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NYU Sydney

At NYU Sydney, students will be able to pursue a range of studies, including explorations of Aboriginal art and culture of the longest continuous civilization on the planet; environmental issues affecting the city and neighbouring regions; Australian history and society; as well as pitch news stories to local publications, write microfictions on fieldtrips around the city, and much more.


New Courses

Australian Environmental History - ENVST-UA 9TBA or HIST-UA 9TBA

What is Australian Environmental History, and how does narrative shape our understanding of Australian Environmental History? This course discusses these questions, as well as others that advance our understanding of the role of environment in Australian history.

Child and Adolescent Brain Development: Applications from Neuroscience to Practice - CAMS-UA 9141

This course aims to understand the key aspects of the anatomy of the human brain, the development of the human brain across the lifespan and how scientists observe, assess and intervene in the development of neurocognitive processes in childhood and adolescence.

Epidemiology for Global Health - UGPH-GU 9030

In this course students will develop the ability to understand the evolution and current role of epidemiology as an approach to assessing public health problems.

Environmental Health in a Global World - UGPH-GU 9050

This course will examine some of the key issues and principles of environmental health practice.

General Physics II - PHYS-UA 9012

This course is a continuation of PHYS-UA 9011. This course is composed of a lecture and laboratory-recitation.

Pacific World History - HIST-UA 9830

This course brings together work across disciplines, from history, anthropology, geography, political economy, and cultural studies, to piece together the contours of the Pacific Ocean, c. 1500 to c. 1850, as a historical arena of internal linkages as well as one forged by connections with the wider world.

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Upcoming Application Deadlines

Spring Semester

Priority: September 15

Regular: October 15

Applications received after October 15 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission will be granted only when space is available and time allows for required travel documents to be attained.

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