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Living in Prague

Czech Culture

What's normal? Know what to expect.

Culture & Customs

City at a

The Czech Republic is in the geographical center of Europe, and Prague reflects this as a vibrant intersection of history and modernity.

More About Prague

Photo of the illuminated Charles Bridge at dusk.

What to do when you first arrive

Check out restaurants, and try to find your local grocery store (potraviny). Locate the nearest trams and subway stops! 

Head down to Tesco (trams 22, 23 and many others stop at Narodni Trida) and pick up the toiletries you didn’t bring with you from the U.S. Everything you need can be found on the ground floor! Head downstairs for some cheap groceries, they even have some U.S. brands if you get brandsick, and want some Skippy. 

This seems obvious, but for some reason people forget. Just do it. 

Spring Break Destinations

Exchange Rate

as of January 2014

$0.05 = 1 Koruna (Kč)

Student experiences

Student Experiences

Learn from the experts ... previous students!
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Apply Now!

Upcoming Application Deadlines

Spring Semester

Priority: September 15

Regular: October 15

Applications received after October 15 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission will be granted only when space is available and time allows for required travel documents to be attained.   

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