placement assigned will lead to an internship, an initial interview with the host organisation will take place, before anything is confirmed. The time commitment for non-credit internships, tend be less than the for-credit program. There is no fixed requirement in the number of hours students must intern for BTC placements, however, most students will intern for one full day or two half days. It is important that the internship schedule agreed upon with the host organisation is honoured by the student, and punctuality and attendance is taken seriously. As well as attending their internship, BTC students have two seminars they must attend throughout semester, as well as two one-on-one check ins with the NYU Sydney Internship Coordinator and a possible guest lecture. BTC seminars allow students to discuss their internship experience collectively, as well as; differences in U.S. and Australian work culture and how to utilise their Sydney internship experience in future job interviews and applications.

Previous students who have engaged in non-credit internships have found that it has complemented their academic experience, built on their professional skills, provided them with international industry exposure and deepened their connection to the local Sydney community, and the Australian community at large.

Placement Opportunities

The following is a list of current and past opportunities, subject to change each semester. New internships and volunteer opportunities are constantly being created. If you do not see your area of interest listed, or are interested in interning for a specific organisation you have identified; please do not hesitate to contact us at with this information and we will strive to create an opportunity for you. Or alternatively, you can note this in your application form. The closing date for applications for Fall 2016 has been EXTENDED to 15 April 2016.

  • (A) A small international not-for-profit environmental advocacy firm. Founded in the U.S by a group of graduate students. The Australian CEO, who you will work alongside, is an NYU alumnus- a great mentoring opportunity for someone passionate about climate change.
  • (B) Independent journalism organisation focusing on Australian national and regional current affairs.
  • (C) Independent, grass-roots community advocacy/political organisation
  • (D) Australian, community-based, not-for-profit, non-governmental environmental advocacy organisation
  • (E) A political office focused on environmental law/journalism
  • (F) International organisation dealing with women’s rights, human rights, poverty, social activism


  • (A) Assisting with the showcasing of a short film festival, hosted annually in Sydney. A hands-on opportunity, working alongside filmmakers and their associates, assisting with general festival marketing tasks and festival operations (ticketing assistance, volunteer assistance).

Preferred skills: moderate admin skills, professional phone and email manner, ability to undertake tasks unsupervised, organisational skills, technical film-making skills are a bonus.

Essential skills: an interest in the Australian film industry

  • (B) A client services and technical/operations team based role, in a post-production company. A fantastic networking opportunity. As well as learning about the industry, there will be an exclusive opportunity to mix with many of Australia's most successful producers, directors and editors. A 10-week internship, with two full days commitment required.
  • (C) A non-conventional and unique opportunity for a film student, or a student interested in the creative process. Working closely with the Director, Learning design (of a boutique (start-up) business working with universities to create internship business projects for students). A big part of the role will be creating an advertorial- essentially a mini documentary- with interviews from past students who have been involved. Other than digitally putting the film together, you would also be working on writing the script, conducting the interviews and editing the final piece. Familiarity with editing software preferred. A great mentoring opportunity, with plenty of guidance provided.

  • (A) A creative, marketing, branding organisation. Small and social team environment. Work with design team, edit mood boards, knowledge of Adobe InDesign & Illustrator helpful, as well as familiarity with Pinterest, Flickr, Wordpress.
  • (B) Talent agency; covering all aspects of photography, casting, media branding, media production, public relations

“I was able to spend my time doing the tasks that most interested me, not just random office work. My favorite thing I did was creating photoshoot briefs, where basically [my supervisor] would give the headshot of a model, three themes they were going for, and I would set to work creating these looks. So I would create slides describing how the model’s hair and makeup should look, what clothing she should wear, the location of the shoot, and even how the model should pose. Uber fun, especially if you’re a Pinterest addict." - Drama major, NYUS S’13

  • (C) A fashion PR agency; working alongside the showroom manager, with clients in; fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle and online. An interest in fashion and previous PR experience preferred.
  • (D) A boutique PR agency, with clients in; beauty, food, health, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Previous PR experience preferred.  

  • (A) Education sector of a diplomatic organization, supporting Australian students interested in studying in the U.S.

Note: This internship has short-term volunteer opportunities (as one of our students participated in below), as well as a semester-duration internship opportunity. If you are interested in a semester-duration opportunity, a lengthy security form must be completed because of the diplomatic nature of the setting. Takes 5-6 weeks to process.

“One of my favourite memories of NYU Sydney was the opportunity to volunteer at various events. One evening, we attended Ascham School’s U.S. College Information night and met Australian high school students who wanted to know what it was like studying at NYU. It was lovely to share our experiences as NYU students with young adults, who were equally eager to hear why we had left New York City to come to Australia.”

“Among all the various events I had the honor of participating in, my fondest memories were of getting to know the delightful staff and having the opportunity to encourage others to travel and learn in a new place.”

- Media, Culture & Communications major, NYUS S’13

  • (A) Analyse information on the Australian market, facilitate contact with Australian business, promote U.S products in Australia and advocate for U.S business interests.

Note: a lengthy security form must be completed for this internship, because of the setting of the internship- being a diplomatic organisation. Takes 5-6 weeks to process.

