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NYU Sydney

NYU Sydney is located in Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city, providing students the unparalleled opportunity to live and study in a hub of commerce, culture, and communication in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our academic center is located in a recently renovated historic building in a central area of Sydney. The facility houses classrooms, a computer lab, library, and administrative offices. A common area doubles as a study lounge and space for social gatherings.

Curriculum and faculty

Students enrolled in courses at NYU Sydney will be able to explore Aboriginal art and culture as the longest continuous civilization on the planet. Courses will introduce Australia's rich history of immigrant communities that formed this continent-sized nation with unique and compelling characteristics. The curriculum offers classes in anthropology, English, environmental studies, history and society, journalism, and communications, among many other courses of study.

Leading professors will be drawn from Sydney and the local region. Faculty-led field trips, which take students beyond the areas visited by casual tourists, are an essential part of the program.  

Cultural engagement

NYU Sydney faculty and staff are committed to creating an environment where active learning and exploration are the rule. Courses and projects rooted in the community, field-based research, internship opportunities, as well as chances to travel throughout the city, surrounding neighborhoods and region will give students a thorough experience of local domains, society and culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance do I need to plan study away? This depends on your major. Speaking with your academic adviser is the best way to determine which semester will be right for your study away experience.
  • What will our tuition cover? Your tuition will remain the same as what you pay in New York, and will cover full-time courses abroad. Included in tuition will be international health insurance provided by HTH International. Housing is a separate charge (~$6,947) for a single bedroom in a 6-person suite. There is no meal plan, but you will have a fully furnished kitchen in your suite. Many students share groceries and cook together.
  • Will I be able to fly to Sydney on my own or is it mandatory to go from New York as a group? You will book and purchase your own flight, as there is no group flight to Sydney. Some students coordinate to fly together, but you are welcome to fly on your own.
  • Will studying away put me at a disadvantage in terms of being able to take classes on time? No, as long as you speak with your academic advisor and plan how study away fits into your academic plan, you will not fall behind. Many students are able to take major classes abroad, but some save up electives and are able to stay on track that way.
  • What are the dorms in Sydney like? Students live in shared suites (including kitchen and common area) with up to five other NYU Sydney students, but each student has a private bedroom and bathroom. The building also houses other students who study at surrounding universities. This provides the opportunity to meet Australians and other international students.
  • How far is it from the campus or academic center to housing? It is about a 20-35 minute commute to classes from housing. Housing is located in Haymarket, Sydney’s buzzing Chinatown neighborhood. This is just two blocks from Central Station and other public transportation, but many students choose to walk.
  • Is it easy to make friends within the NYU study away group? Yes, and this begins even before your arrival in Sydney. Upon being admitted, there will be events organized to meet each other, as well as an electronic Google Community group for the cohort going away together. Once in Sydney, there will be various orientation events, excursions, barbeques, and weekend trips to get to know each other. Your dorm neighbors also include Australian and other international students.
  • Will I meet Australian students? Yes, in most cases Australian students are very friendly and want to get to know you. Australian culture is very active, and many NYU students have met locals through running clubs and other activities. NYU Sydney will also create opportunities for you to meet local students enrolled at other universities.
  • Can I intern or work abroad? What is available? Yes, and many students do intern abroad. NYU Sydney is continuously expanding its internship offerings and works hard to tailor internship experiences to your particular interests. Partnerships are being cultivated in areas including media and journalism, finance, economics, medicine, non-profit, marketing, psychology, sales, anthropology, design, international affairs, and public relations. If you are interested in an internship, please contact Sarah Naderi, NYU Sydney’s Program and Internship Coordinator, at <>. You are also eligible to work in Sydney. In the past, students have worked in cafes and restaurants, as tutors, and office assistants for the NYU Sydney program.
  • How easy is it to balance an internship and classes? Your academics and schoolwork come first, and internship providers are aware of this. Being realistic about time commitments helps make for a successful semester.
  • What accommodations do you have for students with learning and other disabilities? NYU Sydney (along with all of NYU’s Global Sites) has a full Academic and Student Life support staff. They will work with students to ensure their success in the program. Students who require accommodations must register with the Moses Center in NYC prior to studying away so we can assist to the best of our ability.
    What is the weather like? Sydney is in the southern hemisphere, so seasons are opposite from New York. Students arriving in August for the fall semester will experience the tail-end of a mild winter, while those arriving in late January for the spring semester will start with summer. You will need some sweaters and light coats during either semester.
  • What excursions and trips does NYU Sydney arrange for students? The NYU Sydney staff is open to suggestions from the students and will tailors trips based on feedback to some extent. In the past, these have included trips to the Blue Mountains, the Australian capital of Canberra, surfing camp, and out west the gateway of the Outback, just to name a few. Professors often organize class-specific excursions, as well (e.g. an anthropology course met with an Indigenous art collective; the Environmental Journalism visited beaches to study climate effects; Global Media students joined the audience of a political discussion show; the Australian Studies course took a tour of a local mosque and had lunch at one of Sydney's favorite Lebanese restaurants).
  • Do students travel outside of Australia? Where else do they travel outside of Sydney? Because of Australia's large span, many students use fall or spring breaks for longer travel, often north to see the Great Barrier Reef and coastal towns, such as Cairns and Port Douglas. Many will take a long weekend to visit Melbourne. Outside of Australia, many students visit New Zealand, and some have traveled to Indonesia, as well.
  • What courses will be offered in future semesters and what pre-requisites are needed? A list of courses up to Spring 2014 can be found online to assist in planning. Fall 2014 will be listed on our website as courses become available. Although courses are subject to change, you can browse current offerings to get an idea of academics at NYU Sydney:

See more and ask your own questions on the FAQ Forum.

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