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Special Programs

Urban Planning Center

Urban Planning and Exposition Center.

Urban and Environmental Studies in Shanghai

China has been in the world’s spotlight in recent decades not only because of its fast paced economic development, but because of the impact this development and China’s rapid urbanization is having on the environment.  There is perhaps no better location to study the increasingly important fields of Urban and Environmental studies.  At NYU Shanghai both Metropolitan Studies and Environmental Studies majors will find a variety of courses to meet their needs.  

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Media and Communications in Shanghai

NYU in Shanghai affords one of the most unique and interesting international opportunities available to students of culture and communication. The unprecedented rapidity of China’s modernization has brought challenges in all aspects of Chinese society and culture. Chief among these are the competing forces of innovation and stability, the need for free-flowing information and the legacy of state control of media and the economy. Students at NYU in Shanghai witness the daily developments related to media and communications in a transitioning society while staying on track for their major with courses sponsored by NYU Steinhardt’s department of Media Culture, and Communication. 

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Cross-site degree programs

Many NYU schools and departments offer special global track degree programs. These programs are designed to give students unique global experience in their field of study and often involve studying abroad at multiple locations. Students in the programs listed below spend one or more semesters in Shanghai.

The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication's new Global Media Scholars Program immerses students in the study of media and globalization through NYU's academic sites abroad. The program features a combination of courses and global experience that allows students to compare and analyze the highly dynamic range of activities associated with the globalization of media and cultural production, distribution, and reception.

Freshmen will be invited to apply to the Global Media Scholars Program each spring. The centerpiece of the program is a two-semester sequence of study abroad starting the spring of participating students' sophomore year at their choice of NYU's campuses in Paris or Prague followed by a second semester abroad in the fall of students' junior year at their choice of NYU's campuses in Buenos Aires or Shanghai. Finally, students will take part in a special Senior Media Seminar capstone course during the January Winter (Intersession) term of their senior year. This capstone experience will by taught by a Media, Culture, and Communication faculty member and will involve travel to a NYU global site.

Upon successful completion of the program students will fulfill the "Global and Transcultural Communication" field of study within the major and will earn a designation of "Global Media Scholar" on their transcript along with a certificate. A small stipend may be available to students to use towards travel expenses incurred during their Senior Media Seminar.

The Department of Art & Art Professions offers studio and critical studies art courses at several NYU global sites: Berlin, Ghana, Shanghai, and Florence. Combining course work from NYU Washington Square and the global sites will enable students to create a distinctive minor in Global Visual Art. Classes abroad are taught in English by artists and faculty who will introduce students to local art scenes and help them to understand the differences in global cultures that are influencing contemporary art. These global sites have enhanced art facilities for students working in media such as photography, video, drawing, and painting. Students may combine courses from multiple NYU global sites.

Students in the Global Visual Art Minor will take four or more courses (minimum 16 points) of required and elective art offerings, combined from both New York and abroad. Most of the courses are offered through Steinhardt and some are offered through the College of Arts & Science.

The BS degree in Business and Political Economy (BPE Program) at the Stern School of Business combines coursework in business, economics, and politics with three semesters of integrated global study in key international marketplaces--2 semesters in London and 1 semester in Shanghai or Washington, D.C. The courses offered abroad are taught by top faculty from NYU's campuses in London, Shanghai, and Washington, D.C. Through this program, students develop an expansive understanding of how corporations, markets, governments, and cultures intersect in our increasingly global society.

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Contemporary Art in Shanghai

Shanghai is the locus of China’s flourishing contemporary art scene, with numerous galleries and the recently opened Museum of Contemporary Art – Shanghai. Art students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this setting while staying on track for their major.


Business in Shanghai

A key feature of the academic program at NYU Shanghai is the business curriculum, designed to make the adventure of study abroad possible for students meeting the heavy demands of a business major. The business program at NYU Shanghai  includes courses that are all standard sophomore and junior core subjects at most U.S. business schools, allowing students to maintain progress toward their degree while experiencing the diverse challenges and fresh perspectives that international study offers. The curriculum takes advantage of the industrial and commercial power of China, and Shanghai in particular as many faculty are local business leaders with years of experience in a variety of different industries.

All courses are overseen by and meet the rigorous standards of the faculty of NYU's world-renowned Leonard N. Stern School of Business. The Stern School's programs in finance and in international business-both ranked second in the nation by U.S. News and World Report in 2004—are well represented here, as are courses in accounting.

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