  • (B) Trade analysis between Australia and the U.S, synergies between Australian and US politics. Invitations to exciting networking events.
  • (C) Boutique (start-up) business working with universities to create internship business projects, industry placements and competitions for tertiary students. A hands on opportunity; working alongside the CFO can involve debugging, coding and/or working on budgeting, creating profit and loss statements, financial modelling as well as grant applications. A small organisation with a strong team environment. A great mentoring and learning opportunity. Suitable for someone interested in working in an interactive, entrepreneurial, small business environment.
  • (D) A start-up global equities hedge fund manager. Small team environment, involves financial analysis, compliance, preparing for an audit, sitting in on conference calls with international colleagues. Any experience is very well regarding, knowledge of the financial market. A great mentoring opportunity.
  • (E) A venture capitalist firm, focus on market research. Recently took over a solar company- an opportunity to be involved in this development (if interested in environmental issues). An intern can sit in on meetings and will be invited to occasional networking events and conferences, as well as work on external projects. A good mentoring opportunity, working alongside an experienced Venture Partner.
  • (F) Supporting a volunteer agency with their marketing and communications- source and develop content for their website and social media outlets, interviewing clients, writing articles, assisting with monthly networking events- managing registration & attendee feedback.
  • (G) Financial advisory organisation- provides risk management assessment to businesses, individuals.

  • (A) A unique opportunity to gain experience working in the collection management of the Indigenous Archaeological collection with a particular emphasis on collection documentation, research, registration and data basing.
  • (B) Small-scale art cooperative supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Located in an Aboriginal owned and operated art gallery.

  • (A) Working with (primarily) Indigenous Australian primary school children to assist with their literacy skills and creative writing. Education/Social Work major and experience working with kids preferred.
    Note: You will need to apply for a Working with Children Check in advance.
  • (B) A not-for-profit organisation that provides opportunities for poetry creation, aims to make poetry accessible to all. Tasks involve proofing and transcribing primary school student's writing. A chance to work in an environment with accomplished writers. Fall 2014 interns have the opportunity to be involved with a large-scale national poetry writing competition for students in Years 3-10. This involves assisting in the selection of a short-list of finalists and helping coordinate an exhibition to display the short-listed poets' work. Students with a keen eye for detail, the ability to work independently, who have an excellent grasp of the English language, are competent in their use of technology and have a passion for poetry and/or student writing are preferred.   

  • (A) Psychological clinic affiliated with a prominent public hospital in Sydney, offering specialist clinical assessment and diagnostic evaluation of common mental health problems, such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and depression.
    Note: Need to be available on a Thursday, as this is the only day the clinic runs.
  • (B) Local pre-school within a large community centre. Children are from low socio-economic families. Many are from single parent homes and Indigenous backgrounds. A lot of the children have behavioural problems. The staff you will be working alongside, have a extensive experience. A very interesting opportunity for a CAMS or Social Work student.

Note: Need to apply for Working with Children Check in advance.

  • (C) The opportunity to work with an experienced nutritionist/naturopath. Possibility of sitting in on consultations, as well as behind the scenes focus; being involved in the inner workings of the operation.

  • (A) Research assistant opportunity at the Chemistry lab of a major university.  

Application Instructions

How do I apply? - Submit online application (Deadline for submissions by midnight Friday 15 April 2016)

Interested Fall 2016 NYU Sydney students will need to complete the online application. The online application requires you to answer a series of questions designed to help you think about what you would like to learn and accomplish from an internship or volunteering experience in Sydney, and to indicate what type of placements interest you most. You will also be required to upload a resume in .doc format.

Click HERE to apply now.

NYU Sydney Spring '13, students volunteering at Ascham School event

“One of my favourite memories of NYU Sydney was the opportunity to volunteer at various events. One evening, we attended Ascham School’s U.S. College Information night and met Australian high school students who wanted to know what it was like studying at NYU. It was lovely to share our experiences as NYU students with young adults, who were equally eager to hear why we had left New York City to come to Australia.”

- Media, Culture & Communications major, NYU Sydney Spring ’13, volunteer at higher education information sessions for Australian high school students.

Drama major, NYU Sydney Spring '13, at talent-agency internship

"I was able to spend my time doing the tasks that most interested me...My favorite thing I did was creating photo-shoot briefs... I would create slides describing how the model's hair and makeup should look, what clothing she should wear, the location of the shoot, and even how the model should pose. Uber fun, especially if you're a Pinterest addict."

- Drama major, NYU Sydney Spring '13, intern at talent agency

Global Public Health and Applied Psychology major, NYU Sydney Fall '14, intern at U.S/Aus International Business and trade organisation

Source: American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

"Interning with ... really allowed me to interface and gain insight into Australia's corporate world, which added incredible depth to the my experience while abroad in Sydney. Throughout my time with the organization, I felt that my supervisors gave me a variety of tasks and projects to work on, and further that they genuinely had my interests and goals in mind. I especially enjoyed having the opportunity to work on a long-term project alongside the organization's "Women in Leadership" Committee, which was comprised of influential and inspiring individuals working across corporate industries."

- Global Public Health and Applied Psychology major, NYU Sydney Fall '14, intern at U.S/Aus International Business and trade organisation

CAS student, Spring 2014, Chemistry lab research internship

"As a premedical student interested in research and global experiences, interning at ... was the perfect choice for me. As a research assistant, I was given my own project which was to 'investigate DNA recovery and profiling of blood and saliva contaminated fingermarks after the enhancement with immunogenic reagents'. A world-renowned forensic scientist, worked beside me and mentored me in experimental methods and chemical analysis. Through this internship, I was able to be a coauthor of a developing journal publication, contributor to a forensic conference and primary author of poster publications. The opportunities and knowledge I gained from working at...were unparalleled and it was an internship that completed my experience at NYU Sydney."

- Premedical student, CAS, Spring '14, Chemistry lab research internship

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