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Facilities & Services

NYU Shanghai Academic Center

The Campus

The newly constructed NYU Shanghai campus is located in the Puxi area of the Pudonmg district. The campus includes classrooms and administrative offices, a library, computer labs, athletic facility, and common areas for studying and relaxing.

The City as a Classroom

Many of the courses include additional activities that are off-campus visits to Shanghai’s historical sites or cultural centers. The Contemporary Art class has visits to the nearby city of Suzhou, local galleries and the homes of artists; the Economics class will visit Bao Steel, one of the world’s biggest producers; the Advertising course includes a trip to the offices of a locally-run advertising company. Most other classes will have equally interesting trips. The idea behind these events is that any educational experience, whether study abroad or otherwise, is enhanced by opportunities that allow students to interact with topics and themes in a non-classroom environment. As a result, the city of Shanghai essentially becomes an extension of the classroom.

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NYU Shanghai Academic Center
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